when words fail, music speaks

hi I rlly like this && I found out how to make the pictures stay square so yeah 😊😊
spoken audios seem to be your favorites
I've always wanted a puppy but my moms not really a dog person so like I've never had one.
this was requested a bunch
leave requests below cause like idek what to post
I kinda wanna change my theme but then like I kinda don't and idk what to do
accepting applications for friends who will go on cool adventures with me and take cute candids of me. Any takers?
Literally everyoneeeeee requested this song so here it is & tysm for 19kπŸ’ž
This is from pretty little liars. I miss that show.
I have 4 more days of school left but like I'm soooo excited for summer
this was requested :)) how's everyone's weekend going?
this gives me summer vibes
this was requested by soooooo many people so here it is
this was requested!! how many more days of school do you guys have left till summer break?
I'm back and betta then evah !!
I'm in love with this and you guys seem to really like spoken audios so it's a win win 😊
I'm in love with this song and it's been requested like so many times so here it is
There's been at least 17 school shootings since January 1st. Are we even safe in schools anymore?
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