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discover music here!🌟🌈🌻🎱

what color is your toothbrush?🦷🌺
my instagram wasn’t working for the past 10 days ish so i wanna say a HUGE thank you to @cruisingaudios for posting my most recent 2 audios. i’m back now and better than ever!🌊🌸💫
what’s your favorite theme i’ve done? can we help get @cruisingaudios to 11k please✨
comment a pink emoji to match the theme💗
i think this is my favorite cover of any song ever
- comment your country’s flag🌈🦋
i’ve been trying to post this audio for FOUR DAYS. finally oml
this song is so beautiful i absolutely love
my flight home is delayed for 3 hours🦋🌷
close your eyes and try to comment the alphabet - abcdeffhujjlkjopwretugedyd
have you ever been to disney?
happy halloween!☠️🤡🎃
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