@disneyanimation ’s Moana 🌺 @nbcrise 🌟 Grateful for the blessings ❤️ Mahalo nui loa!!!

Missing us #tbh .
Daddy-o, it’s your day.
Somebody take my phone away from me pls. Also, if you got to the 3rd slide without liking my post... that look is for u.
There are truly no words to express how this project has affected my heart. I am so proud of my #Moana ‘Ohana; so proud of how it grows with each passing day. The Hawaiian language lives on. ❤️ #MAHALO ❤️
ok but were you surprised about my finger over the camera tho because I was
@iambrettgray ’s new single got me silly dancin’ in my pajamas 😍😅 Imma be singing this for daaaayyyyyys 😂 #oldthingback
Photo cred: Mom Entitled: MoOoOm #ThrowbackTuesdayAnyone ?
#ClassOf2018 Wish I were there... ❤️
Skin. 5.21.17.
#FlashBackFriday because A-DAMN. @nbcthevoice 🎤🌟
A mess. Oh dear.
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