ow-lee-ee. Uh huh. You got it.

Casual safari squad. 📷: @lukeyloos
Here’s to the girls. The girls with dreams different from their parent’s. To the ones shaking things up. To the girls refusing to be shaken down. Here is my thanks. My overwhelming gratitude. For I am in awe. Never, have I met a generation of women more determined to raise up and praise up their community. More determined to chase their dreams. Here’s to the future, and knowing it’s in good hands. Our hands. 📷 : @lukeyloos
Inexplicably changed. @metowe , asante sana.
Bless them.
Packing for an international trip AND BOY OH BOY CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING!!???? So...much... BUGSPRAY.
Oh me, oh my!! Nothing beats a @disney shoot 😉❤️🤭 #LiveYourStory
Straight from the IG story.
The world never forgets a legend. 💛 Aretha
Lol wut. New IG filter who dis.
“Chin Chinnn why you get me in trouuuble why you do whyyyy.”
@teenchoicefox 🔥 Swipe for a progressively more smiley Auli’i haha.
Find your light. (Like around 6pm???) 📷:
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