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Perspective is key. I’ve seen this mountain from multiple different angles and I always love finding new ones. A lot of that applies to general life - sometimes things can seem the same, but take two steps to the left and tell me what you see. There’s always a different way to see a situation, so keep looking.
@mateo_verde getting a front seat to on of my favorite mountains.
The best sunsets are when you can see South Sister and Mt Rainier in the same one.
On top of mountains staring at other mountains
This view never gets old
As we go through some of our craziest political times and listen to the words of the administration in office, let’s not forgot why America has always been great. We’re united by our kindness to one another, our willingness to help each other. It doesn’t matter your race, your sexuality, your choice of how you want to lead your life, we naturally want to care for one anothers well being. Because we’re a country of misfits, artists, immigrants, workers, and good people. I’ve traveled from east coast to west coast, Canadian border the Mexico’s border, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people that make this country what it is. Bring us your sick, bring us your poor, because there are tons of people in this country that will give you the shirt off their back, the shoes from their feet, and a hot meal and a warm bed if you need. I’m proud to call this country my home because of the fact that it’s everyone’s home. We all belong.
Believe it or not, no lenses were damaged in the shooting of this photo. A tradition of @jamesbarkman and mine @descendonbend
Two reasons I love the Pacific Northwest.
During a cold morning sunrise in the mountains it’s mandatory to jump around to stay awake... And lot of coffee in the @hydroflask
A few weeks ago I had the honor to join two friends as they got married in a very special to them. I don’t shoot much wedding stuff, but when they told me it was a hike in wedding I drove up from Bend to photograph this special day for them. After a 2.5 hour drive from our @airbnb and a little of four miles of hiking, we stood at the base of the mountain as Sean and Angela got married. It was amazing, serene, intimate, and a very beautiful backdrop to help these guys remember one of the coolest weddings I’ve seen. Congrats you two! PS: see if you can find the bear one of these photos 🐻
Excited to see this mountain with snow on it again
Winter has arrived
I heard somewhere once that someone was asked who their hero was and and he said it’s him in 10 years. So 10 years he’s asked are you your hero yet, to which he responds “not even close! He’s 10 years ahead of me!”. That always stuck with me because he makes the point of always having something to chase. You’re never gonna be your hero because you’re hero is always ahead of you, but that’s healthy because if I look back at Austin 10 years ago, I’d be his hero in his eyes... I can’t wait to be my selves hero in 10 years.
Hey snow, it’d be cool if you went ahead and visited Central Oregon again... K, thanks.
Oregon pastimes
A sight I’ll never forget
Ready to head to the coast and hit some of that fall swell.
Melody Barkvan putting out those moody camp vibes.
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