Austin White

Bend, OR based Outdoor Lifestyle and Adventure Photographer. Prints available through my website.

The light was good. The company was good. The lake was good.
Definitely in need of a coast trip soon
I’m loving winter, but looking forward to some sunny summer days
No matter how many times I see a view here in Central Oregon, I never get tired of it. It reminds of how hard I worked to be here and reminds me to appreciate it everyday.
The forest is leaking.
Love these two so much
I love driving everywhere, but 30,000ft in the air for sunset of pretty rad too. Thanks @alaskaair
So many hidden gems
2018 gave me some incredible images, but this by far is the most popular. Thanks to @bloodsweatbeerz for risking falling in to some freezing water to get the shot.
Let’s take some big jumps this year.
Bright skies and green lights
2018 you’ve been excellent.
Seeing places in photographs is beautiful but being able to see them with your own eyes is incredibly special. I always remember seeing Kirkjufell Mountain through the photographs of some of my favorite photographers, I always wanted to see it and shoot my own photo in my style of it. So if you get the slimmest chance to visit a place you’ve always wanted to see, do whatever you can to make it happen.
I’m loving this dump of snow we’re having but I’m also looking forward to summer camping days with the crew
Happy Holidays to everyone out there who has continually supported my work. You guys are awesome and hope you all find your self with friends and family this holiday season 🤙🏼
I love the mountains but the coast will always have a piece of my heart.
Mt Jefferson’s looking pretty out there
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