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@cdnmillwork @spartacusmarc A couple before and after shots of some of the oldest, largest and most unique pocket doors I’ve ever seen. Along with some pictures of the finished product at our most recent project. As much as old homes come with some extra headaches, the style is unmatched. I wish more projects would incorporate the big beefy trims requiring multiple steps to construct. Glad we got to knock this one out of the park!
Quick little video of using my Makita Black Ninja. Had a lot of tight spots the corded drill wouldn’t fit so the sub-compact of this impact was perfect. You don’t see it in this shot but for a 14’ span I had only enough room for the impact with a stubby bit directly in the chuck and the GRK in the space between the LVL and the TGI beside it. An extra 1/2” added to the impact would have meant I had to figure out another means of getting the GRK’s started which would have been a major pain in the ass. I did have to pump the trigger instead of being able to hold it steady, but still an impressive amount of torque delivered in an incredibly compact tool. Greatly pleased with this bad boy!
It’s been a while, Mohawk 🀟
Today's tools, getting that hardwood back in shape πŸ‘Œ
Had a really nice mom and son dinner in Soverato, Italy the other night :)
Mohawk looking crisp @ rockfest 🀘😈🀘
Sometimes when I'm working I imagine what it would be like to be a cat and just sleep alllllll day, anywhere, just cause this wood floor seems like a legit place to post up for a quick nap
Canopies are installed, a few weeks late on posting. The upper canopy is rope operated and the lower one is operated by a hydraulic motor and remote control, they retract to allow sunlight in or close to create a shaded area that's sheltered from the rain. Loved this project would kill to do more like it!
Work in progress of a two tier Douglas Fir pergola - installing a retractable canopy in each tier
GMM Toronto 2016
(Almost) finished product
My coworker Ryan and I killed the framing of the flat roof! Had one hell of a time figuring out how the architects and engineers planned this one, but blew it out of the park in the end :)
Leading a sweet framing project at work right now and loving it !
Rocked the hawk for my apprenticeship graduation, got a sexy new jacket from the union #redseal #carpenter
Such a kickass festival, can't wait to go back @amnesiarockfest
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