Building homes and mohawks since 2011 πŸ€˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ› 

It’s been a while, Mohawk 🀟
Today's tools, getting that hardwood back in shape πŸ‘Œ
Had a really nice mom and son dinner in Soverato, Italy the other night :)
Mohawk looking crisp @ rockfest 🀘😈🀘
Sometimes when I'm working I imagine what it would be like to be a cat and just sleep alllllll day, anywhere, just cause this wood floor seems like a legit place to post up for a quick nap
Canopies are installed, a few weeks late on posting. The upper canopy is rope operated and the lower one is operated by a hydraulic motor and remote control, they retract to allow sunlight in or close to create a shaded area that's sheltered from the rain. Loved this project would kill to do more like it!
Work in progress of a two tier Douglas Fir pergola - installing a retractable canopy in each tier
GMM Toronto 2016
(Almost) finished product
My coworker Ryan and I killed the framing of the flat roof! Had one hell of a time figuring out how the architects and engineers planned this one, but blew it out of the park in the end :)
Leading a sweet framing project at work right now and loving it !
Rocked the hawk for my apprenticeship graduation, got a sexy new jacket from the union #redseal #carpenter
Such a kickass festival, can't wait to go back @amnesiarockfest
Love my momma, hope you had an awesome birthday :)
Little model roof I'm making at school, love what I do
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