ava marie

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had so much fun this night :’( miss my friends, hopefully i’ll b back soon!💞
happy birthday to my best friend 💖 honestly i DONT remember the day you were born, but i do remember when i would always do a weird face and make you laugh hysterically. i hope you have a great 10th birthday isla! love you sosososo much 🥰
jck wouldn’t let me take his glasses 😤🤜🏽so i bought my own
lowkey look like john lennon n i love it 🤩🖤
mine and johnny’s go-to pose
have u ever had better friends
in florida for the weekend!!💜
i don’t have anything to post 🤩 so here’s another pic of me at laguna with the pretty sunset
laguna was pretty cool 😎 syd lost her ring, our whole bag of cherries had sand on them bc of a bird, and sydnies necklace broke!! 💖😩loved it
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