Tarek آل Omran

•I enjoy people's intellect• 🦁 Certified Problem Solver® 〰 Cairo 🇪🇬 Dubai 🇦🇪 Turku 🇫🇮 〰 Dentist 😷 〰 Student Ambassador of South-West Finland🕴

• Front page of Turku Business Region magazine! Headline: “Turku Region needs more international experts” - I agree #ambassadorswf #talentattraction •
‎‏ ‎كل سنة ومصر وأهل مصر الطيبين طيبين 🇪🇬 *6th of October NEWS-FLASH* Next Week I’ll be in #Cairo to discuss #Healthcare ❤️Promotion and #future #collaboration with our colleagues in #Egypt . 🙏🏼Super excited! #sdg #Finland #li
• Induction day - Blessed to be part of the Youth chamber of Commerce - AuraJoki Family 🐥• #NuorKauppaKamari #ANKK #JCI #Finland #SDG #Nordic #Turkulainen #Suomi
• We are very excited to launch our new workshop series 😍 Science Pitchers™️ 🔬 We had an interesting session with a record number of participants - over 100 people. 🤩 Always a pleasure to be working with @khalilooo_sh an excellent educator and top speaker 👏🏼 Stay tuned for more workshops coming your way• #sciencepitchers #wiifm #phd #workshop #symposium #turku #finland
#Running , Fast and Slow - Marathon Journey 🏃 #runningman #marathontraining #djispark #drone #TOMrun
• This week was packed but we managed to squeeze-in a #SCIENTIFIC 🔬 #PITCHING 🗣 #WORKSHOP 💼 during a #philosophy & #psychology symposium 🦄.. our focus for this workshop was What to Say 🤷🏻‍♂️ and How to Say it 🕺@khalilooo_sh ! I am super #grateful for this delightful, fruitful, wonderful, meaningful, successful, purposeful, #EXPERIENCE ! 🙌🏼 •
• Once again an amazing Aurajoki JCI event #työelämänsupersankarit ! 🐥 I am thankful 🙏🏼 for all the wonderful discussions about promoting inspiring work environments ✨ and preventing burnouts of our young workforce! 📛 We introduced our novel and super innovative - “ABC system” (Awesome Burnout Control) and our team won the pitching competition! 👏🏼 We appreciate everyone’s kindness ❤️ and looking forward to great stuff from @ilmarinen_parempaa_elamaa @rasmusbasilier @jciaurajoki @boostturku
You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES, not both! 💪🏽 🏅
A WHOLE BIRTHDAY WEEKEND !🎂 The feelings I got the past couple of days where overwhelming! 😍 Starting with a video call from my parents and followed by videos, calls and tons of messages from friends. This was already so much love! 🤗 BUT it did not end there and the surprises kept coming through from back home to even at work 🔬 ! No one was spared 😵..and the invaluable gifts I received were just immensely thoughtful and tear-provoking! 🎁 I am just grateful for everyone who took the time or put in the effort to make me feel like it really was a special day and nothing else mattered! I am so lucky to know all of you. 🙏🏼 Thank you so much! #blessed
#UNPREDICTABLE ! 😲 As the clock STRIKES 12 I get the most unpredictable birthday surprise ever!! 🎉🎊 I really did not see this coming! 👏🏼 THEY ACTUALLY CELEBRATED MY BIRTHDAY WITHOUT ME! 😤 At least send me an invite! 😋 JOKES ASIDE I can’t explain how grateful 🙏🏼 I am for the fact that you guys got together to celebrate my birthday even though we are a 1000miles away! ❤️#SoCloseNoMatterHowFar @3obad @ellmahdy @amrsaid22 @farahksawy @nevinfd @noura655 @shahdnessim @sham3aaa @yasfarid #loveyouall 🤗
• Min äldre bror 🇸🇪 •
• We enjoy too much! 😉 الف مبروك يا غالي @aoussome
• Talents shape our world 🌍 So grateful to have met you all 🙏🏽 ! •
• This trip helped me self-reflect.. Thanks to everyone I met ❤️ and thank you Egypt 🇪🇬 • @experienceegypt
• Stand still & smile 😃 • @drfarajedher
• EID MUBARAK 🎊 from #Russia with love ❤️ 🇷🇺 🇪🇬 كل سنة وانتم طيبين #WorldCup #Eid #Egypt #Africa #mosalah #stpetersburg #كأس_العالم #شجع_مصر @experienceegypt
• Kaikki rauhaan! Kysyin Egyptin presidentiltä, ​​mikä on Egyptin uusien hammashoidon strategioiden tilanne! Nuoret voivat parantaa maailmaa 🌍, Let’s get to work! • • During the previous World Youth Forum in Egypt 🇪🇬! It was an honour to participate at the Q&A session! ≟ Discussed the 🔥topic of Dental Healthcare with Egypt’s President! @alsisiofficial I’m grateful for this session, it opened my eyes to the fact that nations want the youth to act! 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️ The nations are willing to listen, understand and even take notes 😉! #AllForPeace ♥️ ! • • منتدى شباب العالم في مصر! كان شرف لي اني شاركت في جلسة الأسئلة والأجوبة مع رئيس مصر! "عشان مصر تفرح بجد لازم نقدر نبتسم بجد" التوعية لصحة الفم والاسنان، والتنمية المستدامة اسلوب حياة!! وده الهدف الذي مصر وشبابها هيوصلوا اليه 🤲🏼 ان شآء الله تحيا مصر! 🇪🇬 𓂀 • #LI #EDEN #HERE &NOW #EGYouth #WeNeedToTalk#WYF2017 #SDG
• “Reporting for duty 🖖🏼” This post is for me - 🦖 To push myself forward! 🚸 To remind my self of the good times! 🙏🏼 To keep me going! 💪🏽 •
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