📍 Los Angeles 💼 Artist / Filmmaker 🖤 Video Games / Comic Books When someone says they know me..I laugh and play along

Quite the night with these fun fuckers. Much love to ya 🖤
I’ve been thinking a lot lately where I want to be in the next three years. With each year that passes (and my creative friends know this all too well) it gets more and more challenging to hold onto the dreams that we seemed so easily attached to when we were really young. I’ve known where I wanted to be since I was a very young child. I knew it was among the successful and talented artists and creators where I’d fit. Because I want to create art alongside them. Along the way it’s so easy to give up or think that what you envision is too big of a dream because people are constantly knocking you down. Not only did people laugh when I walked around my high school talking about how I’d be directing movies next to Spielberg and Tarantino someday, but even when I was in my dorm room starting a portrait of Paul Rudd, I told myself and friends that I think I have a feeling I’m going to get the chance to show him. People told me that’s ridiculous...”yeah right”...and 6 months later I ended up chatting with him at a party and showed him the progress pic of the portrait. When he told me to send the finished pic, friends said “yeah right he’ll probably never see that”. Later, I got a pic of him holding the pic I sent him. It just amazes me how much the people around you can stop you from thinking you can do whatever the hell you want. Things aren’t that far in reach. Do what you want to do with the people you want to do it with. Just show the world you can. To my artist and creative friends: kick the world’s ass - we’re the next generation of filmmakers and artists. Stay excited and keep telling yourself you’ll accomplish everything you want. What we do is one of the most challenging things: to stay on top of bills in the monotony of that side of life that everyone trudges through while also keeping up our enthusiasm to create and never know when we’re going to be paid for it. Not many people have the stomach for such a roller coaster of a life path. We fucking rock. #AdrenalineCatz @liilaa5 @kindaace @calebquawli @cinemasteve @filmakerjoel
Finally got to go boarding again. Thank you boys for bringing me along, twas a blast. ❄️🖤 (not pictured is the amazing photographer @_ernesto_pesto )
My #spidersona Spider-Croc 💚🖤
Our Christmas album drops today ❄️ We’re just as surprised as you are. Merry f***ing Day
Merry Christmas ☠️🖤 my Xmas gift to myself is Me
When it’s just know 🖤 Linda knows love comes with a lot of sacrifice. Here is Linda dealing with her mate’s wild side. She’s all up for it. But her face says: we’ve got work to do. I make up for things by making her feel like a princess.
Some snapshots from Japan 🖤
🔊Sneak peak of a fun music video my sister and I are putting together 🍒
Photo shoots with Tigger during post production of Christopher Robin 🖤
This is my new baby. Finally brought him home this week. Gave birth last week and let me tell you things are pretty destroyed down there. Come visit him any time 🖤 He’s already joined a great book club here in LA and he’d love to share his thoughts with you.
“The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” “I just don't know what I'm supposed to be.” [Lost In Translation]
A Í M A | friends asked me on saturday “think of something to film.” on sunday we shot this. a metaphoric abstract piece. beauty hurts but we love it 🖤
A N I M U S | the only short I made in college and on a $20 budget and 1 day to do it 😜 making the prosthetics and props myself was so fun and even with an extremely low production value my concept was symbolically different, original, and dark, and won me Best Director amongst other seasoned colleagues. hoping time will open up all across next year to allow me to make something better. the high you get from creating cannot be matched 🖤 i don’t just follow my dreams - i make them into a visual storytelling art
It took me a very long time to find a club I felt could really push me to the limit and motivate me to get better in this sport. Just beginning and I’m in love with how much my butt gets kicked. I can’t wait to see myself get stronger and more experienced in technique from the amazing people here. 🥋🖤
I should really put an effort into doing my hair sometime 👽
🖤 🌙
OMG how I’ve missed this woman. So happy to be a part of her wedding 🖤 Love you forever @kaylie_megan #BacheloretteWeekend #Kaylieslastflamingle
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