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Made it even more special having my family at the Cast & Crew Screening of Christopher Robin today!! 😄 only 5 more days 🖤 it’s been such a fun and eye-opening experience 🐻 🍯
Well you can talk about me, say that I'm mean I'll blow your head off baby with nitroglycerine 💉
Real girls are never perfect & Perfect girls are never real 🖤 so I’m glad I’m not perfect cuz I’d rather be real
🖤 human outside the water...platypus inside...😐?
We work here and we are f•r•i•e•n•d•s
Hold my coffee...gonna explore real quick #shameless #sets #warnerbrosstudios #thisiswork #patsyspies #thealibiroom
“I won't always be successful. But that's life. I'm Supergirl. This is my life ... and y'know what? I'm pretty happy with it. (For now at least.)” - Supergirl / Kara Zor-El [New Earth] #supergirl #warnerbrothers #warnerbrothersstudio #thisismyjob
I’m obsessed with 👣 & u
I Love My People 🖤
When I need sketching practice...I turn to Glen Keane 🖤
Everybody go watch the full Christopher Robin trailer! 😄 I’m so excited for everyone to see our fluffy friends on the big screen! I’m so proud of the amazing team I’ve gotten to work under. They’ve been making all the magic happen putting this together 💛🐻🐯
👏🏼🤗 Almost there! #Repost Sooner or later, the past catches up to you. 🍯 Tune in to @TheEllenShow tomorrow for the all-new trailer for Disney’s #ChristopherRobin @pooh
We actually have a lot of fun 🥡 @jankipetal #work
“Catch my Dark Side & your Wild Side” 🖤💔
F • A • M • I • L • Y
#TBT to that time Orlando Jones suggested I mingle & take some tequila shots. Well I couldn’t refuse. And got to chill a bit with @omarbensonmiller and have our pic photobombed by @theorlandojones. These guys made my night 🖤 Thanks for breaking me out of a fit of shyness I had at such an amazing event #WarDogsPremiere #AfterParty
Missing London 🇬🇧 and my girl @ariannevtavares 😪💔
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