A&W Root Beer

Bring home the root beer and make frosty mug memories.

The sweet spot of growing up. And let’s be honest, being a grown-up. #BringHomeTheRootBeer
Celebrate the week with something extra sweet: this Brownie Sundae Root Beer Float.
Up your root beer float game with this Salted Caramel Root Beer Float recipe.
Where do you keep your root beer mug? We recommend in the freezer❄️
Four sweet ways to fill those frosty mugs👌Visit the link in our bio for the full recipes.
Like if you’re celebrating #NationalRootBeerFloatDay with a frosty mug and cold A&W.
Like if you could go for a frosty root beer float right now. #bringhometherootbeer
A&W. Synonymous with root beer since forever.
Brownie Sundae Root Beer Float. As delicious as it sounds. #BringHomeTheRootBeer
Your new Friday night mantra.
Feeling salty? Or maybe sweet? Try A&W’s Salted Caramel Root Beer Float tonight.
Wait for it…Wait for it…Okay now stop waiting and make A&W Root Beer floats tonight! #BringHomeTheRootBeer
A&W Root Beer meets s’mores. Summer memories are made.
How to Friday night. #BringHomeTheRootBeer