Augustine Sanchez

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How you been? Just Peachy 🍑 Model: @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise
The Fourth Kind Model: @anelbencomo0 @anelbencomo0 @anelbencomo0
Funny to think that some of us our more known by our Instagram handle than our own name 🤷🏻‍♂️
A sign of hope. A few people have asked me what this symbol means. I want it to help people. Most people have had their heart broken in some way or another. It can be from anything...lovers, family, friends, something going on in the world, or your own internal battle. Even through the heartache...your circle, your line, your life, your love..can still be complete. We ARE strong enough to get through anything. Sometimes it just takes a little help from the people around you. You are not alone. If you see someone who feels them. It takes one to know one. We need to spread more love and support with one another ♥️
♥️ PLEASE READ. We all experience excruciating pain in our lives. So painful..there is nothing that can possibly ease that pain. Most of us spiral into a deep depression and make decisions that will haunt us forever. But... Some of us have made it out of that soul-sucking hole. Some of us have overcome the worst pain(s) imaginable. No pain is irrelevant and we all experience it differently. Make it out alive...spiritually, emotionally, physically...and a stronger being will come into fruition. We are defined by the turmoil we have conquered in life. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out alive. It is up to us to help those people get through any pain they are going through with the reassurance that it IS be okay. And if it is YOU that feels stuck or hopeless in your current state...reach out to someone...reach out to me. Chances are, they have been in the same exact position. Don't lose faith. Don't lose hope. Happiness is obtainable. Don't give up. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Please feel free to send this to anyone it may help. Or save it for yourself to reflect on later. Love. Always. ♥️ Song 512: @allanrayman
She told me this looks like an album cover...I better start singing 🙃 P.S. No I'm not a yes, this is my only pose.
When you and the neighbors awkwardly make eye contact 🙃
Since everyone wants to cancel on me..I shot myself 😁 And yes I'm flexing. No way I look like that all the time!
..I hope to see you one day.. Model: @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise
..wonder if you'd follow back.. Model: @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise
Fell in love through photograph, I don't even know your name... Model: @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise @danielle.francoise
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