Official Aydan

18 🌹 •Singer from Melbourne🌏🎙 •Bookings - info@yoyomusic.com.au •Tickets for my Australian Tour👇🏼

When someone says they like pineapple on pizza 🤔👀
My mouth is open coz I can’t pose in pictures properly ❤️
@50songsin5days what a week ❤️ great talent and GREAT company 🔥🔥 expect some tunes v soon 🤪
Tucking shirts into my pants is a new passion of mine + a face that’s had no sleep this week 💔
@50songsin5days pumping out HEAT 🔥 who wants some new originals at the Melbourne and Sydney shows? 🤔😏
Just doin what I love with a single white tear drop🎙♥️
Melbourne you’re a beauty🌦 and yes it’s the same outfit, what are you gonna do about it?
Only up from here ☁️⚡️ huge writing sessions in Sydney in the next few weeks, gonna drop some HEAT v soon 🔥❤️
I thought the ripped jeans made me look cool in my spiffy attire, thoughts? 🤔@togetherevents @hellreizer
Players please 🃏
How candid is this on a scale of 1 to a white girl drinking Starbucks? 🤔☕️
TURN UPPP🔥 idek why I bothered singing last night you guys had that covered👀🔥 thanks for partying with me ❤️
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