Official Aydan

17 🔥 •Singer from Melbourne🌏🎙 •BOOKINGS - info@yoyomusic.com.au •Tickets for my Australian Tour👇🏼

Get commenting for the double pass to any of my shows👀👀 tag a friend and say which show you wanna come to! Announcing the winner tomorrow ❤️❤️
Whatcha doin all the way down there??? Going live tonight at 7 you know what to do ❤️❤️
Views 😙❤️ should I do a lil update live tomorrow night?🤔 #livestream #instalive
Nature🍃🌪, my favourite thing... besides food, my bed, ps4, my dog, Netflix. Ok never mind 🤪
What would you say if I told you I was doing 2 more BIG shows in Melbourne AND Sydney?🤔
Swipe really fast and it looks like i’m waving at you🤪 but if you look at the photos individually I look weird so don’t do that xo Tonight’s gig location is a fat YES 🤤
Gotta love going through the camera roll and finding absolute gems feat. the boys🤪🤪
I tried to keep my eyes open, I really tried. ☀️
Mid tour and idk what to do with myself 🙃 keeping occupied with my baby here 🎸
Looking very holy this evening 😤💯🔥💦
I look so mad in this 🐙
I got told I look like a prisoner and Bananas in Pyjamas because of this hoodie, all in 1 day 🍌 I thought it was cool tho, it’s cool right?🤔😤
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