aysha steyn🌈


“more issues than Vogue🍂🐾”
I only roll with the best🌻💛
“you can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick🌴☀️”
“sun kissed☀️”
“darling,don’t stand so close to the heater,plastic melts🥀”
“ i look over at you,and see sunshine ☀️🌻”
literally the sweetest most funniest person and not to forget the most beautiful ❤️❤️#contentqueen #biggestinspiration
the people who you love the most,are never to be forgotten no matter where you go❤️❤️#interschools2018
“happy women’s day✨”
“don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise 🌅 🌻🌞”
“to my first and forever best friend”happy birthday big sis💕💕
“sunsets are proof that no matter what happens,every day can end beautifully🌞🌻”
but with every falling apart there’s a coming together 🌻🍃
“sure them other girls were nice enough,but you need someone to spice it up🔥❣️...”
ocean air,salty hair🌻🌞🌊
eid mubarak 🌻💕🌈
“there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness”-Lady Blessington♥️👑...jy sal altyd n wenner in my oe wees ✨
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