Ajadi Azeezat Adejoke

Congratulations ma'am 😍😘
Turbaning Ceremony of Alhaja Chief Safurat O. Oladega as Iya Adeen of NAWAIR-UD-DEEN Society of Nigeria (Mushin/Oshodi Branch) #goldenheart #mothertoall #humbleheart ...... .............
Fashion is wat u buy..... Style is wat u do wit 😘😍. Owanbe mistress @tes_planta
Turbaning Ceremony tinz on Saturday #Parry rockers @tes_planta 👌
....Ma Partner in Owanbe Proper @tes_planta 🙌👌
Twinning wit ma mama 😘💏💋❤💕💞💟
Selfless luv dat comes in our heart is d Hope for dis World
There's no hurry in life, Wen it's ur time, It's ur time!
Xmas season
See me, see photo bomber oh 😄😆😊 @josdmama
Parry rockers @tes_planta @josdmama
Pingin tinz
Life of a Lagos worker @josdmama
Snow White season
@tes_planta Wit Iya oko iyawo proper @josdmama
Chai, some pple can pose for Africa Sha 😏@tes_planta #omoiyabendel .com
Parry can't b fun witout dis ma owanbe mama @tes_planta 😋😝😜😛
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