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⭐️Passionate pursuer of what brings me life☁️ 🎉Happy to take 📸 of 🌵places I go🏔 🌈things I see🐳 💕stuff I make✨ 👉🏻@b.gracecreatives is dat werk lyfe ☕️

✨🎉🌸👆🏻The advantages of running a calligraphy booth at a greenhouse 💕 #candyminimal #abmspring #acolorstory #hydrangeas
And though it be tough, I do solemnly swear to keep said promise ☁️💙🌚🍩 #crossmyheart #letterfolk #yeg Also, if you’re local and HAVE NOT BEEN TO @doughnutparty ?!? You must go. They’re impossibly good 🎉⭐️✨
☁️🌈💕⭐️✨ If I buy the chalk in hopes of being able to use it, Spring will come.....right? 😜 Thanks for all the love on my last post, gang! 🙈🙏🏻🎉it’s always so fun to be tire pumped for creating, so thank you thank you thank you! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️// This incredibly wonderful @candyminimal perfection created, as always, with @mattcrump and @acolorstory #candyminimal filters 🌈 #acolorstory #abmlifeiscolorful #crafttherainbow
Think about it ☁️⛅️🌤☀️I’ve really been working through fear this week; Fear of finances, fear of failure, fear of the unknown // But by understanding that fear isn’t a physical barrier, that it’s mental, literally only exists in your head, and pushing through it by being positive, believing and having faith for good things, and putting faith into action by taking the physical steps that are needed for whatever you’re doing to work (and a hell of a lot of self talk, catching negative thoughts before they careen out of control) with those things, fear can’t win ⭐️You are wildly capable ⭐️ Wildly capable of raising your babies to be beautiful humans, of finding a job you like, of finding time and money to travel and do the things you’re passionate about, or of simply making it through a really tough day...you can do it. Unless someone is physically holding you back, you. Are. WILDLY. Capable. // Be bold and do what you need to to be happy with your life✨ Me personally? I am believing and having faith my business venture will find success this month✨ Believing and having faith I will be able to pay for the things I need to ✨ and believing and having faith that I will come out on top and beat this sometimes overwhelming fear✨💪🏻🎉💕⭐️✨Well, that’s my self talk shared on instagram, and though it’s technically a pep talk to myself, I hope maybe it helped you too ✨ #letterfolk #faithbeatsfear
🌝🌞 Well...It’s April...and it’s snowing....aaaaaand it’s dropping below -20°C (-4°F) tonight. 🙅🏻‍♀️ So ya. I’m not sure where Spring is at, 🤷🏻‍♀️ but if you see her, please let her know Alberta is definitely ready to hang out 🙋🏻‍♀️ // In the meantime I’ll fill my house with so many flowers I can pretend we’re already moving on to summer... #candyminimal #acolorstory #abmspring
So first of all, HOW are FLOWers even REAL?! The colours and curls and shadows and depth. Ugh. Such a simple joy to partake in ✨💛🌝🌼and second, I’ve been bustin my buns trying to get everything I need made for the calligraphy booth I’m running next month, and though I’m lovin it, it’s taking most of my creative energy and leaving little time for my sweet sweet lil insta space // I’ll be back into the swing of it all soon, but MEANwhile I’ll just continue being pumped that my real life job is painting and creating and doing something that brings this soul so much JOY!!! (Even though sometimes i wanna crap my pants at the financial inconsistencies hahaha thus livin in faith and believing in big things!) ✨✨✨ #acolorstory #abmplantlady #abmhappylife #candyminimal
🍂🌚Literally wrote “take sassy selfie” on my to do list for this week after seeing all the inspirational self love posts on International Women’s Day🌚🍂 As always, it feels good to check things off the list...😉✨#selflove
Words to live by 🥦🥒🍏🌱 Doing my best to eat well and take care of this body of mine #letterfolk #yogspiration #foodieflatlays #abmfoodie #acolorstory #vegateam
My moment of awe before a freezing cold swim in this breathtaking waterfall ✨// Can’t wait for the next adventure... #keencanadawomen #oneontagorge #herpnwlife
Uuuuhhh who else is beYOND ready for warmth and COLOUR to return to the world of Canadia?! 🌚🌸💦☁️ #myjasper #lacbeauvert #paradisecanada
🔮💕🌸✨Happy freakin Sunday, people! I hope you’ve felt loved and had a good gut laugh (or five!) over the weekend #candyminimal
OooooOOOOH BUDDY!!! 🎉💕✨ It’s that time of year again, folks! When Canadians think Spring 🌈🌻🌝 is on the way because we get a lil break in the freezing temperatures, but THEN we get a winter storm warning ⚠️ for our area, with a side of almost a foot of snow☃️ thoroughly bringing us back to the reality that Spring is still a good way aways (⬅️such a Canadian statement 😂) ....*sigh* I’ll just be posting blooms until it really gets here 🌸💕✨ #acolorstory #abmplantlady #candyminimal
Faultless excuse #letterfolk . . Quote credit: @aparnapkin
How warm it was today had me dreaming of Spring 🧡#acolorstory #flashesofdelight #abmlifeiscolorful
#sorry 😉😎
TODAY WAS THE FREAKIN BEST!!! And my heart is so FULL! Spent the whole day with my dude hiking and exploring new areas and check this picture OUT! // It’s called anchor ice and through a series of events all having to do with it being aaaabsolutely FREEZING outside, it forms on the BOTTOM of the river, rather than the top, creating this incredibly breath taking, other worldly colour ❄️💦🐬🦋💙 gah, #thankyoucanada even though the cold nearly got us... #imagesofcanada #kananaskis #widowmaker
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