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⭐️Passionate pursuer of what brings me life☁️ 🎉Happy to take 📸 of 🌵places I go🏔 🌈things I see🐳 💕stuff I make✨ 👉🏻@b.gracecreatives is dat werk lyfe ☕️

🔮💕🌸✨ I have so many creative ideas for business and Instagram and LIFE rolling around in my head, but not enough time to focus on and execute much (or at least not yet 😉) as all energy is being put towards EDITING! // Gotta get these weddings and engagements back to my peeps! No time to procrastinate! *she said to herself a million times a day in an effort to stay self motivated and not procrastinate* #legit #postingthisandthenbacktowork #hopefully #jk #imgoing #ferreal
💕🌸✨ You are all amazing // I am so thankful for this space as a creative outlet for me, and your love and hype for the things I make and do is so so encouraging // I love that you all like the funny letterboards, but can appreciate my more pep talk, life related ones (like the one from yesterday!) I love that you enjoy my nature photos as much as you like my sometimes unnatural edits OF nature, and I love all of your beautiful congratulations and kind words on my posts about my life (💍🎉☺️💕) ....it’s so so cool, and again, I love it // So thank you 💕🌸✨ Aaaaanyways, I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a happy, relaxing weekend! #thankful #acolorstory #abmhappylife
☁️🌸💕 I encourage you to be so wrapped up in the things that bring you life, and that make you feel alive and happy, that seeing where others are at, doesn’t rock your boat // Being rooted in your own purpose, and understanding you’re on your own timeline, different from EVERYONE else, allows you to more easily admire where others are at in life, rather than be envious // They’ve worked hard to get there, and you can to // So give energy to the things you’d like to bring life to, and be KIND and PATIENT with yourself while you do 💕🌸☁️✨#selftalk #letterfolk
Alberta doesn’t care WHAT month it is! 💙 Winter has arrived in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta! ✨ #herpnwlife #waterfowllake #merrychristmas
💜💕🎉✨ HellooooOOOooOoOo Mountains! // Headed back to these beauties tomorrow for an engagement session followed by some adventure havin with one of my bffs! // Should be a glorious (and cold!) time! #travelalberta #abrahamlake #imagesofcanada #herpnwlife
With the exception of meeting a friend for coffee and donuts...😋😉😴#wheremysnoozersat #thestruggleisreal #letterfolk #quotebybatkaren
🖤❤️🧡💛💚 Seeing as it’s getting a lot of love again as the Fall season has returned, here’s an extension of last years #OmbreFallFeet picture that you all loved so much! (Thank you forever to @seandmcmullen for sparking that!)// This took longer to lay then just the red to yellow, and thus the sun had moved and began to peak through the trees ✨ // Last year I didn’t post this as I was sad that that shaft of light didn’t give an even exposure, but this year?? I’m lovin it. And I hope you do too! // I would love to see your versions of #OmbreFallFeet if you have the time to give it a go! Please please tag me if you do ☺️☺️☺️ #imagesofcanada #dailyviewvancouver
🍁You GUYS, Winter is trying to steal Fall from us and I CANT EVEN🍁// I took this picture last week when I saw snow in the forecast, because I need PROOF! We need more beautiful Fall! And I need to believe it’ll just be a lil dip in temperatures and that we WILL get our full fall experience....Right? RIGHT?! #ohcanada #winterinseptember #wishfulthinking #snowmustgo #letterfolk
My LOVE! JESSE! My FIANCÉ! Got down on one knee and asked me to be his, FOREVER! I am over the MOOOOOOOOON EXCITED!!!! 😭🎉💕✨I LOVE YOU!!!! 🎉😭💕✨🎉😭💕✨ ✨ #finally #surpriseengagement #engaged #7andahalfyearsgoingonforever #sohappy #soinlove All incredible styling by @blondyphotography @homebyblondy of whom I can’t wait to see your actual photos! Thank you for absolutely every single ounce of effort and thing you did. I am in awe.
When you get your makeup done by a professional like @megskueber so you can get in front of the camera of another professional like @blondyphotography who has styled our camper van without any input from us, you AAAAAAAAABsolutely take the sassiest #selfie of all time! 💕🎉✨ EDIT: just hours before I knew I was about to become a FIANCÉ! 😭😭😭😍😍😍
✨⭐️💛🌞This photo is my own recreation of my incredibly talented Instagram friend @lauren.salgado ‘s! // We wanted to give each other some hype in our own feeds, but both wanted to stay true to our love of content creations, thus the recreations 🎉 HYPE TIME! ⭐️✨ @lauren.salgado is one bad ass babe! She paints, embroiders, does those cool, wildly pleasing paint mixing videos, her feed is bright and colourful and her eye for all things joyful makes her one of my favs to follow (not to mention she’s just the sweetest human!) So you should go give her some love! See if you can find the OG of this photo, and go see her recreation of mine 🌈🌈🌈 eee! Makes me giddy! #communityovercompetition #followfriday #acolorstory p.s. I don’t have the tech to do calligraphy on a computer so I literally did it by hand, scanned it in, and then muscled through photoshop to layer it in nicely on the photo I took earlier in the day 😂😂😂 it was such a labour of love, but so inspired, you’re the best @lauren.salgado !!!
🌚🍓🍂🌻🍃Breathe heavy into this: you are enough // Showing up daily, just the way you are, doing your best to parent, to build your business, to love and have relationship, to take care of yourself, however that looks for you, however you navigate those things, it’s enough. // Don’t waste time comparing and doubting your decisions, as being authentic in how you feel, being true to who you are, is not only what makes you, you, but it’s what makes you happy! // So stay in that state! Invest your time and energy in the people and things that give you life, and again, don’t compare! Only take on what you can hold while still keeping your centre, your PEACE! And whatever amount that ends up being, it‘s enough, for YOU are enough ✨ #letterfolk #beencouraged #youareenough #communityovercompetition
SO! In the midst of this first busy season at @b.gracecreatives , we managed to book our flights to...the PHILIPPINES!!! 💕🎉🧡✨ Like, WHAT?!? // We are going with four of our wonderful friends in February for 3 weeks and it actually doesn’t seem real yet haha beaches, sunshine, adventures and new experiences?!? Crazy. Like...so nuts 🎉🎉🎉 // So so glad we’re making this dream of ours happen @mystr_o #makeshithappen #abmtravelbug #acolorstory P. S. This one looks BANGIN IN DA FEEEEEEEED 🤤🤤🤤
Man, I love this little space 🌞 sometimes I get sad when I post new pictures and my old ones have to go farther down in my feed because every little square holds a moment that I remember and I love each and every one of them for it! // And then SOMEtimes, when new people find my account and like photos, I check to see how far back they creep because I’m like nooo! Keep going! There’s good shit further down too! 😂 #proudmom // So if you ever go for a deep creep, just know I’m honoured, and I love it, and you’re the best, and I appreciate all the hype and love ✨#realtalk #instagramthoughts
🍂🌻✨ Though you’re only my second favourite season, I still love you, Fall! // Please please stay for SO much longer than you did last year, and save us from that inevitably early Alberta winter... #werebeggingyou
You guys 😭😭😭 first of all YO, it’s been a month of no posts here since my last camping trip, all the action has been on @b.gracecreatives as I’ve just been navigating, for the first time, what the second half of summer is like as a wedding photographer (😳 insanity) BUT! Man! I was supposed to head back to this beautiful place with my Mumma on Friday for a little break, but then she called me today to tell me she fractured her ankle at work 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻thus we had to cancel 😩😩😩 so please send healing vibes to her beautiful soul, and send stop being a huge wussy baby and get back to work vibes to me.... #iloveyoumom #icriedoutofdisappointment #likeachild #damnit #nextyear
🌈🎉💕Don’t JUST wish to be in better shape, healthier, happier day to day, at a different job, a traveller or adventurer, more present, or mindful or at peace, WHATEVER! Whatever it is..if you really want it, words are just words until you work for it! Make those connections, take those steps, look into the details, put yourself out there! And HEY! Work doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be grinding and hard either, it can simply be effort, small and simple things that set you in that direction // Just don’t ever forget how wildly capable you are of creating the life you want // Ever. #beencouraged #letterfolk ✨We stopped on the side of the highway right by #AthabascaFalls to make this 🙌🏻 thanks to my two beautiful friends for being down, and to Canada for being so gad damn gorgeous #thankyoucanadau
🤖✨ A little @candyminimal @acolorstory magic on these round and juuuuuiiiiiicy succulents for your Tuesday morning! // After so many days of camping today is my calligraphy day, I have a lot of orders to work on and will have to resist the urge to edit sessions instead // I will likely post story updates, but only after I finish having coffee with one of my August bride and grooms! Gah! Busy day ahead! 🎉 #candyminimal #acolorstory #abmplantlady
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