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⭐️Passionate pursuer of what brings me life☁️ 🎉Happy to take 📸 of 🌵places I go🏔 🌈things I see🐳 💕stuff I make✨ 👉🏻@b.gracecreatives is dat werk lyfe ☕️

I kept trying to write something legit for this picture as I do love the lines and movement of it #drool 💚 but mostly I’m posting it is because of how BANGIN it looks in my feed #realtalk #gocheckitout #previewapp
💙👗🧤☘️🍏 So excited to be back in one of my favourite places with my baby boos @karliek22 and @kchartsy next week to do some more of this! Except this time it includes two nights of camping 😍😍 so excited! // Definitely one I’ll be writing down... #travelalberta #myjasper #herpnwlife #lfpassport ALSO! I’ve passed #LakeTalbot a million times on the way in to Jasper, but it was SO GLORIOUS to see it from this perspective instead of from the road, the water was seriously that green! Even more so in some spots! 💚💚💚 Nature, you kill me
❤️🧡💛 Including leaving your career to pursue something a little less predictable... // And even still I feel like every time I pull out my camera to go shoot, fear is SCREAMING for me to run home and do something more comfortable and known...honestly! Sometimes I very much so get physically sick because I get so nervous....but holy shit, if you can get past that part, PUSH THROUGH, do it anyways, the reward is so juicy...even more than you know // I shot my fourth wedding of my season yesterday and it was the greatest; I met so many wonderful people, the amazing bride and groom gave me so much time to be creative with them and their wedding party, and I went home with the fullest heart, feeling so proud of myself // Life is good, a little nuts and a lot of crazy, but depending on how you look at it, that could be what makes it so good #letterfolk #whpflowerpower #mantraband
Finding balance as I navigate through this new season of my life 🌚 // Day trips with @megskueber and @annalieselily and my perfect little angel baby bubs niece, Thea, to @yegmuttart before sitting down for countless hours of editing is definitely key! // Today I have a shoot in Jasper and @karliek22 is the best and taking me kayaking all day before I have to work in the evening 🎉 // It’s all about balance, keeping your peace and being present, having perspective and understanding to the best of your ability that this is it, this moment, this day, so don’t be afraid to just enBRACE where you’re at! Stress and chaos included... 😉🎉💕✨ #yegmuttart #exploreedmonton #dailyviewedmonton
Summer sunsets in wide open prairie skies are one of the million reasons I love my home // Just LOOK at the texture in those clouds! All from the light hitting them just right...love it. Constantly in awe of the world around us💜💕🧡💛 #imagesofcanada #thankyoucanada #dailyviewalberta
☁️🌸💕Did you guys think I was friggin heckin jokin?? 3 peony posts in a row and I ain’t even mad about it! // Happiest of Summer days from this wildly overjoyed that everything is green human being! 🌿 #firstdayofsummer #abmhappylife #acolorstory #danielwellington
☁️🌸💕🌿Posting pretty pink peonies until people’s peepers find pleasure in their pleasing pigments #abmhappylife #acolorstory #danielwellington
💕🌸☁️This statement is an honest to God weekly mantra // When I left teaching to pursue photography and calligraphy I was CONstantly comparing, seeing people who were better than me and believing the gap between their abilities and mine was way too far for me to go, too much for me to learn, and honestly believing that it could never be me, how could it?? Some people are just SO INCREDIBLE! // But it eventually got to the point where I realized I had a choice to make: continue the game of comparison and lose the joy my creative passions brought me, or take that initial feeling of “oh wow, I wish I could do/be that” and use it as FUEL to LEARN and be INSPIRED to go and DO so that I CAN be that! // That goes for body comparison (you have to eat right and work out!) job envy (they put themselves out there and went for it!) any artistic ability (hoooooours of practice), honestly anything// I guess what I’m trying to say is I encourage you be inspired when you see something beautiful, not discouraged or envious, because if you really want that something? Fkn go for it, you can do it! Never forget how wildly capable you are to create the things in your life you wish existed (anybody see what I did there 😏🙄😉☺️) haha all my love to you all! Have a beautiful rest of your week 🌸💕☁️#communityovercompetition #letterfolk #acolorstory #abmcrafty #dwnewclassics
When I stopped teaching I promised myself I would use my flexible work schedule to get outside as much as possible; it’s something I love and value and so when the opportunity to make it a priority became clear, I took it ✨ // I know that before I know it I’ll be in the next stage of my life and it won’t be so easy to just wake up and go, so in the meantime? Soaking it aaaaaaall iiiiin, as much as possible // 👉🏻@b.ethanyadventures for more neature pics #travelalberta #myjasper #imagesofcanada #herpnwlife
How is this my job? #beyondgrateful // Filling some custom orders tonight and wanted to try putting some real time in with the #timelapse ! 💕🌸✨#abmcrafty #acolorstory #calligraphyvideo Music: See You Musician: @iksonofficial @inshot.app
🌈☀️🌴The bulk of my wedding season starts at the end of this month! Like, what?? // And though I am SO EXCITED to begin my first full season as a wedding photographer 😍🎉😭I’m also looking forward to that juicy juicy freedom in the winter to travel overseas again, we’re thinking Philippines....anyone ever been?? #cabosanlucas #acolorstory #candyminimal #abmtravelbug
✨💕🔮🌵Oooooookaaaaaaay, I wouldn’t say that I grew up loving pink and purple (definitely more of a blue and a green kinda gal) but honestly?? I cannot get enough of these colours together! (As seen by how much they have popped up in my feed as of late 🙄😉) // Happy Saturday! 💕🔮💜🎉✨ Edited with @acolorstory @candyminimal filters and one uh dem flares dey got! #acolorstory #candyminimal #abmplantlady
☁️🌈💕A happy pic from a happy girl 🎉✨//#acolorstoryflashesofdelight #abmtravelbug #riupalacecabo
We are home! 🎉💕🌸✨So so happy that the day we left for Mexico was the first day the blossoms opened as their short season has ended as quickly as it began! // I would complain about missing out on their full glory, buuuuuuut going to Mexico for my first wedding of the year (and first destination wedding EVER!) and getting to meet, take pictures of, AND become friends with some of the most wonderful, kind and hilarious people I’ve ever met was preeeetty spectacular 😭🙏🏻💕 like honestly, such an incredible experience // Stay tuned to @b.gracecreatives for pics 🌸✨ #canadianmadeco #acolorstory #abmspring
🌸💕☁️After taking pictures of beautiful women today, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take my own pants off to sit in the vision I’d created // Life is so so good // Slowly learning to talk lovingly to myself, to speak kindly, and to feel comfortable and solid in the understanding that I am absolutely allowed to love the skin I’m in // A soul at peace in its existence is something to be revelled in // I cannot WAIT to share the photos from today with you all #abmhappylife #aeriereal #whpimagination
It’s #mentalhealthawareness week! And I really wanted to participate in some way that used the skills I have, but I didn’t know how... // I eventually came to the conclusion that perhaps something small and simple is better than nothing, which led me to #whyteave in #yeg today, joined by my inspiration and friend @blakeloates , to create a few positive affirmation sidewalk chalk art displays focusing on spreading joy and awareness through simplicity // Check my story to see all of them, and if you’re there tomorrow for the Mental Health event, please snap a pic and tag me! I would love to see them #getloud
You are my future and forever in this world, Jesse Parker // You’ve made these past 7 years the most adventurous, hilarious, challenging and gloriously rich in love years of my life // I adore you and am so proud of the man you have become // Thank you for loving me so wholly xxo #belatedanniversarypost
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