🤣🤣Sliding in my DMs will result in Headaches, Blurred Vision, Lose of Appetite, Sleep Deprivation & occasional Suicidal thoughts 😂 #ShootAtYourOwnRisk 🤽🏽‍♂️
Thanks for the 🐝day Love💕 I Genuinely Appreciate it💋🙏🏽
That 1 time I decided to go to the Gym🏋🏽‍♀️for 20 mins 😂😂 Ain’t been back Since 🤦🏽‍♀️I need some Motivation
🥀that grew from Sunflower seeds🤣
✨💕 When you make $12 look Good ✨💕
Party🎭 with Mardi 💜💚💛 #HappyMardiGras 💸
Sponsored by Nike✔️ #JustDoIt
🖤🥀🖤 • • #Nola #Secondline #Every #Sunday #OnlyIn #NewOrleans 💃🏽
🎮 For Keeps🔐
20•Twenty Gr8teen•18
Trynna Bless Him like He Sneezed💠
City left me with a Heavy 💔 Ni99as say they with u & they really Not
Pack a Bag👜 Grab a Cab 🚉 & get Away Fast🛩🏝
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