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Bible study lesson with my guy 🙏🏾 Jesus Is Lord 🌞 @killertunes_tii
If you love coca-cola do like this 🤚🏾 @cocacola_ng @lifeandtimesofbaddosneh 📸 @emmyshotz
Lagos nights 🍗 🥩
Mama use to say baby you are who you are. No matter how fast your money or your car. Don’t spend your life to buy money, cause you can’t spend money to buy life #FastMoneyFastCars -MI Abaga
Forget this rap shit I need a new hustle A little bit of everything, a new improved Russell I say that reluctantly cause I do struggle As you see I can't leave so I do love you But I'm just a hustler disguised as a rapper In fact you can't fit this hustle inside of a wrapper .- jigga man.
Before Steve jobs made the ipod Was getting head jobs, we call that intimate Back when rappers wouldn't dare play lyrical roulette With an automatic weapon I was rapping with a tek Fresh like Manny be chain like antifreeze Shoe box full of cash Dealer man hand me keys Pantries full of arm n hammer Don't take Nancy drew to see what it do I'ma damn g - Jigga Man.
Don’t let the skinny jeans fool ya.... I be ómó Ogun . ☠️ level wa nlè oh ! @lifeandtimesofbaddosneh
If you miss the ball don’t miss the leg . ☠️
Thinking of a master plan... if my brain no stiff, I’ll get the jobs done ✅
My jigga !! @phynofino
No gidi gidi 2019 . Regular customer 💪🏾
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