Bailey Marshall

You are a work of art 🖼 not everyone will understand you but you are beautiful ❤️

Painted this @randolphcollege rock that I will hide for someone to find will be releasing it soon!!! I love to paint rocks. #randolphcollege #LynchburgVARocks #almamater 🐾💛🖤
Snowed huge flakes this morning when I got up and it didn’t last long which made me sad haha #hugesnowflakes ❄️
Happy Valentines Day from Dad and I! ❤️
This artist was kind enough to leave me on my mailbox the mermaid rock she painted! #ValentinesDay #LynchburgVARocks #surprise #mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️💞
Found these two rocks today while rock hunting in the OCC today with mom and dad. The bottom rock says “sparkle” and I enjoyed the warm weather and capturing a photo of the flowers. And a nice man who paints rocks gave me a box of rocks to paint today since I’m out of rocks! Excited to paint more and someone posted a pic of the rocks I hid today which made me happy. #LynchburgVARocks #OCC ❤️
Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Aniston 😍🌹
All the rocks I found today with mom at the cemetery in Lynchburg! I hid some of my own painted rocks there today! #LynchburgVARocks ❤️
Found this unicorn rock from Bedford at the cemetery today! #LynchburgVARocks 🦄
First painted rock I found today! #LynchburgVARocks #Cemetery
Hunted for rocks at the cemetery today! Will def be going back found some good ones and I hid some painted rocks I decorated here today! #LynchburgVArocks #beautifulweather #oldcitycemetery ❤️
My new record player! My first record: Queen my favorite band ever!!! #Queen #recordplayer #vintage 💙
View of sculptures in front of the Hirshhorn in DC in the snow yesterday #Hirshhorn 😊
Loved this art piece at the Hirshhorn in DC yesterday!
Favorite works of art from the Hirshhorn today!
My heart is what you hear the lights go off when they show my heart beat! #Pulse #Hirshhorn 💡❤️
Chilled with mom today! Saw the Louis Bourgeois spider today in the snow and all the other sculptures! #Amor #LouisBourgeois #SculptureGarden #DC #snow ❤️
Louis Bourgeois spider in the snow today! Love how the snow landed on the spider. #DC #louisbourgeois #spider 🕷
Me as sculptures in the sculpture garden! #Hirshhorn #Scultpures #DC
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