Tom Bair

Live from Hogwarts: the people who make Pitt Hogwarts prepare for something no doubt no one can afford. Pretty.
Al and I've been together for five years. It's fantastic.
I was born on 28th and 5th Panacean is here! Thanks to everyone at Odd Light for making this finally happen. My first credit as a creator! And special congrats to Justin for writing this cool ass #sciencefiction #comicbooks story. #dystopia #sciencefictionart #oddlight
Was in Maine w Allie and Marge visiting my godparents Norman and Zulie Catir last week. Norman, who's 85, and I, sent his memoir to a printer. He and I have been working on it since I was at SUNY New Paltz, almost ten years ago. It was important to get this done bc Norman was a consistently loving and stable and figure during when I was a kid. Plus he always gave us an excuse to go to Maine.
Sketching out my thesis on Twine w Homer and boredass Marge and blind Joyce on a temperateass summer day. Feeling lucky to be able to call this "work."
Going Up on a Tuesday 2018, Hillman Library Edition. Preparing to teach Detective Fiction next week.
Marge does a great impression of Geena Davis in Beetlejuice
Self portrait as Joe Budden
Just beat Sorcery! 2, which is a super fun text adventure game for mobile platforms. It's made by Inkle, which is a game studio in Cambridge, England, that has, so far, made exclusively text adventures for mobile formats. They're well known for 80 Days, which imo is a game changer in many ways, but that's for another day. The first in this series of four games was basically just an intro to the mechanics and world they'd created, and after learning the basics I found it a little monotonous. But S!2 (lol) was amazing. Tbh the best gaming experience I've had this year. So many little stories to discover, and there are many complex riffs on the core game mechanics that keep the exploration element rewarding and engaging. The story is nowhere near as weighty or delightful as 80 Days, but it is a more richly gamified experience. Caveat: you have to like solving puzzles. The whole narrative is bedded within one giant puzzle, and if like clue finding and problem solving are not your bag, don't do this to yourself. #games #interactivefiction #textadventure #review #gamereview #joningold #inkle #80days #mobilegames #mobilegaming #puzzles
So here's something. Pitt's got a brand-spanking new media lab devoted to games and storytelling with games and mashing up humanities-style critical investigations with hard sciences. It's called the Vibrant Media Lab, and I'm the Inaugural Grad Fellow!! I'm indubitably advantaged by such a title. The guy in the back is Zach Horton, he's the director, and on the left is Michael, and on the right is Jessica. They're both members too. I'm the turtle at the bottom. We're outside Commonwealth Press, and we went there to hear the writers of Night in the Woods, Pittsburgh natives, talk about storytelling ... via gameplay ... in a fictional city modeled after Pittsburgh. The semester called it its just demise.
Art night in Garfield not exactly starring Allie but like Allie is definitely here at least twice
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