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Man they got me messed up but @cazzbull03 will ride w them she love scare movie but she might kill them or pee her pants😂😂😂😂
Thx who ever u r @yns_kaam
Be coming my aunt Kesha
Flash back to last season and last year
Me and. My. Cuzo
Who ever gets this right I'll give u my password to my phone
My real friends @slayy_lay @tiyunna1 @yns_kaam @itssmonae @m0del_dances @r_money_jr @r_money1_52 @bellaclayton2k18 @indain._.gurl #iluvyall y’all will be my besties and cuzs until I die. I luv all y’all I don’t care wat break us apart. But still have the word in your heart. That we still luv each other. No matter wat come between us we can fight it. Wat bothers u remember I will be there if I wasn’t in town or not. I will still be there for you. Wen I’m playing softball I still be there. Wen I’m gone for a family trip I’ll be there til the day I died. If we live far away from each other I will still be there. If it have to take me highways and byways to be there with u. I luv y’all with all my heart no one and I mean no one can’t break us apart from each other. Luv Sha ♥️♥️💓💓💙💙
@slayy_lay or @tiyunna1 that us alright
Go follow @jerad0 💓💓. I’m his biggest fan. I luv him so much.
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