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Let see who get this right Who get this right I’ll give u my password if u already know my password I will give u my Instagram password if u already know that I will give u a piggy back ride wen u see me @slayy_lay and @yns_kaam don’t answer nun of them
Go follow my crazy cuzins @slayy_lay @yunnybunny44 @tiyunna1 and @quashawnkeys
They got me off guard
This was so fun now I miss everybody
My mom other kid
Really hunter I was doing just fine until u walked up and told me to stop. Y’all go follow @hunter_mckenzie2603 he might be the u know but he still fun tho. Y’all betta go follow him he is like my big bro
Man back to Friday I had fun at the fair but someone bailed on me 😥
This is my class
Jan. Lay- Happy twinkle toes Feb. Kam- Color sugar socks These the only ones i like the best
Attack kam wen u see ha looking at u like that u better run and I’m talking to @yns_kaam
Had fun w on Thursday and Saturday
Y’all go follow my cuzin number 61 @devonking1955 man he is the beast of football #raleighhighschool
I hate Makala
Who watch the kissing booth ik @cazzbull03 and i do but look at noah
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