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Carefree summertime nanny looks aka T&A threads aka thick time jeans #summerforever #sizeup #leavingtown #onemoreday
It’s been a year since my hair fell out. I didn’t even know what alopecia was when I first heard the word. This auto immune condition is not something I was born with, it was a triggered reaction from the trauma of suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety so strong that when I finally figured out how to pull myself out, my body freaked. My brain didn’t know how to react. So my hair fell out in one perfect silver dollar sized circle. I had never experienced this type of unapproved betrayal from my own body. I didn’t know what to do. So I took a deep breath and kept healing. And I trusted my dear friend and confidant @bentrivett to document the moment so that I would remember and be able to reflect. So what did I learn? I CAN control my mind. It’s the only thing any of us really can control. We can’t decide what thoughts we have but we can decide what we let them do to us. This is nearly impossible to believe when you are at the bottom of your depths. But there is a way out, always. The universe will make you work for it, but it’s worth it✨ Post Script: It grew back 🦋 #truth #reflection #vulnerability #selflove #selfcare #unashamed #depression #anxiety #recovery #alopecia #oneyearlater
Summer Forever ☀️💦
Someone asked me today if she’s a puppy, to which I replied “nope! she’s 13 years young!” I 💗 this monster and am so happy to be back in her paws 🐾 #kayliebuttons
Cheers to new friends who are obviously long lost very old friends 👯‍♀️💗 @lolavanella #oysters #prosecco #life
Kitten on my face FTW #mewtwo #piratekitten #kittenface 🐱👶 of @bellabluenola and @ajthebodyguard 📸 @lolavanella
With my girl @cestquoi backstage at Van Bella Bordella right now at @gravierstsocial 👯‍♀️💗 ... #justgoodfriends #mercibooquoi
Hello from New Orleans - poolside cabana edition 💦
Rainbow sky flying in last night #intheair #nightrainbow #nofilter
I am obsessed with my new custom pink leather fanny pack by my badass roommate @polychromatico 💖😍💖 Get yours today!!!
I’m coming for you New Orleans! Getting ready for one week in one of my favorite places on earth! Catch me if you can! Thursday: Whiskey and Rhinestones @gravierstsocial Friday: Whiskey and Rhinestones & Van Ella Bordella @gravierstsocial Saturday: Whiskey and Rhinestones & Dirty Dime Peepshow @allways_cabaret_club Sunday: Muse Nude Literary and Art Salon @gravierstsocial Monday: Hosting for Burlesque @ The New Orleans School of Burlesque ✨🌹✨🌹✨ 📸 @davidlawrencebyrd
I have no idea what my future holds, but my eyes and heart are open and I feel like one bad bitch. These new photos from @davidlawrencebyrd are bonkers and this image barely scratches the surface #blackandwhite #badbitch #boobess #glasses #suspenders #woman #incharge #incontrol #notafraid
Treat Yourself Tuesday 🤗 (amarena 🍒, stracciatella 🍦🍫, coconut🥥, pistachio macaron 🍪)
DYING 🤣🤣🤣 ME TODAY #Repost @puppycodes
Tonight was the actual best thing ever! Congrats on an amazing first Musical Mondays! Happy Birthday @aerialjosh 🎂🎉🎁 and thank you for having me @2toflyburlesque 😊#musicalmondays #backstage #biglove (we missed you @ulauberbusen !)
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