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Thank goodness – @katies.goods are BACK! 🍪 Katie had a much-deserved break, but y’all have been clamoring for these cookies. We’re glad you love these salted, Belgian chocolate chunk cookies as much as we do. Can you imagine how hard it is to work alongside them every single day??? It requires a certain strength that many of us admittedly do not possess. Come eat them, before we do.
@posiesflowertruck is here ‘til 1pm! 🌸 Grab some blooms on your lunch break for yourself or someone sweet. 💖
Show us your ✨VOTED✨ sticker today for a free drip coffee -or- 20% off any other coffee drink.
Introducing – Taste of Oaxaca. During our trip to Mexico earlier this year, we sourced 3 different lots of coffee – each unique and complex in its own right. First we have Yosotatu: mouth-watering citrus notes, evolving into a cocoa powder. Hermenegildo Garcia: the sweet acidity of a raspberry with the body of milk chocolate. Lastly, Parcela Escolar: this coffee displays a deeper red fruit with slight hints of purple berries. This set of three 4oz whole bean bags is available in very limited quantities, ONLINE ONLY. Link in bio! Illustration by our good friend Anna Núñez (@annannunez ).
#makecoffeestrongerthancancer Big thanks to @departmentofbrewology x @sprudge for your continued efforts in campaigning for philanthropy across the coffee community. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these shirts are currently available online at @departmentofbrewology with all proceeds going to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (@bcrfcure ).
FRESH COFFEES & FRESH POSIES 💐 @posiesflowertruck is here, now ‘til 1pm, and all coffees are freshly restocked! ✨ New on retail & online: KILENSO, washed Sidama, Ethiopia. 🍉🍓🥝
TAKE NOTE! ♥️ We’ll be closing at 4pm today so we may all celebrate the love and union of two of our favorite people – @martimartin & @karikinder. As our pal @oberryssucculents has suitably declared, this is the #stpeteroyalwedding . These two incredible, creative, and caring women have touched the lives of so many of us, locally and beyond. We’re thankful for them, and we’re thankful for you! Have a great Sunday. ✨ #kariandmarti
PUMPKIN MISO TARTS 🍂 @manabakeryco ’s take on a quintessential fall favorite: the pumpkin pie. This portable, pocket-sized pastry starts with a cinnamon and ginger spiced dough, layers of miso caramel, all topped with a pumpkin frangipane spiced with nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. For the finishing touch, pumpkin and black sesame seeds. Go ahead, slice it up real nice and pretend you’re a giant eating a normal-sized pie (we did).
NOW AVAILABLE on bar & online — Yosotatu • Oaxaca, Mexico. 🍊✨🍫
#banditoffbar • When in Greenville, @methodicalcoffee ! Thanks for the hospitality, Andrew + crew. ✨ Josh and Jac are in South Carolina this week, taking courses and testing for their Q Arabica Grader certification at @allycoffee , and sneaking in some sights when they get a chance (but still, mostly coffee things).
BUTTERNUT SAGE SCONES. 🌿 Fall pastry flavors have arrived via the magic hands at @manabakeryco. We love this slightly sweet, sorta savory, perfectly spiced scone. It’s kind of begging to be dunked into your hot coffee ASAP.
#banditoffbar • Josh & Jac are on their way to Greenville for the Q Grader course + exam. They titled their Atlanta pit-stop as: “three double espressos & some tacos in two hours.” Thanks to @muchachoatl , @chromeyellowtradingco , and @brashcoffee for always treating our team well on our travels! 🌮☕️
An exciting weekend ahead! ✨ At homebase, our neighborhood (@grandcentralsp ) is hosting @comeoutstpete. 🌈 The parade starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 10AM, between 22nd-31st. Afterwards, Central Ave. will be reopened for the street market from 12-6. Free parking available on the street. We’ll be open regular hours! 🏳️‍🌈✨ Also - we’ll be popping up at @indieflea from 11-3, celebrating @greenbenchbrewing ’s 5TH BIRTHDAY. 🎉♥️🍻
After-hours cupping all week for two members of our team! Josh and Jac are heading up to Greenville, South Carolina next week to participate in the Q grader course and exam at @allycoffee 's learning lab. While it looks like they're just slurping water, they're practicing sensory analysis. It's not an easy endeavor, but they're working hard at it all, and we wish them the best of luck!
ROAST DAY! It’s one of our favorite days, because we get to ship out coffee from our hands to yours. Then onward to your coffee brewer. And then your taste buds. A very good day for all.
NOW AVAILABLE! 🍁 Spiced Maple Walnut Latte – a new take on our festive fall seasonal drink. If you're not familiar, let us introduce you to this delightful espresso + milk experience: think of a warm stack of maple-drizzled waffles, balanced out by the crispness of fennel, and finished off with a lingering hint of rosemary. Garnished with a dusting of allspice and anise star that rounds out the senses. Available hot or iced with your choice of milk.
We’re OPEN! Coffee is flowin’!@posiesflowertruck is here! Life is good!
Join us for new fall hours with @posiesflowertruck ! 🌻🍁 Catch them popped up right here on WEDNESDAYS • 9AM-1PM.
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