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Our kind of hangover cure πŸ’ƒ . In the photo - Hangover Breakfast at @boondrockbistro . πŸ“· by @fooddrifter . Tag someone who can finish this 😍 #HangoverBreakfast #BoondockBistro #BangaloreFoodie
Having this on repeat 😍 . In the photo - Blue CuraΓ§ao at @ommadecafebangalore . Photo by - @preethi.hope . Tag someone who loves colorful drinks πŸ™Œ #BlueCuracao #OmMadeCafe #BangaloreFoodie
It's nom nom 🍴 . In the photo - Noodles at @wokanaka . Photo by - @everythingbloggers . Tag someone who loves Chinese cuisine πŸ™Œ #Noodles #Wokanaka #BangaloreFoodie
Terrific Thali Goals πŸ™Œ . In the photo - Non Veg Thali at Maa Ooru Restaurant at RMZ Ecoworld . Photo by - @bangalore_foodjunkies . Tag your thali partner! #NonVegThali #MaaOoruRestaurant #BangaloreFoodie
Team Dessert, all day everyday! 😍 . In the photo - Freakshake at @brikovenblr . Photo by - @prateek_punjabi5 . Tag someone who loves freakshakes! #Freakshake #BrikOven #BangaloreFoodie
Merry Christmas y'all! πŸŽ„ . Christmas is incomplete without Chocolate Ice Cream at @cornerhouseicecreams . Photo by - @kinnarikudla . Whom are you spending Christmas with? #ChocolateIceCream #CornerHouse #BangaloreFoodie
'tis the season of big, stuffy brunches πŸ¦ƒ . @theirish_house has a long one lined up for the 24th and 25th from 11 AM to 4 PM. . Pick from Red Wine Braised Lamb, Honey Glazed Chicken, Paprika Fussili, and Classic Christmas Pudding for Rs 1095 ++ . Add unlimited alcohol for Rs 695++ to get ready for live karaoke! πŸ“’ . Tag all your brunch peeps! πŸ™† #Brunch #TheIrishHouse #BangaloreFoodie
Saying hi to the happy weekend ahead πŸ‘‹ . In the photo - Kubani ka Meetha at Tiger Trail Ramada . Photo by - @smithakalluraya . Whom are you tagging along this weekend? #KubaniKaMeetha #TigerTrailRamada #BangaloreFoodie
Team Chat foreva πŸ’― . Tikki Puri at Food Street . Photo by - @uthara13 . Which is your favourite chat? #TikkiPuri #BangaloreFoodie
Fishy Sunday 🎏 . In the photo - Snapper Fish at @flechazogram in Marathalli. . Photo by - @hungerpangsweb . Which is your favourite fish? 🐟 #SnapperFish #Flechazo #BangaloreFoodie
Cleary summing up our day 😍 . In the photo - Slippery Baked Blueberry Cheesecake from Windmills Craftworks . Photo by - @foodievyoma . Would you share this with someone? #SlipperyBakedBlueberryCheesecake #WindmillsCraftworks #BangaloreFoodie
It's gonna be a good week ahead 😍 . In the photo - Black Forest Pudding at @onestalove . Photo by - @nishanth92 . Who loves Black Forest? #BlackForestPudding #Onesta #BangaloreFoodie
Fancy dining today! 🍴 . In the photo - Pork Belly with Parota at @farzicafe , UB City. . Photo by - @rozann_peter . Whom do you fine dine with! #PorkBelly #FarziCafe #BangaloreFoodie
Salad with a twist? Yeah! πŸƒ . In the photo - Walnut, Raisins, Pairs with a dressing of Old Monk at @sotallytoberblr . Photo by - @vidhi03 . Tag someone who'll love such salads! #Salads #SotallyTober #BangaloreFoodie
This cup is like a hug from inside 😌 . In the photo - Hot Chocolate at Cubbon Park . Photo by - @itskrisworld . Tag someone who loves hot chocolate! #HotChocolate #CubbonPark #BangaloreFoodie
Waffles kinda day! 😁 . In the photo - Waffles with Chocolate Sauce at The White Room . Photo by - @the_hungry_fork . Tag your waffle buddy! #Waffle #TheWhiteRoom #BangaloreFoodie
Lunch Goals πŸ•Ά . In the photo - Chicken Skewers at @nimisserie . Photo by - @theflyinglutton . Tag your lunch mate! #ChickenSkewers #Nimisserie #BangaloreFoodie
Today, we indulge 😍 . In the photo - Basil Panna Cotta at @theglasshouse_blr . Photo by - @mrsfoodaholic . Tag your Sunday squad! #BasilPannaCotta #TheGlassHouse #BangaloreFoodie
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