Kate Bartle

If I’m sent away you will know. My name is Kate Bartle and I need justice

If I get sent away: throw a riot. I don’t deserve this. I don’t wanna be here. I hate Lawrence so much I wanna fly away, the hospital is the worst place ever and I wanna go back home I wanna see my friends even if it’s for the last time. I don’t wanna be sent away this isn’t fair. I didn’t do anything. I need a fucking break from hospitals and appointments. My parents didn’t even tell me about this. If I get sent away make petitions and burn down Lawrence. Have a parade and do stuff for me at school because even though I’ve almost died 2 times in the past two years nobody did anything. If I’m never on social media again it’s because I’ve been sent away. I’ll try to give updates but this isn’t right I’m not even sick I’m doing just fine. Help me pray for me do anything you can to help me. I’ve worked so hard to be happy and I was finally getting there but all my hard work is crushed. I wanna see my friends and I want to be told that everything will be okay. I need justice. I need to be free. LMH took me away from who I actually am. Fuck Bert Nash. Fuck Susan Chase. Susan Chase did this to me and ruined me. I actually am hyperventilating right now and I cant breathe. Just what if I cant be with my family anymore. Help me
I dont wanna be here I have no idea why I’m here I didnt do anything to deserve to be here I dont wanna be sent away I literally cannot do this I’m crying and the nurses dont even care what if I can never see my parents again or my sisters even if my sisters are mean to me I still love them I hate the hospital I don’t even know why I’m here what did I even do wrong
We gotchu Grit 💛 #TeamGrit
Violet didn’t change but I did #sis
Waxed up shawty #prettyhurts #browwax #asmr
Bouncing back like
Me on Saturday vs me on Sunday
Fairy lights and Saturday nights
This is Jeremy. I think he’s scared of me.
Some cute pics of me and my confidence!!! Go ahead and get butthurt over it 🤩♥️‼️✨ #700daysclean #iloveme #bodypositive
Rock Chalk Jay(den)hawk 💛❤️💙
✨ January so far
Appreciation post for my mom
This is gonna sound crazy lol but after listening to 21 Savage’s album “Issa” closely, I realized I’m lucky. I’m lucky I get to grow up this way: with two loving parents, two beautiful sisters, food on my plate, and a roof over my head. I’m lucky I got to play sports when I was little (even if I quit them all), I’m lucky I get to post my stories on Instagram with my phone, I’m lucky my Dad can drive me to school, I’m lucky I can tell my mom what I would prefer for dinner, I am so LUCKY to live the way I live. I am so thankful. I am SO grateful. I am blessed, I am happy, and I want to thank God for giving me such a beautiful life. I was so wrong to stray away from God and turn to blades and self harm. I know I incorporate self harm into a lot of my posts but that’s just how I used to be. It’s also impacted the present, not just my past. I don’t look at blood the way I used to, my parents don’t always trust me with my bedroom door locked, I have to fill out “safety plans” in the counselor’s office at school. Just thinking of 21 Savage’s lyrics: “You was listenin to your coaches, I was listenin to the vultures” makes me shiver. Like I said. I’m lucky to have my life and I can’t believe I TRIED to put it in jeopardy more than once. That’s all, sorry for the random post!
If you can’t love yourself how do you believe that anyone else does #bodypositive
OMG!!! The Khloe Simone Polian SLAPPED ME! My life goal is accomplished;) happy birthday girly @kspolian
Who said you had to be thicc to be a baddie???✌🏻😩✨🤦🏻‍♀️ #Flat Edit: my chin is so big BYE
My new years resolutions: Stop relying on people (especially boys) to make me happy because most of the time they do the opposite Stop cussing Stop being everyone’s definition of a “hoe” And to find a stronger relationship with God
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