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Tips and ideas on how to catch MORE FISH Follow for cool pictures/videos and tips on catching more fish Check out the link for new FROG VIDEO 👇🏻

Swimbait giveaway winner is @kevinmj70 . . I will DM you with details! . . Who has caught any good ones recently on the swimmer!
I’ll be back in my favorite fishing spot, Key Largo, in a few weeks. . . Give me some suggestions on places to eat, things to do(besides fish obviously). . Appreciate any advice!
Giveaway time! . . I am giving away 2 @smashtechbaits Convict swimbaits with a 2 pack of 10/0 @ownerhooks Beast hooks. . . Anyone who wants a chance at this follow these easy steps. . 1) Make sure you are following my account @bass_man_plus . . 2) Comment the name of two friends below this picture . 3) Like this picture . . Easy as that. Winner will be announced randomly in the coming week or so!
Bucket mouth. . One of the coolest parts when you catch a good fish is the release. . . Giveaway time. . . Next post will have all the details!
Reason this was “unbelievable” is because in Indiana, it’s very hard to catch a fish 5 casts in a row 😂 . . Really cool fishing in the thick stuff! . . . Combat fishing with straight braid and weedless swimbait!
TBT . . One of the most fun fish to chase in my opinion. . . What’s your PB snook?
Get you a woman like @recipes4health who will sit in the back of the boat while you fish all evening 😂 . . Watch closely in this video for the extremely subtle SLURP of my wakebait in this video . . @abugarcia_fishing and reel with straight 20 pound mono. I like fishing mono on baits like this cause the stretch allows the fish to get hooked without pulling out of its mouth too quickly.
🐷 . . What’s your favorite way to fish in heavy cover?
Largemouth in Florida, Smallmouth in Indiana. . . Almost too cold for this. Enjoy it while you can!
Happy Friday from my happy place. . Wishing I was back here for the weekend . . Where’s everybody fishing this weekend?
If you haven’t fished Lake Toho in Orlando, I would highly suggest it. . . Awesome couple days of bassin’!
Heck of a day on Lake Toho. . . Got another morning to get after them tomorrow 😁. .
Fall colors and Smallmouth. . . I’m new to smallmouth fishing, my buddy and I went exploring a new area and had a fun morning with these guys!. . . Who has experience fishing for these things in creeks/Rivers?
This was my favorite bite all summer long. An absolute explosion on the buzzjet. . . What was your favorite bite all summer? . . Next giveaway at 2k followers! Also don’t forget to go check out my frog video in the bio 👍🏻
I could tell you a sad story about a swimbait fish I lost, or I could tell you how fun the white bass bite is when you find them. . . Brought my super light set up and had a blast with these guys this morning. . . Anybody else enjoy catching these things as much as I do?
When we had to beg them to eat in the middle of the summer. . . It’s almost time to beg them to bite in the cold now 😨 . . Happy fall fishing!!!
Little red is a killer for me in the fall. . . What is your favorite color crankbait in the fall?
Got ourselves a little throwback to fishing in Cancun last year. . . Fishing the flats on light tackle and hooking into one of these is definitely something I would recommend giving a try if you can! . . Anybody else fish for these things?
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