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Tips and ideas on how to catch MORE BASS Follow for cool pictures/videos and tips on catching more fish Click the link for full buzz bait video!! 👇🏻

Plastic 🐛 have become one of my favorite ways to catch fish. No matter the circumstances, they just always seem to produce fish!. . . What’s your go to plastic? I like the @zoomfishingcompany Ole’ Monster!
Early Saturday morning #frogeater . Had a fun morning doing some pond fishing with topwater and square bills. . . Nice little warm up for tomorrow’s tournament 🎣
The quality of fish that jigs produce is usually pretty good! It was the first sunny day in a few days and I figured that would make the fish hold tight to cover and shaded spots. Skipped jigs under docks and found some good bites! . . I was using 50 pound braid with a 20 pound fluoro leader on my @teamrainshadow rod and 1/2 oz flippin’ jig with the @team13fishing reel.
It’s Christmas in September! Anybody see their go to lure in here? . . Ready to get back on the water this weekend! 🎣
Took a break from bass to get out and catch some fish in SD before the official end of summer. Finally caught a Yellowtail on a bass rod and a 5” swimbait. ✔️ . . . @seasonssportfishing runs a great operation if anyone is looking for a charter in the San Diego area. . . I know you 👁 the light tackle there 😂
Just ready for that next bend 🎣 . . Lucky to be headed to San Diego for the weekend. . . Where are you fishing this weekend?
Take advantage of every moment you get to spend on the water. I find myself even after tougher trips wanting to be back on the water by the time I get home. Nothing like rippin’ lips. This picture is from fishing the legendary Lake Toho in Florida. Don’t forget, I have an awesome giveaway coming at 2k followers. . . What is your favorite lake to fish? This one is up there for me!
That’s a fish! Went for an evening topwater session. Windy, cloudy, so decided to throw the Buzzjet at them. When it’s windy and a little choppier it makes a ton of commotion on the surface. Big girl had to come up and get a good look😁 . . Caught using my reel paired with 7’ medium heavy @abugarcia_fishing Rod and straight 15 lb fluoro
Went on a quick afternoon kayak trip with @recipes4health and of course, can’t do that without bringing at least one setup 😜. Surprise catch using the @livetarget Baitball spinner. First time throwing that lure. Very easy to handle and get to swim the right way. . . Anyone else had surprise catches on the A-Rig or similar set up??
Most of us will spend our last pennies on tackle, rods and reels, boating equipment, and everything in between just for the chance to catch a few of these every time we’re fishing. Guess there’s worse things you could be spending your $ on right? I tell myself that every time before that last click on @tacklewarehouse 😂😂 🤷🏼‍♂️
Anybody else enjoying begging these summertime bass to bite?🙃 If you ever get frustrated not getting the quantity you want or had in the spring, be thankful for the opportunity to be out there! Before you know it, ❄️ ⛄️ will be here.
In need of some topwater re organizing. It’s easy to have organized gear in the winter time, in the summer when you are constantly on the water, take some time to get organized. Makes your fishing day much smoother when you are organized and can locate all your gear easily!
Got to cover just in time! 🌧 There’s a difference in braving the weather and flirting with the line of being reckless. . Be safe out there!
First time ever snook fishing with @captainchrishanson and Scales 2 Tales Charters. Unbelievable experience. If you are looking to book a trip out of Key Largo, look no farther and give him a call. Caught our fair share of snook, snapper, jacks, trout, plenty of sharks, and even small tarpon. . Who else has been inshore fishing in the keys?🙋🏼‍♂️
Gearing up for these guys to start chasing bait all over the lake. It’s almost time for that fall fishing we all love where the water cools off and the bite heats up! Who’s ready to catch some fish this weekend? 🙋🏼‍♂️
Topwater morning with the @heddon_lures Spook. Do you guys walk it all the way back, or give it pauses on the retrieve? WINNER of the giveaway is @buckeleehc Congratulations, I’ll pm you with details! Stay tuned. Next giveaway will be at 2k followers!
Who else loves the chance to get out early before your day and get a quickie in? 🙋🏼‍♂️ . . . . Giveaway winner announced in the next 48 hours. If you haven’t entered, go check my last post and get in before you miss out
GIVEAWAY!!! Today’s giveaway will be 2 @heddon_lures Super Spook JR baits, just in case one happens to get caught up 😉. Three easy steps to enter the giveaway: 1) Like this post 2) Comment two friends names below 3) Make sure you are following the account to enter the giveaway. Winner will be chosen at random!
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