Chris Rabbitts

Perfect recital prep thanks to @coco_corcoran #sunset_pics #sunsetdinner
Pre Gig tan before gig at The Islington tonight - feat. @jpbradshawmusic as the Terminator
Some mood lighting whilst recording some RIDICULOUS violin at @sugarhouseuk with the WONDROUS @daniel.addison1 - CHECK IT OUUUUUT
Glad to be back at sunny Sugar House with Young Monarch, GONNA BE SWEEEEET
They're taking the hobbits to Isendgard! 🏹 #lotr #peakdistrict #dramaticpointingatunseendistantobject
Not bad function grub with the Ole Funk Soul Family :D #gigwin
Joining forces with @jamesgirling5 for some Barefaced/Gartone magic :D
Had an amazing holiday in Dorset with the even more amazing Corcorans! Thanks for having me :D
Slims late Sunday recording
Sunny Bluebell walk with the Corcoran clan #bluebells #summeriscoming #timeforicecream
Another room taken over #toyboat
Lovely gig, with lovely people with a lovely view :D
High tech recording with Slims #drummic
'It'll be FIIIIIINE' #nord #nordlove
My favourite Session Orchestra to have played in and also so great to have watched all my mates absolutely nail it! Thanks to @billlaurance @felixHdrums @ChrisHyson and @joshuablackmore for all the advice and encouragement this week, definitely got the best out of us!
Happy two years Banana ❤️️❤️️❤️️LOVE
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