Bath Buddies

Handmade👇🏼 🛁💣 Bath Bombs 🌸🍋 Sugar Scrubs 💆🏻‍♀️🌼 Bath Salts 🇨🇦 Oakville, Ontario

I had the best time yesterday at @daynaleecollection ’s Pop Up, it was such a success! Huge thank you to Dayna for putting on an awesome event and to everyone who made it out! You are all so loved and appreciated! ✨ If you didn’t make it out yesterday, below is a list of Markets you’ll be able to find Bath Buddies at for November and December! Hope to see you there! ✨ •November 17: The Anglican Church of Incarnation, Oakville (9am-2pm) •November 24: Country Heritage Park, Milton (10am-2pm) •December 1: First United Church, Mississauga (10am-2pm) ✨ I’ll be taking Christmas orders soon, but come get some of your Christmas shopping done early at any of the markets!
two words: M I L K B A T H S 🛁 You’ve waited long enough! You’ll be able to find these 16oz jars of beautifully lavender scented coconut milk baths at the @daynaleecollection Market this coming Sunday! For those that aren’t aware of the benefits of milk baths, some of them include nourishing dry skin while smoothing and exfoliating your body because of the fatty acids found in the milk! Good stuff, huh?! The Market will be in Mississauga at the @dixieoutletmall in the Living Room from 12-5pm! Come say hi and get your hands on these limited jars! #newproductalert 🥛🛁
it’s official! All of my Bridesmaids have been asked to be part of our wedding and they’ve all said yes! I wanted to ask my girls in a special way and what better way than using a Buddy Box?! I put in some of my favourite items that I thought they’d enjoy, spiced it up with pictures of them and I, and wrote them a little message letting them each know just how much they mean to me 💖 Recently engaged and thinking of a special way to ask your girl squad? Send me a DM and let’s work together to find something that works for you and your girls! #BridesmaidBoxes 🎁
a little lavender ombré for your Tuesday 💜 These past few weeks is probably the most I’ve ever been absent from Bath Buddy social media because when life starts to get busy, well, shit just gets crazy 🙃 Slowly but surely getting all the prep done for these upcoming Christmas Markets 🎄🎁! Who’s excited to be getting bath bombs, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and lip scrubs for Christmas this year?! Wait, what? Did I say lip scrubs? 😏💋 #comingsoon
you know that feeling when your To-Do list literally just keeps growing and instead of tackling it you take a bath? Yeah...that’s me at the moment #bathtimeallthetime 📝<🛁
there was so much sun today, I loved every minute of it ☀️! Definitely had me feeling the lemon vibes for my next bath. What’s your favourite scent to soak in? Let me know! 🍋🛁🍋
the first time I walked into Dove and Arrow in downtown Oakville I turned to Shaun and said, “I wanna have Buddies in here!” And guess what?! You can now find my Bath Salts at the cutest little shop in Oakville!! They have Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus scents enriched in Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt! Head over to their shop to try them out (and pick up a few other cute little things, obviously). 💖🛍#doveandarrowoakville
market prep vs Christmas prep, which one is more crazy? 🤔 Trick question, they both are! 😂🙈 #marketprep 🎄🛍
is it Friday yet?! Things have been busy on my end eagerly trying to plan ahead for Christmas ‘cause believe it or not, it’s coming quick! Here’s a little sneak peak of a new, premium product I’ve been working on. Any guesses to what it is?! It’ll be available for purchase and shipping soon! #sneakpeak 👀🛁
wedding planning is no joke! Every single bath I’ve had since we got engaged, I’ve brought a magazine in with me to do some research. It can become a stressful and daunting process but trust me, it’s a lot less stressful when you do it all from the bath with a glass of vino! 🛁👰🏻 #BridalBuddies
how much do you love Fall? Aka, Bath Season? Because it’s my fav 🍁🛁🍂
if you’ve been scrolling Facebook or Instagram this morning and you heard that I’ll be showing up at Dayna’s holiday pop-up event, you heard right! 💖 I cannot even begin to tell you how fortunate I feel to be at Dayna’s pop-up on November 11 from 12-5pm at Dixie Mall in Mississauga! Come check out all of her stationary goodness like motivational pens (which I have), to-do list booklets (which I also have), the cutest mugs (which I plan to get) and so much more! Grab a Buddy on your way in or out so you can go home and soak in the tub and admire all the pretty things that are Dayna Lee Collection 💞 Amazing things can happen when #babessupportbabes and I am so grateful that Dayna is such an amazing person both inside and out and that she’s come into my life 💝 See you in November!
small, delicate details get me every time. Every. Single. Time. I’m a sucker for packaging and unwrapping things I get in the mail, taking in all that the packaging has to offer as I unwrap the goodness inside. That’s why when @isavirtue made my stamp, I almost fell off my seat. The fine lines and detail that she was able to incorporate from my logo was unreal. Some may say it’s just a logo stamped onto craft paper, but for me, it resembles a small little business that puts love both inside, and outside of packages #snailmail 📦💞📬
cause the weekend is close and looks like it’ll be my favourite kind of weather: s u n n y 🌞
happy Tuesday, friends! Today I wanted to talk about Bath Buddy colouring. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Much like the next person, when I take my baths I don’t like having to clean the tub when I’m done because uh, that’s not very relaxing. Having bright, luxurious colours in your bath bombs are insanely appealing but for minutes of vibrant colour to only clean the tub when you’re done? Nope, not here, I won’t do it. My Buddies when solid are typically of soft, pastel colours and will turn your baths into a darker pastel colour of the Buddy. I can’t bring myself to use a colourant that will have the person cleaning right after they’ve used it. What’s the fun in that?! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 What I do use for colour is food colouring! Which everyone has that, “that’s for sure going to stain my tub” comment to, but believe me when I say that I go into my baths coming out the same colour as I went in and my tub, the same. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I’d be lying if I said I haven’t toyed with the idea of using those bright, eye-catching colours in my products, but I always come back to the feeling of not wanting my customers to feel like they need to “work” right after a relaxing bath. So, rest assured that when you’re relaxing with a Buddy, you can relax afterwards, too! Also, if you’ve made it this far in reading my caption tonight, you definitely deserve a relaxing bath! Let me know if you’re interested, I know a girl 😉🛁💖
so you purchased Buddies from my sale, now what? You can use them in your bath 🛁 (obviously), to soak your feet 👣 (because they need care, too), or you can use them for decoration like I do 🎀 (because who doesn’t love a little colour in their bathrooms)? I am selling my perfectly imperfect Buddies right now and they’re 7 for just $7! If you’re interested, please send me a DM! #buddyideas
calling all friends who love a good bath...and sale! While quantities last, I am selling ✨7✨ Buddies for just $7! These are my perfectly imperfect Buddies that didn’t meet my standards to be sold at markets and such, because believe it or not, not all batches come out made to sell. You will receive a zip lock bag (I’m keeping things simple and hassle free) with 7 Buddies in them ranging from a variety of scents and sizes! These Buddies are broken, cracked, or slightly discoloured but will still offer you the same amazing benefits as my others. If you’re not too concerned with the appearance of your Buddies before they make it to the tub, this sale is for you! These Buddies must be picked up from buyer within a few days after expressing interest. Hurry before they go! 🛍 ➡️ 🛁 #BuddySale
happy back to school, everyone!! Hands down, this has always, always been my favourite time of the year. Being out of school for a couple years now has me so sad, but I live for the “back to school pictures” my families and friends post - nothing makes me happier than seeing those kiddos grow into another year 🍎📚 But on that note, if you’re like me and your back to school days are over, doesn’t mean your learning has to stop. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Bath Buddies has taught me in such a short amount of time. I love learning new things and bringing ideas to life, while still being able to be creative within it all. It doesn’t come without it’s hard moments but it only challenges you and makes you better 🙌🏼 Hoping all the students have the best day and year! 🤓💖 Ps. New product coming soon 😉😏
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