Bavel Restaurant

@ChefOri + Genevieve

BFFs for EVAAA!!! #BavelDTLA
Ester | chrysanthemum tea infused rum, more jamaican rum, mai tai mix, lime, crushed ice #BavelDTLA
Mushroom Kabob | lovage & cardamom puree, oyster mushrooms, sumac #BavelDTLA
Aged Prime Porterhouse | slow cooked over embers, middle eastern mezze #BavelDTLA
Fried Quail | cardamom date sauce, pickled celery, smoked yogurt, herbs #BavelDTLA
Tomato & Plum | orange blossom crème fraiche, purslane, savory, sumac vinaigrette #BavelDTLA
It’s a special someone’s birthday so we are going to celebrate. All night long. Nuthin but a G thang. #LAGold is #forevergold
Strawberry Sumac & Sweet Cheese Pastry | pistachio ice cream, labneh cream, cured sumac
Heartbroken to have lost you is an understatement. We hope that knowing how much you are loved can bring even just a touch of peace to your incredible wife, children and every person who’s lives you touched. #forevergold
Abner | vodka, french apertif wine, celery two ways, etc. #BavelDTLA
Slow Roasted Lamb Neck Shawarma | tahini, fermented cabbage, pickled turnips, laffa #BavelDTLA
Hummus | creamy & chunky garbanzo bean puree, green & red chili paste, pita #BavelDTLA
Hot and fresh Middle Eastern whoopy cushions #BavelDTLA
Sorry, we are closed for the 4th of July. Suns out, buns half out.
Malawach | ancient grain crispy layered bread, grated tomato, dill crème fraiche, soft boiled egg, strawberry zhoug #BavelDTLA
Purple Butter Lettuce Salad | rose water buttermilk vinaigrette, turnips, za'atar #BavelDTLA
Cool, yet warm. Creamy, yet incredibly refreshing. Ahhhhhh tapioca. How do I love thee? Not that much in actuality, but in this case you’re pretty damn awesome. Coconut young ginger tapioca. Fig leaf syrup. Pistachio cardamom dukkah. Served with chicory phyllo cookies. #baveldtla
Smiling our way through the opening. But we're really tired. #dyingontheinside 😴
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