Ryan Gibson (Bayern Ryan)

@fcbayern fan with a Bayern Eye Ocular Melanoma Survivor/ Cancer Advocate HALF TIME with Bayern Ryan 2017 Bayern Fan Award Nominee #bayernryan

It's COLD ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
Kingsley Coman says he will consider early retirement in case of another foot injury: “ I won’t accept another operation. Enough is enough. Maybe my foot is not meant for it. I will go live another anonymous life” [Téléfoot]
Looks amazing but my legs say this weather can go away now.
Man I wish I could go out and play with my @ergoactives Bayern Claws. But to be honest I may not be smart to test it while the ice is still falling 🤨🤣
@jok_32 to @_rl9 TOOOOOR
Lewy is coming
FT | FC Bayern 3-0 FC Nürnberg Lewandowski ⚽️ Lewandowski ⚽️ Ribéry ⚽️
It's an older picture but I absolutely love seeing @franckribery7 score a goal. Keep getting it young man.
Let's do this men. MIA SAN MIA
Derby day 😍 Bring it Nürnburg we own Bavaria
I absolutely love these @ergoactives crutches. They will definitely make the transition to walking and standing more stable. Definitely gonna Bayern Munich them up though. Love this Jonker training top looks snazzy.
Using my @ergoactives crutches for the first time. I absolutely love these. Just need to get some Bayern stickers
Mental health is not something to play with. That is the reason I took time away from social media. I suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD. So if you know someone suffering from these issues offer your help if they need it. You never know when the smallest encouraging remark or act could help them. If you suffer from mental health issues don't be afraid to ask for help it can go along way in helping you out. Are you or someone you know struggling with mental health issues. Please call the Mental Health Line for immediate treatment ➡️ (855)587-0978
Happy Krampusnacht everyone 😁🤭
So cool to be wearing a @giovaneelber Champions League sweatshirt. Giovane do you remember this?
Got my little buddy sitting outside with me today. ❤️
Look what came in today from @fcbayern.
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