Ryan Gibson (Bayern Ryan)

One Eyed @fcbayern fan with a Bayern Eye Ocular Melanoma Survivor/ Cancer Advocate Host of HALF TIME with Bayern Ryan 2017 FC Bayern Fan Award Nominee

Top 32 in the @gfinity FIFA 18 North America Spring Cup finale. It was an honor to play @goalmachine21 he is #1 in the North America Spring Cup standings and is going to definitely make the World Championships
I've seen this suggestion. So I ask you Do you start Sandro Wagner on Tuesday?
The face when you know Bayern Munich don't get to rematch Madrid til Tuesday. I'm so jacked to do it again.
@franckribery7 was a flat out BADASS yesterday. No one can say that 35 is not the new 25. He was hands down the BEST on the pitch yesterday.
La Beastia Negra also known as my Bayern Munich Black Prosthetic Eye is now in and ready for next week. We got this guys.
Get well @jeromeboateng and @arjenrobben 😢
It was like watching the BVB Pokal match all over again. We did everything we could and the ball seemed allergic to the back of the net.
Well we need to win 2-0 next leg. Damn injuries hurt today. Hope Boateng and Robben are ok. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
It's TIME baby.
Not to much longer Predictions on today's match. I'm going 3-0 Bayern. Can't allow an away goal.
The NEW Bayern Munich Fan club 🤣🤣🇩🇪 📸
The place to be tonight. If not here then in front of the TV to witness the GREATNESS that is @fcbayern
Let's do this men.
NEW Bayern Munich kits to be released in May. 😍😍😍😍
Man it is FINALLY the day.
My lineup for the @gfinity tournament tonight. Hopefully a better showing this go round
We will hear this tomorrow. Thanks @bayernfrady23 for the video.
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