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#FridayFeature ! Thanks @holapelin for sharing this beautiful image of Porto, #Portugal 's Dom Luis I Bridge using #bbctravel !
As cold fronts sweep over #SouthAfrica 's Western Cape, many families prepare to feast on waterblommetjiebredie, a heart-warming stew made from the waterblommetjies, or 'water flowers', that carpet the marshes of the Boland region during the winter months. Only available between June through September (depending on the rainfall), waterblommetjies and their delicate taste complement the rich flavours of lamb or mutton and the astringency of wild sorrel. "Waterblommetjies are like a family member at my table," said cook and culinary historian Errieda Du Toit. "As soon as autumn turns to winter, I start planning my first bredie. I can't help it." Click the link in our bio to read more about waterblommetjiebredie. #bbctravel #SoulFoodBBC 📷: @juriesenekal
#FridayFeature ! @tmnikonian snapped this incredible shot of the fireworks at the #London Eye on New Year's Eve. Thanks for sharing using #bbctravel ! Where did you welcome 2019?
Stretching across roughly 10 sq km near the city of Thatta, #Pakistan , the Makli Necropolis is one of the largest necropolises in the world. Beautiful image @mhb106 -- thank you for sharing using #bbctravel !
#FridayFeature ! We love this capture of daily life in rural #China ! Thanks @jordhammond for sharing it using #bbctravel !
Part of Outer Hebrides, the tiny isle of North Uist is said to have one of the most irregular coastlines in Great Britain, with a number of channels, bays and promontories. Thanks @keithmh2016 for sharing your photo using #bbctravel !
#FridayFeature ! The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, one of #Iran 's oldest cities, is famously known as the 'Pink Mosque' because of the rosy glow cast when the light shines through the colourful stained glass windows and onto the beautiful Persian rugs and hand-painted tiles. Lovely photo, @benmammone16 ! Thank you for sharing using #bbctravel !
Situated high in the #Andes of #Peru , Huaraz is the jumping-off point for trekkers intending to hike towering peaks like the Nevado Pastoruri. Thanks @jordantrek for sharing your photo using #bbctravel !
#FridayFeature ! Thanks @pearsonphotography for sharing this fantastic shot of the #Netherlands ' iconic windmills using #bbctravel !
When he was told 10 years ago that his village in Taiwan was scheduled to be demolished, Huang Yung-fu did something he hadn't done in decades: he picked up a paintbrush. What started as a drawing of a bird in his home soon became a colourful wonderland of cartoon-like people and abstract animals. Now 96, Huang continues to wake up before dawn to paint his Rainbow Village, which still stands because of his art. Those who come to visit Huang's village fondly refer to the elderly painter as 'Grandpa Rainbow'. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Huang and his Rainbow Village. #bbctravel 📷: @eliot.stein
#FridayFeature ! Thanks @lucas15863 for sharing this beautiful photo from the #Dubai Spice Souk using #bbctravel !
#FridayFeature ! Thanks @melistosun for sharing this beautiful shot of hot air balloons over Cappadocia, #Turkey , using #bbctravel !
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