Beads of Courage

Improving the quality of life of children coping with serious illness through arts in medicine programs. #beadsofcourage GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS ➡️

Repost @salteffect : ・・・ Get 15% off any order for 3 days only! Use code SERVEANDLEARN15 at checkout. Take advantage of a way to serve and learn together! We do all the prep work for you, so you can just enjoy some time with your family while giving back. ... If you have tweens or teens, this is the perfect box for you! Help us support @a_kid_again and @beadsofcourage and @headbandsofhope ! We donate 20%.
@lifesongstudio shares: ... "October Heart of Lifesong - Grace Cooper ... "GRACE, the perfect name for this beautiful girl who is everything her name represents! It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows her that she would be chosen as the Heart of Lifesong. Her genuine kindness and love for others shines brightly every time she's at the studio or anywhere! She gives the best hugs, includes everyone, works hard in her pursuit of dance and her smile lights up the room. ... "Those are some of the obvious things that flow from her beautiful heart, but what isn't so obvious is the miracle of her physical heart. Grace was born without a right ventricle ... it's called Holmes Heart. She had open-heart surgery at 8 days old, 6 months old and 3 years old ... she has had 14 surgical procedures in her short 11 years. ... "The beads she has on in her picture are called Beads of Courage. It is a super cool program that gives kids a bead for everything they go through (nights in hospital, blood draws, surgeries, ambulance rides, etc). Plus some of those are Act of Courage beads if she does something the requires a lot of courage ... and SHE IS COURAGEOUS! ... "In spite of how the limitations of her physical heart COULD have affected her, she hasn't let it slow her down. She dances on our Mini Company, keeps up with her active family and lives life to the fullest every day! What an inspiration you are sweet Grace!" ... #beadsofcourage #beadstrong #believeinbeads #CHD #dance
#TeamBOC member and extreme adventurer @kartshuseonica is currently attempting to set a world record as the oldest hiker (at age 67) to complete a round-trip solo hike on the Arizona Trail. This difficult 800-mile trail traverses Arizona vertically from Utah to Mexico. The path climbs and descends from one mountain range to another, gaining and losing thousands of feet in elevation, and traverses biomes ranging from desert to boreal forest. ... Karts set off on his adventure on October 7 and must complete the hike by December 31. Today, he is near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, where he encountered snow! He paused to take a photo of his colorful @BeadsofCourage Carry a Bead strand set against the freshly fallen snow. ... As a Beads of Courage Celebrity Ambassador, Karts is carrying 20 artist-made glass beads on his journey. When the adventure is over, these beads will be given to children in the Beads of Courage program with a note of encouragement from Karts, to honor their courage on a tough treatment day and let them know they are never alone. ... Want to Carry a Bead and YOUR next adventure? Ask us how! ... #beadsofcourage #carryabead #arizona #arizonatrail #hiking #grandcanyon #snow
Repost @uniwife2003 ・・・ Bloop bloop. Just swimming by to show you our warrior's new Bead of the Month from Beads of Courage. "The striped fish bead reminds you to stay the course!" This whimsical fish is so cute and I am sure will be a great addition to his many strands of ever growing beads. These beautiful beads are precious to us. They give Dustin a way to show people including himself how brave he is. Please show them some love and help another child like ours. #beadofthemonth #beadsofcourage #cancersucks #histiocytosis grateful
Repost @epicwipes ・・・ When we learned about Beads of Courage we couldn't help but want to share their story with you. . Beads of Courage is a nonprofit organization providing arts-in-medicine programs for children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. Children in the program receive a colorful bead for every test, procedure and milestone along their treatment journey. A black bead for every needle poke; a white bead for every chemotherapy treatment; a yellow bead for every night spent in the hospital, etc. Some children will collect thousands of beads during the course of their treatment. . One of the most coveted beads a child can receive is called an Act of Courage bead. It is given for a treatment-defining moment requiring extraordinary courage. . The Beads of Courage "Carry a Bead" program offers the public an easy way to give hope to children in the hospital and let them know they are never alone. Each Carry a Bead kit comes with two beads on a safety pin and these beads are taken on an adventure like a hike, trip, or other special activity. . Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts carry these beads with them on their activity and then return a bead with a handwritten note of encouragement for a child in the Beads of Courage program. The bead you carry and return is given to a child in the hospital as an Act of Courage bead. ______ . In collaboration with Beads of Courage we've put together a prize pack to give away to one lucky winner. . The prize pack includes: 1 box of L wipes, 1 box of XL wipes, a Beads of Courage logo shirt, backpack, and 4 Carry a Bead kits. You may choose to carry all the beads yourself, or share them with others. . Here are the rules for the giveaway: . 1) Follow @beadsofcourage and @epicwipes 2) Tag two friends that would be interested to carry a bead on their next adventure 3) US Residents only. 18+ older. Winner chosen at random and announced in comments section on Monday October 15 at noon . Thank you in advance for helping us raise awareness for Beads of Courage. . . #ittakesavillage #thiskidcan #childrenareourfuture #childrenfirst #strength #courage #hope #love #epic #beadsofcourage #believeinbeads #carryabead #teamb
Check out @beadsofcourage member Kalea with the @propertybrothers ! ... Repost @music4lyfe79 ・・・ Kalea got to meet Drew and Jonathan Scott at Chapters Crowfoot. She was sooo excited...she wore her @beadsofcourage
Repost @princess_aubreykate ・・・ These are Aubrey’s @beadsofcourage. They are more than just beads strung together. Each bead has its own meaning. Each bead tells a story. This is her story. The #beadsofcourage is a way for her to cope during her journey. They are a form of journaling. They show her bravery and courage. She has 400+ beads. Each bead represents something she has endured during her cancer journey. Every hospital stay, x-ray, MRI, surgery, tube, drain, chemo dose, dressing change, and treatment milestone. . . . Even though she doesn’t quite understand the beads on the strands, she will have them forever. When she is older, she will be able to look back at these beads and know that she can handle anything. . . . I look at these beads and I’m in awe of her strength, her courage, her bravery. I sometimes look at these beads and can see the tears that she has shed or the ones we have shed together. But, at other times, I see her fight and her will to get through each and every day. I see her joy as she walks the halls of the hospital like she owns the place. It shows that she did not give up. We can’t wait to get her completion of treatment bead - Beads of Courage Signature Purple Heart. . . . Orange - Port placement | removal Gray - Dressing change White - Chemo Brown & Face Bead - Hair Loss | Hair Growth Light Blue - Mouth Care Blue - Clinic visit Dark Green - NPO | TPN Lime - Neutropenia/Isolation Purple - IV infusions Yellow - Overnight hospital stay Black - Pokes (IV | Port Access | SubQ injections) Glow In The Dark - Echo Pink - Sedation | Anesthesia Light Green - Test (CT | MRI | X-Ray) Rainbow - Therapy (PT | Speech) Red - Blood Products Aqua - Tubes | Drains Homemade Glass - Treatment Milestone Square Heart - Admission to ICU Bumpy - Medication | Mobility Challenges Fish - Transfer Unit Member’s Choice - Discharge from Hospital • • • #PrincessAubreyKate #hepatoblastoma #hepatoblastomawarrior #cancersucks #childhoodcancer #AubreyStrong #PrincessStrong 🎗💪🏽👑 🎀 🎗 #childhoodcancerawareness #gogoldEVERYmonth #kidsgetcancertoo #fightlikeakid #worthmorethan4 #lovebeatscancer #iflovecouldcurecancer #cancerWILLNOTwin #moreblessedthanbroken #26we
Repost @jeangribbon ・・・ They are never just little beads. #beadsofcourage #believeinbeads
Repost @keepinupwithkoko ・・・ 🌟 Beads of Courage 🌟 and this isn’t all of them - still playing catch up! #mightymase #trooper #acutelymphoblasticleukemia #beadsofcourage #childhoodcancerawareness
NEW! Now you can support Beads of Courage every time you shop at @frysfoodstores ! It's easy when you enroll in Fry's Community Rewards. ... To get started, visit ➡️ and click on Community Rewards at the bottom of the page. ... If you already have a Fry's V.I.P account, click the "Enroll Now" button to enroll in the Fry's Community Rewards program and select Beads of Courage as the organization you wish to support. Our number is GM636. ... If you don't have a Fry's V.I.P account, you can create one online. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for Beads of Courage every time you shop and use your V.I.P Card. ... Please take a moment to register today! #beadsofcourage
Repost @salteffect ・・・ She’s holding her story in her hand. It’s impossible to look at that long strand of beads and not see courage and strength and beauty. Every single one of those beads means something: hair loss, an office visit, chemo treatment, a trip to the ER, an especially difficult day, a treatment milestone, and so many more. It’s the mission of @beadsofcourage. * Kids with serious chronic illness face fear and uncertainty and even death, every day. It’s a reality for them and their families. Those of us on the outside will never really be able to understand their journey. * But compassion and empathy ask us to try. And if we want to raise kids who care and long to make a difference, we need to be willing to teach them about lives very different from our own. * We believe in volunteering and being kind to others. But we believe even more in the value of education—learning about the experiences of others. When we know who we’re serving, why it’s necessary and how it matters, it makes a lasting impact on all of us. * We invite you and your family and your students to join us. Let’s be willing to learn and to be uncomfortable because that’s what inspires action and change. See the link in our bio 👆for our “Give Hope to Sick Kids” service-learning box. * #salteffect #servicelearning #kidswithchronicillness #chronicillness #chronicdisease #childhoodcancer #empathy #educationmatters #courageouskids #teachers #teachermom #inspireothers #kidswhocare #worldchangers #beadsofcourage #makeadifference #serveothers
Repost @jeangribbon ・・・ A great day learning, connecting, dwelling in possibilities. #artsinmedicine #caringscience
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Repost @stefaniecaliva ・・・ Thursday I decided to hike the Park Meadows trail so I could get out and take my #beadsofcourage on a little venture before mailing them off with a note to some amazing little person as they navigate their journey to wellness. I first heard about these beads on various posts by other nurses who had each been sent beads by @studentnurseandi and did a little research. Shortly after I purchased two sets, one for myself and another for the nurse who recently trained me as a thank you. It’s an amazing organization which gives children and young adults a little bit of sunshine during the harsh realities of their often times very long and arduous treatment processes. Check out @beadsofcourage for more info and to purchase or gift sets of beads so that you can off send love and encouragement to someone who will happily accept it. . . . #bethatnurse #RN #nursingstudent #giveback #beofservice #createjoy #nurses #teambeadsofcourage #pnw #hiking #centraloregon #carryabead #makeadifference #sponserabead #honorcourage #abundance #gratitude #luvthislife #teamboc
Repost @loobyloo83 ・・・ We got her beads of courage up to date today. My little hero 💛🎗 #beadsofcourage #lovingmia #lymphoblasticleukemia #kickcancersbottom #mybravegirl
Repost @akkizzle ・・・ Ben turned 5 months old yesterday. All of these beads represent the battles he has fought over these past 5 months. Soldier on, little man. ❤️ #beadsofcourage #heartwarrior
Repost @emmies.heart ・・・ This little girl has come such a long way, my little fighter. #beadsofcourage #chdawareness #bronchomalacia
Repost @super_princess_serenity ・・・ Serenity's beads of courage have grown some much over the past year. Trust me when I tell you she has earned every last one thru blood, sweat & tears. She loves her beads and she takes them to every hospital stay, all 1,313! @beadsofcourage Yellow=overnight stay in hospital Blue=doctor appts Black=pokes/needles Pink=respiratory support Square heart=ICU Red=blood products Purple=infusions Light green=scans/test Rainbow=therapies with PT/RT Glass star=surgeries #beadstrong #serenitysjourney #teamserenity #beadsofcourage
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