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Repost @hayleygibbsphotography : Hunter Cole wasn't supposed to be due until January but God had a different plan. Hunter was born at 29 weeks and 3 days. Prayers were sent from all over for him. After 55 days and spending his first few weeks in the NICU, he is home for Christmas! The beads surrounding Hunter are all of his courage beads he received while he was in the hospital. Each one symbolizes a step in his journey while in the NICU. The beads not only represent strength but a story that God intended for this little boy. A story that will always go with him and his sweet family. . . . . #hayleygibbsphotography #newbornphotographer #alabamanewbornphotographer #nicubaby #beadsofcourage #fighter #newbornportraits #newbornphotography #fineartportraiture #boazalabama #guntersvillealabama #albertvilleal
Looking for a last-minute gift idea? Tickets to Beads of Courage Night at the Phoenix Suns are now available! ... On Friday, March 1, you're invited to enjoy a thrilling night of exciting basketball action benefiting Beads of Courage, as the Suns take on the New Orleans Pelicans. ... A portion of the proceeds from each ticket sold supports Beads of Courage AND we will also be the designated charity for the 50/50 raffle! ... Please wear your Beads of Courage apparel if possible and, if you are a BOC member, wear your beads, too! ... We have committed to selling 120 tickets to this game, so please help if you can. Share this post with all your friends in the Phoenix area! ... ► LINK ON OUR WEBSITE! ... #beadsofcourage #suns #phoenix #phoenixsuns #charity #causegiving #nba #pelicans #believeinbeads
Repost @islarose511 : Isla is part of an awesome hospital program called Beads of Courage. Every time she has to get anything done from an X-ray, to getting an IV, to having a surgery she earns a special bead. This is her collection! One day she’ll be able to look through all these beads, see what they represent, and see what she has overcome! #beadsofcourage #hospitallife #hospitalkid #trachbaby #veptr #veptrstrong
Repost @creed_love : These are Creeds beads of courage, he collected a LOT of them throughout his life. It’s taken me a long time to decide what to do with them. I wanted to display them in a way that represents the strength and courage he had throughout his life, and the strength and courage he continues to give me in his death. It was very difficult, but I finally did it... swipe 👉🏻 to see what I created...and to see the final bead Creed received, his WINGS 🦋 🎗🖤 #CreedLove #beadsofcourage
Repost @tayentots : Feeling festive with our @beadscourageuk. Tayen had fun feeling all of her beads. This is a tiny fraction of them #youdontneedeyestosee #christmas #blind #beadsofcourage @beadsofcourage
Our 2019 Holiday Bundles are only available through this Saturday! ... Orders must be received by December 15 to ensure arrival by Christmas (in the US). ... Each package features some of our most popular BOC items at special bundle pricing - just right for gift-giving! Check them out at ... #beadsofcourage #believeinbeads
Repost @ellljay : The Prairie Firebirds gathered recently to create Christmas beads for Beads of Courage. 76 beads are currently on their way to encourage and delight sick children! #beadsofcourage #makeakidsmile #elljaydesign #lampwork #glass #prairiefirebirds
Read our #TuesdayThoughts ... ... ► ... #beadsofcourage #believeinbeads
✔ Surprise 48-Hour Bonus Challenge! ... @BeadsofCourage is taking part in the @CrowdRise Holiday Challenge and they just announced a new 48-Hour Bonus Challenge! ... The 35 organizations that raise the most online between Tuesday, December 11 and Thursday, December 13 will each win a prize. The organization that raises ... ... • The most online will win $10,000 ... • The 2nd most online will win $5,000 ... • The 3rd most online will win $3,000 ... • And the 4th-35th most online will each win $1,000! ... If everyone pitches in, Beads of Courage could easily make the Top 35! ... So, if you #believeinbeads and have been thinking about donating to #beadsofcourage as part of your holiday or year-end giving, this is the perfect time to do so! ... ► LINK IN PROFILE ... Please donate, like, comment and share ... thank you!
Repost @metalartsvillage : Checkout this months feature in @zocalomagazine @beadsofcourage and Doglix. We can’t wait to see everyone one at our Open Studios Under the Full Moon. Dec. 21 from 5-8pm
Repost @uniwife2003 : It's here!!!! Dustin got his December bead of the month from Beads of Courage. "The Penguin Bead reminds you to keep your cool!"... The penguin is our warrior's allll time favorite animal in the world. He absolutely goes crazy for them. It is important to remember to keep cool in life. You never know what life might hand you and how you deal with it makes all the difference. We are looking forward to next year's beads of the month. You can also purchase them for yourself or other children by visiting and it's tax deductible. 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 #beadofthemonth #cancersucks #histocytosis #beadsofcourage #penguins
🆕 Would you like to join our team? Do you think you can raise $10 for @beadsofcourage ? ... Beads of Courage has another chance to win additional funds for our cause as part of the @Crowdrise by GoFundMe Holiday Challenge ... but we need your help to make it happen! ... The two organizations with the most active team members between December 5 and December 19 will each win $5,000! ... To help, please visit to join our team. ... Once you raise at least $10 online, you’ll be considered an active team member, so please share your campaign link on social media, email your network, and post a campaign update letting your friends, family, and coworkers know why you #believeinbeads . Thank you! ... #beadsofcourage #holidaychallenge #joinourteam #causegiving #nonprofit #charity
Repost @amr0612 : These are Michael’s #beadsofcourage 💙 This picture doesn’t do the amount justice. There are hundreds here. From his day of birth, to his last hospital admission. Minus a few because I ran out of strings to strand with. These represent everything Michael has had done. From pokes, blood draws, echos, and scans. To the harder things like, open heart surgeries, cath procedures, and his many other procedures and every night spent in the hospital (note all the yellow)! The good “things” such as birthdays, goal accomplishments etc. But these beads also show his courage. Bravery. And all he’s overcome. We will get more beads with each cardiology appointment, blood draw, procedure, emergency, and hospital stay. The strands will lengthen. And one day, I will finally be able to sit down, and share with Michael what each bead represents. I cannot wait for that day. I’m so thankful our hospital participates in this program. 🙌🏻💙💚 #beadsofcourage #michaelthemagnificent #hlhswarrior #kabukisyndrome #gtubebaby #epilepticspasms #hypotonia #developmentaldelay #specialneeds #seetheablenotthelabel
Repost @mndymade : Oliver made his own contribution to the Christmas tree, we wrapped his @beadsofcourage around it this year! Each bead shows something that he's been through and we are proud to show them off! #littleolivergray #heartwarrior #beadsofcourage
Repost @sarahhaysek : Also, had to get a few pictures with her @beadsofcourage. Only 3 weeks till little lady turns one. #beadsofcourage #prettybaby #photographybylyn
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