My life be like

Hanging out with this little cutie and @jennifer_rae86 today @chattaphoyen
Missing Bangkok :)
Thanks again @teanakoss for having me in your music video, it was fun! Great video by my cool boyfriend @chattaphoyen @suamark.n @doubleheadedproduction Full video can be seen at the following link:
BKK. Granny is having icecream for breakfast. Get it girllll 🍦 🍦
Epic night seeing black panther in Bangkok
Sh*t happens when you walk your dog in the jungle
My revenge plot from 2016 after spending a few nights in a hostel in Japan with noisy roommates. Don't mess with me bro. Thank you @_hschaffer for reminding me of this
Thanks for having me in your music video @teanakoss it was really fun! P. S. I have no idea what the Russian text means haha.
Coconut wants potatoes and black beans.
Coconut wants a pancake
Coconut wants a beetroot burger
This hurts...
Lovely visit to the spice garden for some natural ayurvedic remedies. #srilanka
We went for what was supposed to be a 4 hour hike today but it turned into a 7 hour hike because we got lost in the mountains on the way back. feeling pretty desperate in the jungle we came across a monastery and met the nicest and most perfect monk ever. He gave us food, water, a lesson on Buddhism, and called a tuk tuk to rescue us. Very special day.
I love Sri Lanka! I am very happy to be here. It's a beautiful country with wonderful people.
Train ride in Sri Lanka.
Starting 2018 off by being extra extra on an airplane. #2018
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