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Sailing in Salcombe's waters is such a hallowed tradition that there is even a two-hundred-year-old boat named after them — the Salcombe Dinghy. (📷: @tommy.clarke 📍: Salcombe)
A pod of majestic koholā (humpback whales) swims under Hobie boarders off the south shore of Kauai — a truly grand and once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the Kumulipo, the 18th-century Hawaiian creation chant, palaoa (whales) are introduced in the 16th verse in the time of po (darkness) and help to usher in the time of ao (light), when humanity was created. The chant goes, “Hanau ka palaoa noho i kai," meaning: "Born is the whale living in the ocean." Plan your trip to Hawaii during peak humpback whale season, from January to March, to catch a glimpse of the gentle giants. (🎥: @uheheu 📍: Hawaii 🎶: “Running in Slow Motion” by Good News Tunes)
The sunset lingers over the Duomo di Milano, the second largest church in Italy after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the third largest Catholic church in the world. The massive Gothic cathedral took nearly 600 years to finish — Napolean Bonaparte ordered the creation of the façade just before being crowned King of Italy inside. Construction on final spires, statues, and gates was complete in 1965. (📷: @takemyhearteverywhere 📍: Duomo di Milano)
The Northern Lights paint themselves across the Arctic sky in Finland, where they are visible roughly 200 days per year — in Lapland, particularly. Traditionally, those wanting to see the Aurorae turn to winter sports like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sled dog touring, all of which allow visitors to get somewhere they can spend a night gazing at the dark sky. (📷: @daniel_ernst 📍: Finland)
Dedicated paragliders and first-timers alike can chase their adrenaline high over the crystal waters of Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Greece. Wind conditions in the area are consistently ideal for the sport. (🎥: @thiago.lopez 📍: Kefalonia Island - Greece)
La vie en rose over the Eiffel Tower, a lasting symbol of French culture and one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Today — on Bastille Day — French citizens and Francophiles alike will celebrate by breaking out into La Marseillaise, or by participating in the oldest and largest regular military parade in Western Europe, down the Champs-Élysées. If you happen to be near Paris and the Eiffel Tower, experience the "City of Lights" tonight with a 30-minute fireworks display organized by the Mairie de Paris. (📷: @wonguy974 📍: Paris, France)
The Lichtenstein (which translates to "shining shone" in German) Castle has a somewhat tumultuous history. The original fairytale castle of Baden-Württemberg dates back to 1200, was destroyed twice, and eventually fell into ruin before being rebuilt in 1840. (📷: @bokehm0n 📍: Lichtenstein Castle)
A birds-eye view of the beauty of Puerto Rico — with gorgeous coasts, waterfalls, mountains, and the El Yunque tropical rainforest, you'll find your perfect slice of nature in this awe-inspiring and resilient archipelago. (🎥: @waterproject 📍: Puerto Rico 🎶: “God’s Plan” by @champagnepapi )
Described as the main artery into the heart of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the Avenue of the Giants is a staple in California sightseeing. Drive from one sleepy little town to another, stopping to hike or picnic — you can even drive straight through a redwood at the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree. (📷: @uwo 📍: Avenue of the Giants)
The rounded cupola of the Edificio Metròppolis is covered with 30,000 leaves of 24-carat gold, making this view not only unbelievably beautiful but rather expensive as well. (📷: @robertopovero 📍: Madrid, Spain)
A windy day at Phillip Island, a beach destination and favorite day trip from Melbourne on Australia's southern coast. Show up to Summerland Beach for the Penguin Parade, when the island's penguins waddle ashore in droves. (🎥: @yantastic 📍: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Low-level clouds cutting through stratovolcanoes in Central Java — the presence of so many volcanos in the area makes the soil incredibly fertile, allowing for extensive paddy fields in the region. (📷: @josiahwg 📍: Central Java)
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