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F U L L - F R A M E Been looking at so many different cameras lately, one thing is for sure, I do need at least one or two more bodies. What do you all recommend?
Workflow is just as important as knowing how to shoot. Here is a picture of my keyboard settings, I have it saved as a preset if anyone wants it I’ll send it to them. But knowing your keyboard and quick keys can save you loads of time while editing. Minutes turn into hours trust me
My “in the zone” face 😂
Backpacks are for squares, a place for everything means everything in its place. Organization has been such a struggle and in my search to quell my OCD I’ve landed on heavy duty cases and pick and pull foam. comment some suggestions on how you keep it all together!!
When you get the puppy eyes 🐶 @ursamini @feelworld_monitor
Finishing off spooky szn with a little dual shot shoulder rig action! TOP @sonyalpha A7r3 @sigmaphoto adapter and 18-35 BOTTOM @arri Ursa mini @canonusa 16-35 @tunah_entertainment in frame 🖼
Capture imagination What’s your favorite camera/lens setup?
Glow up :) for those of you who actually focus pull, do you mark your wheel or do you just use an external monitor?
Reference audio 👂 pre award interviews for @indiana.film765
Capturing interviews made so simple with lav mics. I use the @tascampro dr10l 💪
Film is life Comment below which you’d prefer? A gimbal or a handheld rig!
Always trying different set ups with my @zhiyun_tech Crane 2. @feelworld_monitor has been INSTRUMENTAL in being able to see the high quality footage I’m actually capturing. I’ve noticed that I take way less shots and I don’t mess around with shots they don’t need to be taken when I can fully see what I have going on. Invest in an external monitor and you will never regret it.
C-Devil V2 coming soon. Working on some new gear that’s needed for upcoming film jobs.
My medium closeup setup. 📸 @sonyalpha a7r3 🔭 @canonusa 50mm f/1.2
Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 Holy cinema lens. First of all thank you to @givewitness for letting me use this beast of a lens. But man, difference from a photography lens to a cinema lens is night and day.
I love my camera but I cannot wait until this is a shot of me holding up a @reddigitalcinema 😍😍 Mount @neewer Camera @sonyalpha A7r3 Adaptor @sigmaphoto Lens @canonusa 16-35 f/2.8
Don’t let this exterior fool you, You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like 😂 💪
I don’t know how some people have gear that looks like they just bought it. I use the heck out of my gear, and it shows. 📷 sony a7r3 w/ 16-35 ii f/2.8
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