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😈 my man @gianniblu dropped his new track “Secret Lover” and I got to do the visuals for it 🙌 Head to his page to see more of my work and some more awesome collaborative content we have coming 😈😈
How often do you experiment with new cameras?? Tag your favorite camera company in the comments!!
😱😱 some film consulting for @indiana.film765 ! I often get asked how to maximize sets and truly get the most out of your set time. It isn’t crazy, but it does require experience and it does require some level of trial and error. For run and gun situations like this remembering your basics is key, everything builds off of the basics. Much love @landon.smith44 for asking me to come it and t being such a smooth shoot!!
KILLER COMBO The A7riii and the Canon 16-35 2.8ii What’s your go to set up?!
TRAVEL NOTICE! Going to China 🇨🇳!! Jan/19 It’s always been my dream to take video world wide..(wide) wide (wide). 😂 so lucky that I get to spend this trip with my best friend and girlfriend, @fit.bitch_angie . I couldn’t see myself exploring China with anyone else. in all seriousness, where is the one place you’ve always wanted to shoot?
All rigged up and ready to do!! ✅ 📷 @sonyalpha ✅ 📺 @feelworld_monitor ✅ 🎤 @tascampro
Wait for it... . . When @taeyakennedy @tyjaminn and @bechasketch colabbed with @dreamapillow !! Such a fun video to shoot and edit! Would anyone like to know how I did that effect? It’s not hard at all!! How comfortable are you with after effects? Would it surprise you to know I didn’t use it for the effect? 😈😈😈
Finally got a chance to try out the @flycam galaxy!! Rocking the @sonyalpha A7r3 with a @canonusa 16-35f2.8 and a @atomos_news ninja flame!! Totally different feel from my gimbal but just as smoooth :)
📷: @sonyalpha 📷: @canonusa 📺: @feelworld_monitor 🎤: @tascampro 🔨: @zhiyun_tech As a camera operator I am always focused on what’s in frame. Suffice it to say, when I operate my camera or any kind of rig, I have this serious stern look on my face. I often get asked if I’m mad or if what people are doing is right, then I snap out of my little trance and go oh yeah you guys are great, framing looks awesome. Ha ha took a page out of @carlosreyesphotography s book and decided to put a little reminder on the back of my monitor. smile, you’re beautiful :)
Being physically strong has its advantages. Here’s my Gimbal endurance set while @antaki.son does rows. Cary the 25lb plate as you would a gimbal and watch your gear become lighter and lighter as time goes on!! What’s your favorite exercise at the gym!?
A little bit of BTS from our shoot with @theclaytonchicago 😈😈 which slider is your favorite? I used to use a GVM!
📷: @givewitness My focus, is to always be focused. Big shout to this machine, the @djiglobal Ronin M was my favorite toy before it was stolen. A little trick I used to do was inch the handles inward so that I could keep my arms closer to my body. I would need less strength and torque to be able to hold this thing meaning I could hold it for longer. Just a little tip for you gimbal operators out there!! What’s your favorite gimbal to use?? Drop your opinions in the comments down below.!!
One more time. Because @instagram Has such horrid compression on videos. My #saturdaysetup going handheld because now more than ever I feel more confident shooting with just my hands. For a while I have preferred to use a gimbal or some sort of stabilization gear, and while that is nice I feel that to really tell a story you need all different kinds of shots. I can achieve just the same smoothness sometimes myself. So why not explore more? Why not use all the tools you have instead of sticking to what’s safe? any new techniques you’ve been trying out recently? Drop them down below!!
How many people do you know that can take their passion and turn into their career? Lots of respect for @lawrencethebarber for establishing himself as THE barber not just any barber. 🙏
QUESTION! Do you keep your gear set up all the time? Or do you take it apart and reassemble it however you need to? Many people are fan of leaving their set up the same way, but I think every job is different and requires it’s own custom set up. Drop your thoughts down below!!
Waiting for the perfect moment. #bechasketch
Bokeh 📷 @antaki.son
Our Sony séance for today. Ft @antaki.son
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