The Man

The champ. The game changer. ➡️business

Bring me all the bitches that want some.
I’m seeing reports that I “might not be cleared” for TLC. Let me say this as clearly as I can: nothing will keep me from fighting on Dec 16th. I’ve got heads to slap and a title to keep. The Man will come around.
They tell me that my Royal Rumble VIP Axxess, sold out in 90secs. I see and hear you all, all the tee shirts, the signs, the posts, the love. The Man sees you all. They didn’t expect us, but here we are
Hey Ronnie?! My division is on fire over here. Everyone thinks they’re a badass all of a sudden. How’s the division that I let you run going?
You can call yourself a queen or a boss or even a goddess, but if you want to see narrow minds explode, call yourself The Man.
SDLive tonight, The Man is coming round.
This is me right now trying to get out of doctor jail so I can remind some people exactly who I am.
The higher the stakes the bloodier the battle. Check out the mans new movie with @mikethemiz and #ShawnMichaels . The Marine 6: Close Quarters now on Blu-ray and Digital
Main event of my show, Main event of your show. Everyone talks tough until The Man comes around.
The Man’s job is to keep headlines flowing and a sharp edge showing
The battle you never knew you needed to see. The man vs the Miz . #Marine6 is out in 4 days. @mikethemiz
The Man making Charlotte (remember her?) relevant again by association. Ronnie is getting that perk too coming into Survivor Series. I’m carrying her into our match - but someone else will be carrying her out. #wwe
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