Rebecca Secomb

You’ve inspired me @cclow #toohottoocook !
I’ll be here tomorrow night, whether you are or not but gosh I’d prefer to BE THERE TOGETHER! Send me a DM and I’ll save you a seat. I know Jesus loves when girls gather with expectation for Him to show up 💕
What a birthday weekend! Our baby is 3 and sweeter than ever. He also is super loud, bossy, demanding and throws a mean tantrum. We love you Coh Baby x
Happy Birthday beautiful friend! For how close we live to each other, we certainly don’t see each other enough. That said, this has been one of my sweetest neighbourly years yet. Love you xxxx @amberware
Like father, like son.
We walked, we prayed and now as we continue on in our days we wait for the miracle stories. #sisterhood #walkforfreedom #a21
Hey Northern Beaches People! If you haven’t already registered, do it tonight half price, what a surprise✌🏼
Northern Beaches Girls, we’re meeting at Queenscliff SLSC at 10am. See you there! DM me if you have any questions x
I’m excited for tonight, so is Cohen. @becjwood I used your pic and now I need a conversation with you about what book these life changing words came from! ❤️
He has the patience of a saint✨
Team Night + husband speaking = dream night ❤️ See you there!!!
This morning at Sisterhood we heard from @becjwood and these lovely ladies! Their depth of tried and true, tested wisdom was astounding! ❤️
Some days you just need to have cake for afternoon tea. Unfortunately Arch HATED the actual cake (containing beetroot, quinoa flakes and coconut flour). It was a look of utter shock on his face followed by spitting it out and washing his mouth out with water😂. Thankfully Betty Crocker’s frosting and sprinkles got the taste out of his mouth 😬
I’m blessed to have a wonderful Dad, Step-Dad, Dad-in-law, Dad-to-my-children, Grand-Dads, Dad’s-to-my-nieces-and-nephews and to know many Dads who are doing a wonderful job of raising their children well. Today, we honour you. Happy Fathers Day. May we continue to raise good Dads. ✌🏼
This is how cousins grieve, smiles one moment tears the next.
Happy Birthday Harvey Boy!!! We love you ❤️❤️❤️
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