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Founder @b.prepped |Cofounder BeeFit🐝|CSULA| #IIN Health Coach•Fitness Nutrition Specialist 🏃🏻‍♀️Let’s Run!#bpreppedrunningclub meets on Monday

Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying💕 Aerial Yoga Strength & Stretch at @groundzero_gym tonight🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️
Turning your dreams into reality is a lot like running. You have to take things a step at a time & you have to push through the tough moments because they don’t last forever. Keep moving forward and you will reach your goals. Happy Monday! #bprepped
When my babe wears his boots and hat he makes my heart skip a beat🤤😍 @machetemadness
Took my son to the range today to practice gun safety and shooting #glock36 #glock19
Jorge is ready for the new school year and thanks to @mobilevision_us he is staying organized and keeps his AirPods charged for his gym sessions. Thanks @mobilevision_us 🙌🏼 #organized #newschoolyear #mobilevision #getorganized
Happiness is a way of travel not a destination @machetemadness #paddleboarding #paddleboardingadventures
My favorite training day is of course leg/glute day. Here’s todays leg day workout💪🏼 I did 4 sets of everything 10-15 reps of each #bprepped
The simple things in life that bring me so much joy💕 #sunset #summerdays
Work we did at the @r3bartraining @nikelosangeles event today😅💪🏼 #justdoit
“Tenía que ser, porque el destino te guardaba para mí. Y no fue suerte porque mucho te pedí” 💞 Great weekend at the lake kayaking with my @machetemadness 🚣🏼‍♀️🚣🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♂️
I would give you the world🌎 but instead I will give you books so that you can discover it on your own💞 #mylove
There are two types of men. The men that face pain dead in the eye and the men who run away from it. I want to teach my son never to run from pain, struggle, or adversity. #flashbackfriday #motivation
If you saw me on the street without this dog filter would you recognize me? 🤔🧐🤪🤣😂 #filter #yolo #tgif
It’s Wednesday which means we are half way through the week🙌🏼 sometimes I get so busy I forget what day it is🤪 my weekends feel like weekdays and my weekdays feel like well weekdays🤔 thankful for the grind though🙌🏼 wouldn’t have it any other way. WOD of the day: single arm db snatch superset with pull-ups and half kneeling landmine press superset with pull-ups💪🏼
Happy Birthday to US!!! Guess we’re really meant to be since we even share a birthday🤔🤗Te quiero mucho amor. Que Dios te bendiga y te guarde a mi lado muchos años mas mi cielo😘😍 #leoseason
Bday weekend turnt up🤪😉💪🏼
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