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NOTICE, Sunday, January 20: the Beinecke Library will close today at 3pm due to inclement weather. (Image: House of Ice, Syracuse, NY. From Robert Giard Papers)
Snowy morning ❄️
In the classrooms today … Printing for Manuscript: Overall course description: The concept of “manuscript” is a back formation, dependent upon the prior concept of printing. This course uses the Beinecke’s collections to explore how, from Gutenberg to the signatures on credit cards, printing has revolutionized writing by hand. We then turn to the problem of the belated fetishizing of literary manuscripts. For it was only in the eighteenth century that significant numbers of these manuscripts began to be collected. To what extent did the literary archives that began to preserve these manuscripts transform authorship and the very concept of “literature”? And how does printing stimulate our desire for the manuscript traces of the hands of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson—and of earlier writers like Shakespeare?
A well presented exhibition from staff curator MJ Millington (@maryjanemillington ) for the Spring Gallery 344 Exhibit "The Search for a Collection: The Artist’s Books of Melissa Shook."
In the classrooms today for Life Worth Living
Although drinks are prohibited around materials, your mind may be filled with intoxication as we show the #prohibition materials on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 18th amendment. Items from the Edward G Levy collection relating to temperance from 1794-1970s
In memorial: #CarolChanning Photos, clippings, correspondence from the Thornton Wilder Papers @americanlitatbeinecke
In the classrooms today: Advanced Latin Paleography | The challenges of using hand-produced Latin manuscripts in research, with an emphasis on texts from the late Middle Ages. Gothic cursive scripts and book hands c. 1200–c. 1500; fragments of unidentified codices; complex or composite codices with heavy interlinear and marginal annotations. Manuscripts and fragments selected largely from collections in the Beinecke Library.
Negatives of Washington DC from 1964- 1968, includes the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial and Marine Corps War Memorial
A successful week of collaboration between enthusiastic historians during the Black Bibliography Project.
The Paul Newman collection consists of scripts and film reels documenting aspects of the film and theater career of Paul Newman. Scripts include annotated typescript drafts of screenplays(annotations seem to be those of Newman) for films, including aul NewmanThe Color of Money, that shed light on Newman's creative process as an actor and his contributions to the screenplay revision process, as well as bound typescript copies of screenplays with photographs that document the production of certain films, such as Cool Hand Luke. Also found are screenplays for films directed by Newman, including Rachel, Rachel, and scripts for plays in which he starred, including C. C. Pyle and the Bunion Derby. Film reels include recordings and outtakes related to the making of various motion pictures and the television program "The Battler," in which Newman starred. Visit the finding aid for the Paul Newman collection at Check out the full video on our YouTube channel “Beinecke Library at Yale”
An ordinary evening in New Haven
We're always happy to see @Yale faculty at the Beinecke Library, such as Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology and Head of Silliman College. Among the items she was looking at today was this 1780 Rhode Island election proxy, with the wonderful line: "The happiness of the community is the sole object of all just government."
Bibliomania in progress. Make time to see the full exhibit on view January 18-April 21
Ketubah : Alexandria, Egypt, 1865, January 9. כתובה : אלכסנדריה, מצרים, ‪5625 טבת 11. Marriage contract, manuscript, ink and paint on paper, dated 11th of Ṭevet 5625 at No Amon (1865). A wreath of pink leaves and roses surrounds the text.
Various Afro-American works from this week’s workshop for the “Black Bibliography Project”
Trudeau Tuesday! 12-5-1970
#ZoraNealeHurston b. #OTD Seen here: 1934 photograph of #ZNH by Carl Van Vechten Page from holograph manuscript of #TheirEyesWereWatchingGod from the #Zora Neale #Hurston Collection @Yale
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