Bekki Rawks

An insufficiently ruthless suboptimal human and reluctant weekend warrior.

I am a nightmare and you are a miracle 🐍
Hope you’re having a T-riffic Saturday! 🦖
And you know all my favorite singers have stolen all of my best lines… #Donor #SkibaClothing
Candy-coated princess 🍭 🍬 👸🏼 🍭 🍬
We tried
Well, fuck me #JurassicPark
Since transfiguration didn’t work...
The opposite of saint-like. #Unholy
Happy Friday the 13th y’all!
Mid-year friendship review.
I met the most beautiful bunny this weekend thanks to @ayayayamy and @philjwoods #bunnyfever 🐰😍
Insert angsty song lyric here
Hello my old friend #WisdomTree
Contemplating how to transfigure you into not an asshole #Magic
“I don’t have any friends” — @j.k.seriously #FriendshipIsTheBestShip
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