🌀a perfect mix in between daphne and velma🌀 (and maybe a little shaggy)🌀 sdsu alumni🦕

missed @outsidelands and @splashhouse , but at least i still got to groove this weekend🎶💛
some of my favorite people + me🎰 #besties
when you’re blessed by the presence of both @oonadahl and @ryangosling in the same night🤩📀🙌🏻
slightly deflated but that’s not stopping me💖
only went for an excuse to look fancy while i got drunk🌷
film from the fourth❤️✨💙 #35mm
missed the parade but that didn’t stop me from celebrating❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 #loveislove
spin shenanigans😈💿💖 @deserthearts
why didn’t the lifeguard swim out to save me? because i’m too far out man😎🌟🇺🇸
baby bandit💞 #puppers
alright stop, collaborate, and listen💦 #iceicebaby
sweeter than ur swisher🎀 #35mm
@nic_tesoro : only brings one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a shirt, and a jacket to a 5 day long festival and still manages to send it harder than anyone i know🤪💖🍺 #fullsend
we may not have an anniversary but lib last year was the first time we really got to share our extraordinary love for each other and you have made every second since seem like a magical dream✨ you are my best friend, my boyfriend, my everything and i cherish every moment spent with you more than you’ll ever know🤴🏻 my love for you is absolutely infinite and i’m so blessed to be able to experience this journey of life side by side with you! thank you for everything, you’re one of a kind, to hell and back baby🌹❣️ @evan_fitzgerald
it’s 5am somewhere🎲🎱
we went to the fair and it was fun🎡🍦
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