didn't trip till she talked intellectual n tha way she moved was hella sexual🌀drop that kitty🌀sdsu🦕

wig comes on ~ shit gets wild👾 #whoisshe #35mm
had to make sure you guys all saw my picture with this view too🎡
you all probably hate me for blowing up your feeds the past week BUT I OFFICIALLY DID IT!! wow what a journey it has been.. four years ago my graduation seemed like a lifetime away and now it feels like it flew by faster than i could have ever imagined. i started out at community college and dreamed of going to a university, i took at least 5 classes every semester (plus summer classes) while working two jobs up to 60+ hours a week and maintaining a nearly perfect gpa. after receiving my associates degree i was lucky enough to transfer into san diego state university and work full time at a marijuana grow operation which has been one of the most amazing experiences i could have ever asked for. while i may have missed out on living in the dorms and other normal college experiences on top of having to commute over an hour back and forth every day, my past two years at sdsu were something i wouldn’t trade for the world. i’m so thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me through my process and continued to lift me up and cheer me on, i’d be lost without them💗 i am beyond proud of myself to say that i have officially earned my bachelor of science degree in general business administration🎓 graduating at the age of 21 is one of my proudest moments and i’m sooo excited to see where my future will take me🤗🌟🎈 go bella!!! #whatnow
wahoooo!!! and just like that i’m done with my last final ever!! feeling more accomplished and proud of myself then i ever thought was possible👩🏻‍🎓 probably gunna graduate with less brain cells then i started with after the past two weekends but hey at least i’ll have that diploma right??💖🌹🎈
guess what i’m doing?! if you guessed not studying for my last final you are correct🔥
happy happy happy birthday to my beautiful bestie🎈 you are such an amazing fun loving soul and i couldn’t be more thankful for each and every second spent being our wild goofy self’s together! love you till the end of time but now it’s time to get (even more) fucked up cuz we’re in vegas baby!!!🍾🎂💗
and so begins the competition of who can make the most rock puns this weekend🌈🤘🏻 #rockon
never ever enough dancing🤩💖🌵
everyday is basically 4/20 for me so i thought it would be ok if i posted this late💚🌬 #blazeit
stuck with each other forever at this point🦋
look at the big brain on bella🎓🧠 #30moredays
we just came to party🎉 #35mm
thank you for blessing the west coast with your beautiful presence, see ya later emma🌹
just a girl and her pizza🍕🧡🧀
never getting over this place💛
two more months till i’m finally back home⚡️🍼🌈
a little over excited spring is finally here🌷🌻🌹
patiently trying to pass the time until mr poopybuttholes bread grows out and rick and morty is finally back💛💚
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