🌀a perfect mix in between daphne and velma🌀 (and maybe a little shaggy)🍕 sdsu alumni🦕

couldn’t ask for anything better💫
didn’t see any cows but the giraffes were pretty cool too👅🦒 #moo
i’ll dance with my baby all night long💙
definitely spent more money on tequila pineapples then we did our tickets but it’s cool🍍
on my tenth day of work in a row.. feel like i’m going crazy but here’s me from when i was a little more sane in the membrane💐
i just fell in love with a bad bitch told me that she love me too🌷
shoutout to my momma for the bathing suit and my overly strong love for vegas💋 i need another vacation
this one time me and @evan_fitzgerald went dancing💿💘 #35mm
missed @outsidelands and @splashhouse , but at least i still got to groove this weekend🎶💛
when you’re blessed by the presence of both @oonadahl and @ryangosling in the same night🤩📀🙌🏻
slightly deflated but that’s not stopping me💖
only went for an excuse to look fancy while i got drunk🌷
film from the fourth❤️✨💙 #35mm
missed the parade but that didn’t stop me from celebrating❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 #loveislove
spin shenanigans😈💿💖 @deserthearts
why didn’t the lifeguard swim out to save me? because i’m too far out man😎🌟🇺🇸
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