Ben Mathewson

Transportation provided by Matheweson Taxi service!! Haha love Lil bro!!
Think she is comfy... haha
Road to recovery... 6 weeks no weight bearing. Then onward!!
The night shall begin!!
Ta da!!
Thursday night football!!
Yes!! ☘☘
Get to watch some #Packers vs. Seahawks tonight!! #Firstnflgame @dan.mathewson
Discovered I hadn't posted the right video. Haha so this is the run I didn't roll thru that I got a base line off of on my Birthday.
This makes me laugh so much!!
The spot Heritage Hop Haus!
Monday Morning vibes
Did a thing today. And got a base line but this one was my first time mess up!! Haha
Morning Vibes
Friday Night wrenching with pops so I can drag race tomorrow on my Birthday!!
Dad and the pup (Steel) came to visit for lunch.
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