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#bethelmusic is a community of worshipers pursuing God's presence & sharing life together. Full video of “Came To My Rescue” with @emmyrose_ 👇🏼

“There is nothing out of the reach of the redemptive touch of Jesus.” - @brevived #bethelmusic
“I called, You answered, and You came to my rescue, and I wanna be where You are.” The message of this song (thank you @hillsongunited ) will never get old. You can watch the full video with @emmyrose_ on our YouTube channel. Link in bio. #bethelmusic @betheltv_
“Death could not hold him down  No grave could keep him bound All sin and sickness bow To the name of Jesus” - @seanfeucht | Listen to “There Is A Name” on Sean’s new album “WILD” — link in bio! #WILD  #bethelmusic
"As with every album design that our creative team produces, our prayer is that we would in some way, bring a glimpse of Heaven and accurately portray the heart of the record. I'm so proud of our team and the artwork that we've made for "WILD". From the stunning photos by @sohrachsoh to the quirky mix of old typefaces and hand-lettering, this artwork portrays the heart of Sean; a perfectly old-soul full of joyful adventure, whilst ever in-touch with the delicate humanity of our world - bringing peace and steadfastness amongst the storm." - @stephenjameshart [Bethel Music’s Visual Worship Leader] | Link in bio to listen to @seanfeucht ’s new album “WILD”. #WILD #bethelmusic
“We always need a lyric, we always need a word and we always need a melody that matches that message for the season that we’re going through.” - @brianjohnsonm | The church is always ready for a new song, a new way of expressing the love and grace of God. Our “Songwriting Retreat” is an intensive 3-day school with the Bethel Music team to equip you, write with you and discover new songs together. Link in bio to apply. #songwritingretreat #bethelmusic
“Yours is the kingdom, Yours is the power, Yours is the glory, forever, amen.” | Swipe right to watch this full moment — @morganfaleolo 🔥🔥🔥 @betheltv_ #bethelmusic
“These songs have been on quite a journey. They’ve traveled the world and back again. We’ve sung them in war zones and sung them in our kitchen with 4 little cute voices before dinner. Today they’re accessible anywhere in the world. Praying they shoot out like arrows and hit every target for which they were created.” - @seanfeucht | “WILD” is available now on all music platforms. Link in bio to listen. #WILD #bethelmusic
THIS SATURDAY - “Peace on Earth” is such an inspiring night of worship and prayer. This year we have special guests @johnmarkmcmillan , @sarahkmc , @anthonyskinner and @patbarrett along with @seanfeucht , @steffanygretzinger , @amandalindseycook , @joshbaldwin and @bethanywohrle. Would love to see you there! Link in bio for tickets. #peaceonearth #bethelmusic
"Our why, His reward." - @sarah.hendrickson [Bethel Music Tour Manager] | Worship with us in 2019. Link in bio for cities + tickets. #victorytour #weowetheworldanencounter #bethelmusic
TICKETS ARE LIVE for VICTORY TOUR 2019. For the first time in over a year, Bethel Music is hitting the road in major cities in the United States with special guest @tashacobbsleonard (February and April leg only) and @house_fires (October leg only). Come expectant for Jesus to display His power and love among us during these nights and beyond. Follow link in bio for cities + tickets. #victorytour #bethelmusic
We are so excited to announce one of our favorite events — Bethel Music Songwriting Retreat, an all inclusive 3-day workshop in Redding, CA for songwriters to refine the art of songwriting with the Bethel Music Team. Swipe through for highlights from last year! Dates: Jan 14-16 | Mar 25-27 | Nov 14 - 15 Link in bio for all the info + to apply. #songwritingretreat #bethelmusic
“Praise is the highway to the move of God” -@seanfeucht | this song is available with your pre-order of new album WILD along with 3 more. Link in Sean’s bio to get it. #bethelmusic
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