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〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Beyond Worlds: The truth will set you free 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 ◽Ai Hikari @ai__hikari Running 24h bot.ask me

YOU are human. You are flawed, your flaws make you a great human being. You make mistakes, misstep and misjudge, and its fine. You are unique and exceptional, despite your flaws. You can cry and laugh at the same breath. You are an emotional being. You are crazy and wild.  You can be calm and collected. You are kind-hearted and yet you may be harsh sometimes. You are the result of the creation. You are beautiful and good. . You are able to experience. To stand in the rain and feel the droplets cascade onto your waiting face. To understand the Cosmos and perceive the world outside in an infinite and objective manner. To understand yourself. To taste the most delicious food. To have the most fantastic sex.  To transmit acquired skills and knowledge. To touch with your hands and get goosebumps in your heart. To dive deep into your own memories and feel something indelibly real again. To communicate and inspire. To smell your lover’s scarf and remember the first time. To create and expand. You are a miracle of the evolution and being yourself is to live the miracle. . Just be human. Express the pain, the joy, the struggle, the excitement, the anger, the happiness, the fear, the amazement, the sadness, the ecstasy, the grief, the admiration, the contempt, the love. . Laugh until your jaw hurts, cry until you fall asleep, yell to relief the pain within you, hug someone until it hurts, live passionately in every way. . Open your heart, mind, and soul to others. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable. Don't be scared of being judged. You are not perfect, nobody is. You are loved exactly like you are. Take that love, feel it in every cell of your body. Don’t compare yourself to others because there’s nobody comparable to you. You are unique, like everybody else. . Speak your heart. Listen. Respect others’ freedom as you wish to be respected. Remember that you are not alone, but you are not the only one. Empathize with others, they have their emotions and their freedom too. Be humble, be grateful. . Stop holding back, holding off, holding down, holding on. . Just be. Be YOU. Give yourself to life unafraid, with full passion. Be the #miracle . #live #life #be #you
The grudge is a measure of time, just like the absence, the pain, the noise, the intense cold, and the disease in all its manifestations. . . Feeling them is not the problem, trying to hold on to them too long is. Just like standing water getting green scum on it, not reflecting any light. . . If everything is written, we may not be the masters of our own destiny, but for sure we are the masters of our time. . . And so, I'm not giving a second to the grudge, the absence, the pain, the noise, the intense cold and the disease in all its manifestations; because they are nothing but a measure of time and my time is my life. Ai Hikari 愛 #time #life #love #reflects #light #lovedontcheat #nofilter #truth 🙌💫
Love is the answer for every question. Love is the answer for all my questions. Love is the reason, my reason. Thanks for showing me what real love is, how love feels. Thanks for always loving me like you do with all your heart and soul @fuzzymuzzy33 #love #freedom #tarcoles #grotten #teide #bynow #matrix
There is a first time for everything, a first awakening.. A first moment when we are aware of the most insignificant and the most magnificent things. However, we've got used to all the wonders and all the magic that life brings. Those little and big things that once we saw in awe with the eyes of a child... those priceless moments that made us experience and grow as the human we are. . If there was a pill to relive all those "first times", I would take it.. and I would encourage you to take it too... Every day to relieve.. . . ◽That moment when you saw a rainbow for the  1st time. When you knew that the Earth is just one of billions planets◽The 1st time you surrendered to the sunset and knew it was the end of another day, and you got as emotional as captivated◽The 1st time you saw a drop of water falling from nowhere..slipping down and leaving a thin film behind◽The 1st bite of lemon, and the first spoon of sweet cream◽The 1st time you looked in a loved one’s eyes and knew that you were not alone◽The 1st "hello"◽The 1st time that you jumped in the ocean◽The 1st conversation with a stranger that you liked for reasons that your mind couldn’t explain◽The very 1st thunder that you saw and the very 1st emotional storm that you experienced◽The 1st time that you were aware of your body changing, with fears and excitement.◽The 1st story that made you laugh and cry at the same time◽The 1st talk with your hormones◽Your very 1st wishes, and hopes and dreams◽The 1st time you looked at yourself in the mirror◽The 1st time you were aware of feeling the skin of another human touching your skin◽ The 1st “I’m sorry”◽ The 1st time you fell in love◽That 1st unexpected hug from the most unexpected person.. that made you change your mind forever◽The 1st time you made love. And the 1st time you had sex◽The 1st night watching at the stars and wondering who the fuck you are◽The 1st sun-gazing◽That 1st time you looked at somebody's eyes and felt nothing but love. And the 1st time you felt nothing but loved◽The 1st very expected kiss◽ The 1st time you missed someone◽The 1st crazy decision that changed your life . . If there was a pill to relive all those "first times"... . . Ai 💓
Things change, people change... Everything in the Universe is constantly changing. Everything is in MOTION . . . It's part of life that nothing remains the same but your MEMORIES . . Fill your life with experiences, not things. Look around you, appreciate what you have... remember that the mind replays what the heart can't delete. . . Stop thinking, stop asking yourself who you are... stop analysing, wondering, supposing, controlling, trying, expecting... and START TO FEEL. . . Feelings activate your brain and your emotional operating system, which naturally discerns between negative and positive. You don't have to ask the questions because your answers are already there. . . You are NOT a rational being, you are emotional. Every single decision you make comes from your emotions. . . So definitely think much less, FEEL much more, and let your feelings flow. . . This morning motion.. Brussels ➡ Amsterdam . . Ai Hikari 💓 . . #FEEL #MOVE #emotions #in #motion
"Restrain your tongue and your passions and you will enter Paradise... . . And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear therof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, or their brothers' sons or their sisters' sons, or their women or the servants whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex, and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. So they will enter in Paradise" Quran. . . 》》 Does Paradise worth a life of oppression? . . 》》Will women wear burka in Paradise too? . . #painInTheHeart #hisEyes
I woke up the other morning to find you snowmobiling across the frozen terrain of Greenland. Later stranded in dangerous blizzard conditions. Just because you wanted to help. • And because the Universe is always playing jokes on you.. you then turned up in St. Petersburg as life revealed even more of its mysteries to you. • And because you can’t help putting others first.. it’s actually no big surprise to find you the following day walking amongst the wild lions (literally) in the parched rural lands of South Africa. Just because you wanted to help. And help you did. • You speak of Guardians and Warriors of the Earth… and I mean the REAL ones. The one’s who risk and sacrifice it ALL for the safety and lives of others. I’m super blessed to know a VERY SELECT few. And because your humility sometimes blinds you to the truth.. today I want to remind YOU! • Although the above is just a rare small glimpse into your world.. it’s YOU I wish to honor today my LOVE. It’s YOUR Warrior spirit. It’s YOUR Warrior heart that I celebrate and hold high for ALL the Universe to see. It’s your indestructible courage and your fearless heart that inspires me and all those around you to be the best that we can be. Not only for ourselves… but for the world. • Thank you for your bravest example of what it really means to be of service. Always giving what you have and putting others well being first. However.. today is your special day!! • Happiest Be-Earth-Day to you my LOVE. I Love you!!💞🎊🐠 • PS. if you look close enough… you can see you’re smiling into the LIGHT 🌞- @fuzzymuzzy33 • • • • #happy #birthday #celebrate #love #shine #bright #light #raw #nature #sun #fun #courage #heart #warrior #inspiration #motivation #service #help #mission #instagood #instadaily #myqueen #freefall #lions #guardians #teamates #theCHANGE #piskespillow @ai__hikari 🦁👸🏻🦁
If you call her "Mother Earth', every living creature on this planet is your brother. . If you call her "Mother Earth", why would you wear your brother's fur/leather. . This is not about preferences. It's not about the choices you do. IT IS about how you communicate and use the language. You can fall in the trap of the double morals. . If you call her "Mother Earth" just to sound more spiritual, more trendy or like the human that you are not.. don't be surprised if they call you "hypocrite". . Whatever you choose, whatever you do... just be YOU. . . "It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life." (Elizabeth Kenny) #NoFear #TheyAreFriends #silence #calm #connection #beYourself #knowyourtruth #fashion #or #heart ? Ai.
There are two type of dreamers, . The destructive/obssesive dreamers, and the constructive/creative dreamers. . The destructive dreamers use everyone, do everything (morals appart), sell every inch of their soul to the evil to get what they dream of. They show up like naive and apparently craving for others approval while in their strategist sneaky mind they do whatever to get close the their objectives but at stake of others. Stepping on whoever they need, to get to the top.. using others work, words, sucking others energy. Obsessed in the dream and not aware of their own greed, anger and remorse. . The constructive dreamers are visionaries, they see farther than themselves (the big picture), they are committed to work hard, creating not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of others.. while they build up their dream. They don't make their dreams come true, but they make things happen... Creative dreams, coupled with wisdom and foresight, selflessly and positively. . I dreamed of Africa.. . I dreamed that my fingertips caressed the golden fields of grain. I dreamed that tall waterfalls washed across the trails.. . and I had the courage to wake up.. and everything changed.. . #food #water #help . .. DREAM FOR OTHERS. . Ai.
For a moment I felt tempted to fly to to see my Peter Pan 💕 and in less than a minute life took me to the opposite direction. . Sometimes, we can't control anything at all. . Sometimes the heart and mind remain silent as they ponder the outcome of this. . Sometimes all we can do is to flow fearless, like a leave in a river... and trust in this magical journey that life is.. and believe that Universe will guide us to the right place. Because nothing, nothing at all is aleatory (random) and wherever life take us, it is the perfect place... as the value of a place is equal to the value of the people in it. . Good afternoon from Saint Petersburg. #life #universe #magical #journey #nothingIsAleatory #ImissYouPeterPan Ai.
‌To the guardians of the Earth.. . I see each one of you as a warrior... with your arrows as sharp as your wit and a bow curved like your smile, hair flying, eyes blazing, feet shaking the earth. How your face somehow shows everything and nothing at all... how you strive to always do good to others but never to the point of losing yourself, how you love the Earth so brilliantly the Universe can’t contain it, how you quietly notice little things that people overlook. Solidly rooted to the ground as you stage a revolution against everyone who has ever tried to kill your soul. . And I know you try so hard to be courageous and good but I just want to tell you that you already are... In every single way, YOU ARE. . Your spirit touches me 💖 . #real #guardians #heroes #warriors #dontTellIt #justDoIt #ToThoseREALLYconnectedToTheEarth Ai.
They asked me to help asap... and here I am... Just because not every trip has to be fun and planed. Feel good in the unexpected. #give #help #unconfortableZone #whereMagicHappens #nothingGreenInGreenland #betterThanOlimpicsMyPOS 😉 Ai
December 2012: . Then I woke up. I woke up in a hospital bed under cold fluorescent lights. Strangers were looking at me and asking me questions. I couldn't make out the words. Gradually, I got fully conscious. I could see in their eyes that something was wrong. They kept asking more and more and I answered but I had questions too. Where's my partner? Whose were those two men standing up by my bed? Why does my sister look different? . . The next day I knew that I had lost about ONE year memory. I didn't remember that I suffered a physical transformation and my partner left me. I didn't remember that I knew new people, new places and I lived in a Buddhist shelter. I forgot passwords, projects I was involved in... . . The next days were odd. Someway I was introduced to "myself" (that stranger in the mirror) but the changes I noticed the most, were the ones within me. I felt inner peace and a deep love for everything around me. . . Day by day, I was having bits of information that my brain could hardly process. Like seeing a movie where I was the protagonist. I couldn't say if it was a comedy, a drama or an sci-fi movie. Andrew contacted me too, he introduced himself like the hero of my story. My friends warned me that he hadn't been precisely nice to me. However, his sweetness and kindness were stronger that my friends advices. . If it's truth that our path is written, I wanted to know why a whole year of my life got lost into oblivion. Maybe I did something wrong? It felt like a video game that you have to complete to lift to the next level. . The past isn't useless (as Sigmund Freud said). The past is a continuity of our growth, our creation. The past is the key to the present. . Ai Hikari 愛
It was a Sunday morning when I went with some Buddhist nuns and women to a big market. We were walking down a street full of stalls as far as the eye could see. I couldn’t help but fixing my eyes on one kid. He was not more than 7 years old and he looked malnourished and disheveled, like he had been sleeping on his own filth. He was holding a big box of apples that seemed to weigh more than himself when he tripped on his own shoe laces and some apples fell rolling down the street. I walked to try and help him, but just as I did a man came quickly picked him up only to push him back down to the ground. This man was yelling at him and kicking him in his leg again and again. I was not sure if the man could understand me when I said: “Please, stop!, he’s only a little boy” but I'm sure my tears showed my sorrow and frustration. The man ignored me and kept yelling and kicking the kid until I grabbed his arm and tried to push him away. He slapped me in the face and said something that I couldn’t understand. In less than a minute he showed me his police ID and I was cuffed. . I was arrested and kept in a jail for 3 long days until a man from the embassy came to help. The case was investigated: It was discovered he was a corrupt cop that had kids working for him in a second business... kids that were taken from their humble families. . That Sunday the market was full of people. They were not blind or deaf, but they chose not to see nor hear but to mind their things. Some felt that since I was in a foreign country with its traditions and culture, I shouldn't have helped this kid. A punch hurts the same to any kid. A box of apples weights the same too. Yes? It's easy to talk about the injustices in the world, but why do we often get blind and hide when things explode in front of us? Love doesn't serve any purpose if you only say it. It serves when you put it in practice. Love happens when you open your eyes to see beyond yourself, because LOVE is not ONLY about you, your happiness, your pleasure. It's about choosing others over your ego, over yourself. . Everything in life is transient, but love remains the only constant that endures. Ai Hikari 愛
When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Only when you have nothing to fear... you are free. @ai__hikari . 📸 by @fuzzymuzzy33 💕 #real #freedom
When I was 5 months old, my parents decided to start a new life. They left the farm they had, and moved to the capital. The beggining was tough. My mom worked at home making sewing works. My dad was a welder in the morning and a carpenter in the evening. They both had to learn by themselves. When my sister and I started in the school, my mom got a second work as a cleaner. So they both had two works and even that seemed not to be enough in those difficult years. I am proud to say that I was born in a humble family where things were new forever; it didn’t matter how many times they broke because my dad could fix anything. I enjoyed really much, watching and learning from him, and he felt proud of me and happy that I was learning "boy" things. Today both of my parents are retired. They grew in all ways. My mom became an oil painting artist, a dressmaker teacher and a yoga practitioner. My dad became a sculptor and he had exhibitions all around the country, he also learned to play accordion and electronic organ. They were my inspiration and I guess that explains that I have always had two works too, both as software developer or "coder". I consider myself lucky for doing something that is my passion. However, I wouldn't feel ashamed if I had to work as cleaner like my mom did, or if I had to serve coffees to strangers. I always have this in mind when someone does it work for me. . In my new home -the Buddhist shelter- I felt like a kid in a toy store. My toys were a wrench, a hammer, some pipes, some wood... Like my dad, I felt that I could fix everything, even if sometimes the best I could do was try. It was a pleasure to contribute, anyway. It was a pleasure to wash all the dishes or to clean all the toilets that everybody used. Although I could live like a Queen, my parents taught me that Queens get frustrated when others don't give them what they want to have, and when they don't feel heard. However, if you remain humble, equal, positive and keep working, you can experience all the magic that life will give you through lessons and growth and you will experience a huge satisfaction for all what you have achieved by yourself. Ai Hikari 愛
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