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Happy Thursday, everyone!! Hopes everyone is doing well and nothing major damaged or flood from the storm surge. On the bright side... It鈥檚 fall season!!! Anyone else is excited for it? Let鈥檚 get ready for 鈥榯is season 馃槉馃槉馃槉. Holiday season is here and what鈥檚 more of a reason to workout and eat healthy before the actual holiday start? FACT: According fitness mercola, shoulders is one of the most complex joints of the body, 7.5 million people have send to be seen for shoulders injuries. To prevent injuries and strengthen it and your upper back as well just do a few exercise daily. #beyondfit #beyondfitmom #fitnessjourney #fitmom #summerbodyisstillinprogress #butimreadyforfall #girlswholift #stayfocused #happythursday 馃槑 #itsfridayjr 馃檶
Meal prep by owner and coach @msceeceebunz for the week. Eating clean doesn't have to be hard, but it should be planned for success. Cindee followed it up with our Beyond Fit Protein shake 馃挭 Ready for those gains.
15 jump squats at start up and between sets Set repeated 3 times 路 聽8 Bulgarian split squats 路 聽8 jump squats 路 聽10 pulsing RDLs 路 聽15 Side cable glute kickbacks 路 聽15 Glute cable kickbacks 路 聽12 Hyperextensions 路 聽12 Leg hip thrusts 路 聽8 Single leg RDL . Coaching or call 727-493-0460
How to determine the quality of whole foods that result in a clients macro count. 1. 聽The satiety level of the food. How long it keeps you full. 2. 聽The hormonal impact it has on you i.e. the glycemic highs and lows 3. 聽The amount of essential nutrients it has; such as , vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids ect per calorie 4. 聽The efficiency of the food, or how easily your body can store that calorie as fat. Example, protein is hard to store as fat because it is not an energy source but a structural component. When healing the body from imbalances these items are considered when structuring the necessary macros (fats, protein, and carbs ) one needs to achieve restoration while moving toward their goals.
Apple and oats meatloaf 馃敟 . 1.5 lb. Lean ground beef 1 cup of tomato juice 1 cup of apples diced 3/4 cup rolled oats 1 egg 1/4 cup onions diced 1.5 teaspoons parsley 1/8 teaspoon allspice 1/8 teaspoon mustard powder . 1. Mix all together 2. Bake on 350 for 1 hour or until done .
Warming up the targeted muscle group before engaging in the main compound movements is essential to maximizing the muscle growth over time. It's a way of warming up the muscle group so they can actually perform during the session . Glute activation is one to focus on, if you tend to have tight hamstrings, hip flexors and weak glutes this will help to fire them up before lifting. . There are a million ways to warm-up but remember to focus on each area that will be targeted during that session. Here is a little glute activator in honor of hump day. 馃崙馃敟 . Coaching 馃摡 or 馃摓 727-493-0460 to get started. Full routine @beyondfitbikini
Building Lean Muscle . Bodybuilding is a combination between building muscle and burning body fat. You have to find that balance of calorie out and calorie in to achieve both. . How, you ask?! MATH 馃 . Basic rule of thumb the more active you are the more lean muscle mass you have resulting in needing to eat more. . It takes a lot of food to move muscle. All functions of the body use muscles to function from basic breathing, heart beating to daily functions, such as; lifting laundry baskets or sitting to eat. Your body needs lean muscle to perform all these, the more lean muscle the more food needed. . Before you start inhaling everything in sight. Remember that extra calories might build muscle, but excess turns into stored body fat. Many eat in excess to gain muscle (which they achieve) but also gain body fat. You still need to cut calories while maintaining enough to build. . You also need to consider the quality of foods, timing of meals and rations of macronutrients. Calories are not created equal. The goal is to fuel our body to power through our workouts to improve performance building more muscle but also to burn body fat. . Questions about your intake? Coaching or call 727-493-0460
Turkey Veggie lettuce tacos . 4 bell peppers 2 onions 16 oz sliced mushrooms 2 tablespoons chili pepper 1 tablespoon paprika 4 garlic cloves 1.5 lbs ground Turkey Salsa Plain yogurt Mexican cheese Iceberg lettuce . 1. Over medium heat saute peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic 2. In separate pan, brown Turkey add paprika and chili powder 3. Add meat to vevegetables until done 4. Separate lettuce into usable shells 5. Place meat and vegetables in and top with yogurt, cheese and salsa . This is amazing. You can use any mix of meat and vegetables. Yogurt is in place of sour cream. 馃構馃構馃構 #tacotuesday
Happy Friday 馃挭 Give this routine a try 馃檹 . Coaching 馃摡
Carbs have a bad name that they don't deserve. Carbs are needed for our body to function properly; we just need to learn the right ones to choose. Fruits, vegetables, beans, no fat dairy products and whole grains are carbs loaded with nutrients and fiber. We call these good carbs. . Limiting the good carbs can impair electrolyte level and cause over a period of time, vitamin, mineral and fiber deficiencies. Deficiencies can lead to a negative effect on your health and limit workout results. If carbs are restricted, fatigue occurs as the muscle glycogen is depleted while lifting. . Good carbs pre and post workout help performance and results. . Coaching 馃摡
Mmm... mmmmm 馃構 Turkey Meatballs . 2 lbs 99% fat free ground Turkey 4 egg whites 1/2 cup basil 1/3 chopped onions 2 teaspoons milled flaxseed 1 tablespoon garlic 3 teaspoons Italian seasoning 3 teaspoons dried parsley Pepper . 1. Mix in a bowl 2. Roll into balls 3. Bake until brown 4. Cover lightly with sauce . Calories 78 carbs 3.2g fat 1.3 g protein 14.4 g serving size 3 balls
Italian stuffed chicken 馃構馃構馃構 . SOOO good 馃 . 1 sliced yellow onion 2 lbs chicken breast Garlic cloves Salt and pepper 15 oz Crushed tomatoes 1tbsp Italian seasoning Fresh basil sprig chopped 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella . 1. Place sliced onions in baking dish 2. Filet chicken and layer with garlic cloves. Place chicken on onions 3. Cover chicken with salt, pepper, tomatoes, Italian seasoning, basil then mozzarella. 4. Cook covered until done . Calories 172 serving size 4 oz carbs 8 grams, fat 1.5 grams protein 31 grams @Beyondfitbikini coach @gobeyondfit
We learned about the benefits of protein, but how do we calculate the amount we need? 馃搱 . 馃搶Sedentary or less active adults will consume less than active adults. If you are not active physically outside regular daily active 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per per kilogram of body weight is recommended. 馃搶 Moderate activity such as runners require a little more. The recommended amount is 1.4 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. 馃弮鈥嶁檧锔 . 馃搶 Very active adults such as resistance training while restricting calories is 2.3 grams per kilogram of body weight. The greater the caloric restriction and leanness, the more protein is recommended. 馃榾 . Most might find it hard to consume this much protein, but with proper planning it is very easy. . Questions about intake?馃摡
Protein sources are not restricted to only lean meats. We will be providing vegetarian meal options as well. . Tofu meal prep . Set oven at 400 degrees F. Take a block, I use firm or extra firm, chop into squares and dump into a bowl. For these two I seasoned one bowl with taco season and salt free garlic and herb and the other bowl I used low sodium soy sauce and nutritional yeast. Put on a baking sheet and bake! For the super firm I only bake for 20 minutes, for the extra firm I baked for 45 minutes. Add desired vegetables for a complete meal. . From @beyondfitbikini Coach @westbutt
Why meal prep? Coming this week, but what to meal prep? . Try easy crockpot chicken.. makes whole or pulled chicken. . 4 chicken breasts 2 jars of medium salsa some low sodium taco seasoning Let cook for 6 hours on low . It is fire 馃敟馃敟 Recipe from Beyond fit athlete/coach: @westbutt
Benefits of Protein 馃尠馃馃崠 . 1. Protein is essential for keeping and adding new muscles. 2.High Protein diets are linked to increased thermogenesis, that allow you to burn fat. 3. Protein helps to stimulate building of new muscle fibers (anabolism) allowing more muscle mass to be maintained which allows for a higher metabolic rate. 4. Protein improves sense of satiety which allows you to feel full longer. These benefits help you to lose body fat while getting shredded. . Are you getting enough protein? . Coaching: 馃摡
Take the first step today 馃挭Fitness instruction and competition prep @beyondfitbikini
Hardworking starts to be revealed as the leaning process progresses. Pictures are useful in seeing progress. Two weeks apart and definitely a motivating difference. Helps to overcome mental barriers, you might not see the progress daily. Remember to always look back to where you started.
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