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Lifestyle👈🏼👉🏼Fitness We’re looking for new Brand Reps to Join Our Team! TEXT US NOW to get started 📲 1 (213)-448-8272 👇🏼Order your rep package below👇🏼

Workouts w/ in our charcoal sport leggings 👌🏼 #BFirstAppare
New Rep @gseppie93 getting that work in Brazilian Jujitsu 💪🏽 #BfirstApparel
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Athletic tank tops available in our rep packages! Grab yours today and get a customized rep code along with it 🙌🏼 #BFirstApparel
Grind don’t stop 📈 #BFirstApparel
Happy Thursday 🔥 #BFirstApparel
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Looking for reps to join our rep team now! You’ll be getting paid and a lot of social media exposure! Text us immediately for details to purchase your rep package and get started! Our phones numbers in our bio, text us now!
We’re looking for new reps to join our team! A lot of social media exposure and yes you will get paid! Text us immediately for details to join! Our numbers in our bio!
All shirts 40% off use code SUMMER18 At checkout! #BFirstApparel
ATTENTION! For anyone who has ordered a package within the last couple of weeks and hasn’t received it yet, we HAVE NOT forgot about you. With such high order volume all our inventory has disappeared 🙈 So we’re just waiting on the next batch of inventory to come in and all packages not yet sent out will be sent out. Oh and for anyone who has had to wait a while for their package, we’re hooking you up with at least 1 complimentary item free of charge for your patience. Thanks again for all your guys support! #BFirstApparel
Little stretch in the middle of the road 💁🏻‍♀️ #BfirstApparel
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