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Freedom - The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. . What does freedom truly mean to you? Is it something you think about? What imprissons or enslaves you? . Freedom is something that as a western society we don’t think too much about, and take for granted. . My story with freedom was a little different. I was never free to be a child. I was not free to enjoy being a teenager. Nor was I free as a young adult either. I’ve spent most of my turbulent life looking after others, raising my younger sister, trying to look after my father, without any help or support from any of my living relatives. I never knew what I wanted from life. For the most part I didn’t even realise I had the power of choice, it’s not something I’d ever really known. I was a slave to my circumstances. I was convinced I would always live a life of struggle, and that most things people had couldn’t be for someone like me. I didn’t really know who I was underneath it all. . There eventually came a time a few years ago when there was no one to look after anymore. My sister had grown up, my relationship with my then fiancé broke down, and my dad stole and skipped the country again, this time thankfully without leaving me in all the debt. Thats when I started to feel freedom, but not as we typically know it to be. . Freedom crippled me. Freedom cracked me open, forced me to heal all my broken parts, and revealed to me who I really was. All my life I never knew my power, or even that I had any at all. But the truth was, I was one strong powerhouse badass of a motherfucking woman; and I had been giving my power away for far too long. It was finally time to claim it back. . Without all this, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. For that I will always be eternally grateful. It’s really true that you grow through what you go through. My life experiences are the very reason why I’m so passionate about empowerment, and why I am choosing to build a career and a life around helping others - to be empowered - to be free. Because freedom is our birthright. Freedom is true joy and happiness. . What does freedom mean to you?
Never thought that I’d be where I am today. Never thought that I’d see who I am today.
All things change. We must not be so attached that we do not allow the growth that change brings. . . . . . . #perth #sun #doggo #tree #change #attached #growth #balance #forwards #moving #motion #nature #bliss #foreshore #city
Be in the energy of what you want to create, before it is created - show the fuck up. . . - Tracey Spencer . . . . #showup #mantra #energy #create #transform #babysteps #start
@sophilee26 this is your official notification to advise that we’re locking in a Rotto weekend today. Please call to book. ☎️ 😉
You are life’s muse. Make the skies tremble when you walk, and the flowers blush when you smile. Let your beauty be gracefully fierce. . . . . #lifesbetterupsidedown #fierce #perth #beauty #muse #grace #fire #whoareyou
💗 Missing you always my little fam bam! 💗
As human beings we are as impermanent as everything else. Every cell in the body is continuously changing. Thoughts and emotions rise and fall away unceasingly. When we’re thinking that we’re competent or that we’re hopeless - what are we basing it on? On this fleeting moment? On yesterday’s success or failure? We cling to a fixed idea of who we are and it cripples us. Nothing and No one is fixed. - Pema Chödrön . . . . #temporary #fixed #happiness #change #embrace #impermanence #life #alive #present #identity #whoareyou #perth #hashtaghashtaghashtag
In any given moment we always have two choices: to step forward into growth, or to step backward into safety. . What are you choosing? . . . #growth #fear #doggo #footfluff #choices #hoodrat #safety #forward #backwards
Teaching is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do. I have pushed through a lot of fear to get here, I still have a way to go, and it’s taken some serious inner work but by golly I’m glad I decided to start. . I know in every fibre of my being I am here to teach and facilitate empowerment. I know that every single thing I’ve been through in my life was preparing me for this. . How the oils fit into my purpose is simple. It’s so empowering to be able to utilise what Mother Nature has provided for us, nature is pragmatic in this way - it’s designed for a purpose and nature always recognises nature. We actually have always had everything we’ve ever needed and by choosing natural solutions it’s like coming home. . The fact that most chemicals in the products we use daily in our homes, on our skin, and on children (the people who we borrow this earth from) aren’t even tested for human consumption terrifies me. Often they aren’t banned until something terrible happens. The recent roundup case is a perfect example of this, as was the Johnson and Johnson case before it and many many others. I choose to share how it doesn’t have to be this way, and educate people on the ways we can choose differently for the betterment of our health and wellbeing and our future generations. . The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination, in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. . We CAN choose to be conscious, and value our health and wellbeing enough to make those choices. That’s how empowering natural solutions can be. . . . #essentialoils #doterra #perth #empower #choices #teach #share #give #health #wellbeing #fears #chemicals
Pretty trendy specs huh? I love trendy things, most the time they don’t suit me though 😝 BUT! These glasses are not my prescription glasses, nor are they just to be on trend. . These babies are my @baxterblue_ blue light blocking glasses 💡 I spend SO much time on a computer and on my phone, upwards of 12 hours a day. Do you? Did you know that blue light can be detrimental to your health? We’ve always heard the whispers about this but the evidence is there! Blue light can really impact our quality of sleep, and our natural circadian rhythm. . AND every pair of these glasses that are purchased, and posted - Baxter blue donates a pair of reading glasses to @restoringvision who supports people in need and developing nations! How bloody good is that?! Companies with heart always get my vote! . #conciousconsumer #ontrend #glasses #bluelight #protectyaneck #health #sleep
Earthwalkers: you are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of you. The blood that courses through your veins is like the sap that courses through the trees. When the Earth in your bones returns to the ground. Perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land. . (Major points if you know what this is from ☺️)
The greatest medicine of all is how to teach people not to need it. DID YOU KNOW: Chemicals are largely un-regulated in Australia and across the globe for that matter. Thousands upon thousands are not tested for human safety. Alarming right? Hundreds of household chemicals that are in our skincare and cleaning products are known to cause cancer, neurological conditions, immune conditions, respiratory issues, developmental delays and more. This is why people are gravitating more and more towards natural solutions like essential oils. . Ok so - What are essential oils I hear you say? 🧐 🌻- Naturally derived aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants for the benefit of our health. They are natures defence mechanism for plants and cells and have been utilised since the beginning of time. 🌻 - 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! These babies sure give you a bang for their buck! 🌻 - They are highly potent and concentrated, being up to 80% more powerful than the plant they are extracted from. 🌻 -They get to work on a cellular level, meaning they are able to pass through the cell membrane and get to work on nourishing and protecting our cells for health benefits. 🌻 - Safe for all age groups, effective, affordable and your body does not become immune to the effects of the oils (unlike medication where you may need more to receive the same relief or impact - as your body is trained to build resistance to foreign material - but nature recognises nature you see). 🌻 -  Oils support our health and well-being and are not a bandaid fix or mask like a lot of over the counter remedies. . - There are NO side-effects and NO addictive properties in essential oils. 🌻 - They are completely safe for the whole family and will allow you to reduce your toxic load and replace chemical and synthetic products in your home. . If your curious and you’d like to know more on how you can get your hands on these babies, please reach out I would love to chat! I am passionate about sharing natural solutions because being well, healthy, thriving and happy is our birthright! We all deserve this☀️ . #essentialoils
My study buddy. 🐥 Can confirm he is more of a distraction rather than an aid. 🙈 . . . . #birdie #myamigo #study #distractions #lovebird #fren #unicorns #badstudent #needoils #studybuddy #procrastination #saturday #imcold #okthatsenoughhashtags
Reminder: We don’t reach the mountain top from the mountain top ⛰ We start at the very bottom and we fight and we crawl and we climb our way up. 🧗🏻‍♀️ Blood is involved. 🐛🦋
My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that And I intend to end up there. - Rumi
Have you ever been afraid of expansion? Afraid of the possibility of going after your dreams but miserably failing? Afraid you won’t be good enough, or you aren’t capable? Or it’s all just beyond you? . . I have struggled with this and to be completely honest I still struggle with these stories in my head. It’s held me back a lot recently. My ego like the devil on my shoulder telling me that I can’t. It’s one thing to know your enough, and it’s another to truly believe and embrace it. . Sometimes the only way out is through. Sometimes in order to live the life of your dreams there is some bloody serious personal development required, a lot of hard work, some fucking hard times and massive blocks to bust through. . The most important part of it all though, is that you don’t allow fear to cripple you or stop you from creating the life of your dreams; and that you ninja kick your way through all that shit, carry on and do the work anyway - take action. Keep taking action. . Because you deserve it, we all do. It’s our birthright.
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