Caryl Anne Beltran

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my soul
It's been almost five months, and my life's still constantly changing ❤
I will never get tired of mornings spent by the sea 🌤☕
I love the way you poem me - like honey slow moving, satiating and syrupy
If you can't see beauty, you simply aren't looking.
Embrace life. Know that you are out here for a purpose.
I found love within the pages
And just as the sunset soaked her skin, she went golden
First ever vid I'm posting here, and this sure is worthy 🦄❤
This, to me, is magic
Look for those beams of light that fill the gaping shadows between the trees, and know that you have done the same for me.
His hands will declare all the wonders He made me see
You are a vision in the morning when the light came through
Look how pretty you are
There's something about the mountains that inexplicably dazes me
You are a beauty
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