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What consumes your mind, controls your life.
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I act because I get to learn and experience different emotions and situations based on the characters, With these two the ride went really well. Thank you so much for 1 million views and all the love. Dont forget to watch the second episode of balaa tonight. @badar.mehmood @asadsidofficial @sajidhasan @ushnashah
Its alot easier to be lost than found.
Tonight. Don’t forget to watch 8 to 10. #arydigital #balaa @badar.mehmood @ushnashah @asadsidofficial @meharbano
I think the process of acting gets more interesting when you have such hardworking, passionate and crazy actors with you. Every single character in this story is so powerful and has been played by such inspiring and talented actors, I can say without a doubt that we’ve all put our all in this project, each and everyone of us. I don’t know what the response is going to be like once it goes on air.. but I know that our work isn’t going to get unnoticed. Thank you so much @badar.mehmood for giving me the opportunity to experiment and explore my craft furthermore. You’ve inspired me to a whole different level, I can’t even describe the zone I get into when I work with you. My brother @asadsidofficial , @ushnashah @meharbano #sameenapirzada @badar.mehmood I wish you guys all the best for your future endeavours, you guys are crazy talented and I wish to see you all prosper and achieve all that you wish for.
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Eid mubarak everyone, hope everyone is having a blessed Eid.. on this day I’d like to share something that’s very special to me. My new drama serial’s teaser. The drama itself is coming out very soon. Please enjoy and make sure to drop your feedback below. #Balah
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