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Christmas may be over but this Keto "Banana" Bread is going to be on repeat all year long! It has that old familiar taste and texture of Mom's banana bread but without the insulin spike.🙌🏼 Swipe for the recipe.
Hey guys! Things have been a little quiet over here with the holidays and enjoying time with family but I’m back and ready to tackle 2019 and I hope you are too! It’s the perfect time to set some goals and get started on your health and fitness journey! . Today I’m talking a little about the different types of keto. You may have heard the terms lazy keto, dirty keto, strict keto, and today I’m breaking those down and explaining the differences on episode 70 of my Life in Ketosis Podcast. Give it a listen today! . So tell me, where do you fall? Are you dirty keto, stricto keto, or somewhere in between right now? . Also if you’ve sent me messages or questions I haven’t forgotten about them. I’ll get to them in the next day or two. Thanks for being patient!
Christmas is fast approaching and I'm going to try and get several recipes out that will help keep you on track this holiday season. Watch for those the next few days! . First up, Keto Blueberry Muffins that would be perfect for your Christmas breakfast with a side of eggs and bacon! These were moist and fluffy and I was really impressed with the texture. Very similar to a regular muffin. Definitely 👍🏼👍🏼
Pickleball??? I guess I am really showing my age!! 😅
Sometimes being up at 2 in the morning and getting sucked into an infomercial pays off! I completely forgot I even ordered this air fryer until it arrived.🤦🏻‍♂️But I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with this purchase now! . I cooked up some bacon wrapped Alaskan cod and it was awesome! Cooks fast, no oil needed, and easy clean up. It’s a great tool for healthy cooking. . Alright make me feel better and tell me something strange you've ordered from an infomercial in the middle of the night.💸
Quick keto tip- If you don't have time to make your own bone broth Trader Joe's has some good options. They're organic and made from chicken and beef bones. They contain 10 grams of protein and all the necessary amino acids for collagen turnover. It's great for your bones, joints, skin, ligaments, etc. Stay keto and have a great weekend!
Spent the last week back in ketosis after my break for Thanksgiving and I feel great again. My cognition and energy are back!🙌🏼 At least 6 inches of snow fell here over the weekend so soup is what's for dinner! ❄️ This Keto Broccoli Cheese soup is delicious and satisfying and would pair great with our keto biscuits.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! If you scaled out for the holiday now is the time to get yourself right back into ketosis. I enjoyed some delicious food but I’m ready to feel good again!
Are you keto in or keto out tomorrow? . I'll be scaling out to enjoy a few of my favorite foods and that's ok! Remember the goal is to keep keto sustainable so if indulging a little on the holidays gives you a small break and helps keep you motivated then do it! If you’re scaling out I want to know what you’re most excited about? . Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a great and safe holiday weekend!
Breads are the hardest thing to replicate and are probably what people miss most on keto right? Well suffer no longer because I'm pretty happy with this easy biscuit recipe! They're very comparable in taste and texture to regular drop biscuits and don't taste eggy. These would be great for Thanksgiving day breakfast or a replacement for your dinner rolls. . What are you making for Thanksgiving that you're looking forward to most?
Just because you're keto doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some Thanksgiving favorites! Our Cooking in Ketosis Kitchen has been in full holiday prep mode and we think you're going to love this one. . This Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie is the perfect addition to your Turkey day dinner. It's delicious and only 1.8 net carbs per serving! 🙀You won't even miss your traditional pumpkin pie! . Swipe for the recipe. And if you're looking for a substitute for rolls, tomorrow I'll put up a recipe for delicious fluffy biscuits so watch for that.
Are you getting enough Vitamin A from your colorful veggies? Maybe not as much as you think! 🌶🥦🥕 We need to convert that beta-carotene to Retinol (Vit A) to be used in the body. However, there may be a genetic mutation in your gene called the BCO1 that may prevent the efficiency of that conversion. I have a 65% deficiency in that conversion! To make up for that I can get Vitamin A from meats, cheese, and of course Liver (1-2 servings a week give you all the Vit A you need for the week) and a lot of other great nutrients. 🥗🥑🥒 Don't forget to eat saturated or monounsaturated fat with those veggies!! Stay keto!
Here it is! Cast Iron Skillet Keto Cornbread. Ultimate comfort food and it's the perfect compliment to the keto chili I posted Monday. . Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Winter has rolled in here and I've been craving all the hot meals! This easy Crockpot Keto Chili definitely hit the spot and the nice thing about chili is that it's really easy to customize to your liking! Recipe is in the slides if you want to give it a try this week. And let me know if you're interested in the recipe for the keto cornbread pictured and i'll get that up later this week. . Happy Monday!
Do you eat fat with your vegetables? . When eating vegetables that contain fat soluble vitamins make sure to eat them with a little saturated or monounsaturated fat. The fat helps break the vitamins down in the stomach and transports them to the cells that need them! . Stay keto and have a great weekend!
Caught prepping for client calls, notes on notes on notes! Genetic consultations require a lot of preparation but understanding your genetic blueprint is beneficial for optimal nutrition and disease prevention!
Did you know that a 3 day water only fast can improve your skin, reset your metabolism, boost your immune system as well as many other benefits? I talk about the benefits of fasting all the time and if you really want to kickstart autophagy a multi day fast is the answer! . There's only *one* day left to register for my 3 day guided fast and only a few spots left. Prep week starts tomorrow and then the actual fast starts November 13th. Perfect time to do it before the holiday season begins! . You can find more information and register for your spot at Come join the fun!
It’s always good to mix up your workouts! You can add isolation movements to your workouts if you’re looking to strengthen specific muscles out of need or just aesthetics. Just make sure you’re doing them with good control and body mechanics. Speed is fine if you want to raise the HR and some lactate but keep good form! 💪🏼
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