Black Infactuation

I cant stop, I wont stop, I keep getting money, neva too much neva too much money

Ran into my best friend #JRock from Hapeville
Happy birthday to this wonderful lady, my moma. U drive me crazy at time but I am very thankful that u are here with me, and I would be lost without u. Happy 55th Moma @queenofhearts50 and 55 more
Post from yesterday...Well damn Happy Birthday Montae #17 my2 He gave me a slight smile
When ya friend thinks everybody forgot her b day and nobody was fuckin wit her #HappyBirthdayBigDawg @trrrraaacccyy we got to assist #SmileBih
People do it to themselves... #AlwaysPLAYINDumb #TheyAintGoneLikeThisShit
When students take ur phone and run, but u don't chase kids. Got my phone back and this is what I see @_nikplus3_
Happy birthday Lil Big Dawg @mzchris_bitch We Still Turning up for the rest of the week
Baby girl 1st day back. #1stGrader
Morning Congo with nephew #Tray the whole bus was happy af to talk to me
Morning conversation with my son while he on the bus #Keymontae #HeDontNeverSmile
Is this true for those that really know me? #NiceOnTheOutside #Evil &MeanInside
When u get off work early, go home to surprise ya child and this is what u find #IGuessSheWasTired #MySonAintStuttenMyAss
Man lady got jokes @queenofhearts50 😂😂😂😂😒 me in 12th grade (bottom), me now #35 #GoodLook
Already starting #MidDay
🔥 🔥 🔥 This Friday #BlueFlame #35today 🎉❤️🎉
Y'all wish a fool Happy Birthday #35
3/7 otw
Happy birthday to my brother @gnote2020 #FreeHim #34 yea we the same age until my bday in March #BloodBrother
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