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Jones Bar-B-Q Diner in Marianna, Arkansas is believed to be the oldest Black-owned restaurant in the country. Currently owned by James Jones and his wife Betty, the diner has been open since at least 1910 and is still widely known for serving the best barbecue pork with a secret sauce. James' grandfather, Walter Jones, was the founder and first pitmaster. From humble beginnings When Walter started the restaurant, he reportedly lived in a nearby dogtrot house. And from his back porch, he served barbecue on Fridays and Saturdays. Hubert Jones, Walter's son and James' dad, said the family’s initial barbecue set-up was “a hole in the ground, some iron pipes and a piece of fence wire, and two pieces of tin.” Remaining true to it's roots As the oldest African-American-owned restaurant in America, having been around for several generations, the diner remains true to it's roots. James tends the pits, and his cooking apparatus is still elemental. And the pork shoulder, hacked into savory bits and served on white bread with a spritz of vinegary sauce, is as smoky as ever. Located not too far from the Mississippi River, Jones Bar-B-Q Diner continues to shine as a beacon of community pride and continuity. Finally getting national attention In 2012, the restaurant was honored by the James Beard Foundation (the Oscars of the food industry) for it's "timeless appeal" and a quality of food "that reflects the character of their community." The diner has also been featured in several high profile publications in the South including Saveur, The Oxford American, and Southern Foodways. Follow the restaurant on Facebook at or visit their location at 219 W Louisiana Street, Marianna, Arkansas 72360. #TBT
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The BankBlack revolution has already began. Thousands of African Americans across the country are transferring their money to Black-owned banks that invest in urban communities and businesses. Initiated by several celebrities like Solange and rapper @killermike , the initiative is in response to years of police brutality, discrimination, and other racial problems that have long existed in America. African Americans collectively have an annual buying power of almost $1 trillion dollars. Follow: @blacknationapp 1 - Alamerica Bank: This bank in Birmingham, AL 2 - Commonwealth National Bank: Mobile, AL 3 - Broadway Federal Bank: Los Angeles, CA 4 - Industrial Bank: Headquarted in Washington, DC with branch locations in Oxon Hill and Forestville, MD 6 - Carver State Bank: Savannah, GA 7 - Citizens Trust Bank: Atlanta, GA 8 - Illinois Service Federal Bank: Based in Chicago 9 - Seaway Bank & Trust Company: Chicago-based 10 - Metro Bank: Based in Louisville, KY 11 - Liberty Bank: Based in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, they have also expanded to more than 18 branches in six states - including Kansas, Mississippi, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama, and Illinois. 12 - Harbor Bank of Maryland: Primarily serves the Baltimore metropolitan area, They also have a branch in Riverdale, MD, PG County. 13 - One United @oneunited : The first Black internet bank and the largest Black-owned bank in the country, with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. 14 - First Independence Bank: Based in Detroit 15 - City National Bank: Primarily based in Newark, NJ with branch locations in Harlem and Brooklyn 16 - Mechanics & Farmers Bank: Founded in 1907. They have branches in Winston-Salem, Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte 17 - United Bank of Philadelphia: Based in Philadelphia 18 - South Carolina Community Bank: Based in Columbia, SC 19 - Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company: With branch locations in Nashville and Memphis, TN 20 - Tri-State Bank of Memphis: 3 branch locations throughout Memphis 21 - Unity National Bank: Based in Houston TX 22 - First State Bank: Chartered in 1919 in Danville, VA 23 - Columbia Savings & Loan Association: Based in Milwaukee, WI
Electra S. Davis, founder of Mysteek Naturals, is believed to be one of the first women to have created a chemical free hair color product - having started developing the product in 2016. The company is a Black woman, veteran-owned small business. She’s a 35-year old divorcee who let that fire push her further to the top, and mother of two beautiful children, and Bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration of accounting. Getting started Electra started her company because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to the rinses that weren’t giving her the vibrant popping color that she so badly wanted yet with the harmful chemicals and process of using a developer to bleach her hair to get that vibrant color she so badly desired. She began using the color on herself and other people began to ask her how she was changing her hair weekly and sometime daily without damaging it. Once she told them, they requested she start making them some as well and this is how the company was birthed. She started her toothpaste line after learning the color code on the commercial toothpaste she used at the time were chemical indicators and poisonous to her and her children’s health. Also, she began to research and realized that fluoride was a poison and no longer wanted to use the toothpastes. She loves to live and use naturals products as humanly possible. So, she officially launched the Mysteek Naturals, LLC business in May 2017. Her ultimate goal She has created a cream based poppin’ hair color line that assists in obtaining vibrant color customers want without drying the hair. There is no need for developer, bleach, pre-lightening, or chemical dyes in this product to obtain these bright colors. The customer simply adds the color and moves on with their fantastic lives! The only “give and take” with this product is that with a being cream based she ask all customers to wear a bonnet at night to protect the pillows. There are currently 13 available colors with 1 more special color to release this year. For more details @mysteeknaturals
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Former NBA basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal, knows a lot about playing the game. Now he's also showing others that he knows a thing or two about athletic footwear. And he has proven it by selling millions of pairs of affordable shoes for kids at Walmart. Awhile back he posted on his Facebook account: "Laugh all you want, the Shaq brand has sold over 120 millions pairs of affordable shoes for kids at Walmart" Budget-friendly shoes still add up to big profits Shaq's line of footwear attracts a different market niche than the Michael Jordan Nike-Air Jordan lines, which sell for around $200. Shaq focused on selling footwear that is affordable -- as little as $12.70, or $67.99 for his Reebok Shaq Attaq line. All of them are priced much lower than the Jordan line, offering budget-friendly shoe options for kids. This isn't Shaq's first time at the rodeo, or should we say basketball game. In 2004, he partnered with Payless ShoeSource to sell his Dunkman athletic sneakers for under $40. His recent line includes his Shaq Zip-Up Basketball and Shaq Retro High-Top models which are sold online and in-store at Walmart locations across the country. If the shoe fits... Although some critics are not as enthused about Shaq's line of budget-friendly footwear, the 7-foot former NBA basketball star who boasts winning championship titles with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat is not at all deterred. He has shown that not only can he play basketball, but he has a head for business. So, if the shoe fits, wear it! @shaq
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Former NBA star Allen Iverson, who last played an NBA game more than eight years ago, is still receiving a hefty amount of money from athletic apparel and footwear brand, Reebok. In fact, he is reportedly getting paid $800,000 a year from the brand and the CEO of company believes he's still worth it. A lot of fans of "The Answer" have been worrying he would go financially broke following reports of his broken marriage, gambling and drinking rumors, and other controversies. Turns out, Iverson is doing just fine and Reebok is still paying him $800,000 annually, despite playing his last game with the Philadephia 76ers back in February 2010 where he scored 13 points and lost against the Chicago Bulls. Iverson initially received a 10-year, $50-milion contract after being selected first overall pick in the 1996 draft by the 76ers. The Reebok Question, the first signature sneaker for "The Answer" released by the brand, was what he wore during the 1996-97 season where he was named the Rookie of the Year. Reebok signed Iverson to a lifetime deal right after he led the 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals and was declared the league MVP. Aside from $800,000 annually, the contract also includes a $32-million trust fund he can't access until he turns 55 years old in 2030. Unfortunately, he will be able to get only the half amount as indicated in the divorce settlement with his ex-wife Tawanna in 2010. "He's an iconic personality," Reebok CEO Matt O’Toole told Bloomberg. "Let's get on a plane to Shanghai together. You bring Allen Iverson into a market like that. I'll stand firmly that he has a big place in basketball and sports history." @theofficialai3
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NaturAll Club, a Black-owned all-natural hair care brand, has been chosen to receive a $1 million investment from Shea Moisture co-founder Rich Dennis. It makes NaturAll Club the first hair care brand to get funding from the $100-million New Voices Fund that Dennis initiated to empower more women of color entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential. Muhga Eltigani, a 27-year old Black entrepreneur, happily announced on her Instagram post about the recent milestone of her startup company. "What's cooler than having Rich Dennis, founder of one of the largest beauty brands, Shea Moisture, say that @naturallclub will become the next big thing in beauty?... Having him invest $1M to help you do it," she wrote as the caption of a photo of her with Dennis in a dinner that sealed the deal. "Welcome to the team, Rich! I'm humbled that you selected us as your first haircare product investment." What started as an experiment using a blender in a college dorm room became a trend to women of color with natural curls. Many have been gushing over the products' all-natural ingredients such as avocados, oils, and butter that make hair healthier, stronger, and shinier. Her avocado-based product initially went viral on YouTube and other social media sites in 2017. Back then, she used her own savings amounting to about $18,000 to fund her own business. Now, she is getting more funding to really make a name and conquer the beauty and hair care industry. For more information about NaturAll Club, visit or follow the brand on Instagram @naturallclub
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Feature: Journi Prewitt, came up with an awesome idea to encourage black girls to read. Her project called Black Butterfly Beautiful aims to inspire girls not just to read, but also to "spread their wings and fly" like a butterfly. As a senior high student, it was hard for Journi to choose between cheering, her favorite sport, and being an entrepreneur. But with the support of the people around her and her own will to inspire and make a change in others' lives, she created her own venture. "It's a subscription box. It originally started as a box or girls ages 4 to 16," Journi described. "Previous seniors at Power Center Academy were like. 'I want a box too.' They're now college students. So we expanded to age 21." Each of the $30 monthly subscription box she arranges herself contains a book where the author and/or main character is a woman of color, such as black woman business owners, etc. Every month, the box has a theme and would include trinkets, jewelry, makeup, decor, and different things that go along with the theme. In just about 6 months, the orders boomed from 12 to 172 and it continues on growing. The box is mostly for girls like her who love reading. But the project is actually created partly because of her little cousins who doesn't enjoy reading that much. "It was something to help encourage [my cousins]," Journi said. She is grateful for her mother and teachers at Power Center Academy who believes in her and what she can do. On top of that, she wants to help boost the African-American girls' self-esteem and empower them to do and to be something great. "It helps them to see that there's someone their age or a little bit older than them doing something that's not acting or something that's not being an athlete, but who's still doing something for the community," she continued. In addition to Black Butterfly, she just recently launched a new box called Black Dragonfly which is particularly for African-American boys. @blckbfly @blacknationapp
Feature: Vets 2 Logistics LLC is a black & Veteran Owned company specializing in flatbed shipping within the United States. We are located in Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to continuing serve America by being a Veteran Owned Company and keep all of your Logistical need priority first. @4djack
Marsai Martin, a 14-year-old African-American actress, is now a successful entrepreneur. She has recently signed a first-look production agreement with Universal Studios, making her the youngest person to do so! Along with her own company Genius Productions, she partnered with the film studio giant where she will develop original content and hopefully provide opportunities for other young actors. Martin, who was known for her role on ABC's Black-ish, will serve as a writer for scripted projects alongside Genius Productions co-founder Joshua Martin, VP Carol Martin, and head of creative Prince Baggett. The first film they will produce under the deal is entitled Step Monster, a comedy film about a teenage girl -- that will be played by her -- who is adjusting to life with a new stepmother. Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer knew it was a great decision to partner with the young entrepreneur. He said in a statement, in part, "She is not only tremendously talented in front of the camera, but offers a unique perspective as a creator and producer that will resonate with all audiences." Martin couldn't help her excitement in being a part of inspiring diverse and young ideas even behind the cameras. "I am so excited for the magic I'll be able to create and produce with Universal," Martin said in a statement. "My goal is to show young women and girls that our voices and ideas matter and you are never too young to dream BIG!"
Feature: Being a black woman and being told all my life I wouldn’t make it far and I continue to make away. I refuse to be stopped because my dreams are too big for others. I love supporting my people and other people that are trying to make a difference in this business. Pharmaceutical drugs almost took my life due to being prescribed them by my own doctor to realize that pharmaceutical drugs was killing my kidneys and liver it’s crazy when the doctor says if we don’t get you off of this you won’t see the age of 50. Please get to know more about me you’ll be amazed at my story. @herboflifecultivationllc @1stladyofthewestcoast
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